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  1. stephani

    WOW!!! there is a beautiful little girl with stunning blue eyes (yours) on your website and i am just amazed at her and you being a dad and there it is. happy happy happy. It’s Steph, from UNC days, just been wondering what adventures and misadventures you’ve had since I last checked in.
    I’ve left NOAA and Hawaii to attend the Science and Natural History Filmmaking MFA program at Montana State U.
    It’s super fun. Am learning lots. You and Tessa probably knew all this fun film stuff 10 years ago, but it’s new to me, and quite exciting. I had a dream a few months ago that the 3 of you (there was a child, tho I didn’t know you’d actually had one) were in a camper, on vacation, nearby. ? Dreams are strange.
    So, you’re in the Bay Area now? I’ll definately look you up next time I swing thru there, and please do the same if you’re ever out Bozeman way. Am living in Livingston, where River Runs Thru It was shot, and we have an unusually high # of celebrities that waft thru. The river is my favorite thing about the town tho. I miss the ocean.

  2. Ian

    Well, Lucy gets her eyes a little from me, but mostly from Tessa. Of course, your blue eyes were famous at Carolina, and felled many a heart.
    And you’re back in the Continental United States! I’ll send a missive to you as soon as we’re back!

  3. Neva

    You’ll have to let us know more details of your Scotland part of the trip. I love that area of the world so much and am so jealous you are there. I spent some time in med school working with a GP on the Isle of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. What an experience that was! He did mostly home visits and we often stopped at the local pub on the way back home again. Such incredible people and stunning country. I hope you are enjoying yourself and that Lucy’s beautiful eyes are closing at the appropriate times now!

  4. susannah

    her eyes make the sky look like a bad watercolor. blue times two=genetic wonder. will i ever see any of you? all those lunches and such my roommate keeps dashing off to attend…i promise i won’t smoke, drink, cuss, speak southern, or shoot crack around the kid. burp. poot. gimme anuther miller lite dang youuuuuuuu!


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