Okay, I suck. But I’m operating on ten minutes of sleep over the last two days. Do we still have healthy commenters out there? How about the wonderful caveman to provide today’s blog topic?

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  1. kent

    We could talk about the election! Here’s one thing I haven’t seen or heard anyone say yet out loud: If the Republicans lose control of party, what will be their first order of business?
    A bunch of nosey new Committee chairs with subpoena power, and this administration — and probably a lot of congressmen — are going to come in for some pretty brutal oversight. The destruction of evidence will become job one!

  2. Bill

    craighill, I think you missed the premise of the question. If you believe in annihilation, then humans in essence have no soul and nothing happens. The question asks what happens to your soul when you die, which at a base level implies:
    A. People have a soul, and
    B. The state change that occurs from death causes that soul to inhabit a new temporal form since the body is no longer a viable option.
    With that in mind, discuss…

  3. quinn

    Depends on what day you ask me about my soul’s future plans.
    On good days, it’s “I get to see my father and all my childhood pets and I get to keep watch over my daughter forever, except of course for the bits when she’s having sex, when I look at my childhood pets!”.
    On the rest of the days, it’s “I’m in line at the DMV. After an aeon, I get to the front of the line. I am in the wrong line. I join a new line.”

  4. Beth

    Quinn, that made me laugh out loud!
    I don’t believe in heaven and hell, and I don’t believe in reincarnation, but I do believe in some kind of life energy that lingers after a person dies. Maybe it’s nothing more than strong memories and/or ancestry, but I like to think we’re leaving a little bit of ourselves after we’re gone. It’s a comfort.

  5. Josie

    I am stumped; To answer this question, I first have to define the concept of “soul,” and that’s where I’m stuck. Exactly what comprises one’s soul?
    Boy, I hope that doesnt make me sound hopelessly shallow.

  6. xuxE

    i think there is no separate soul distinct from a person – the soul is a living part of life itself.
    after someone dies, the soul is more like an imprint or afterglow of that person’s life which lingers.
    it’s like the lasting imprint a person leaves on the whole ecosystem, by interacting with other people and the environment and everything they come in contact with while they are alive.

  7. craighill

    hey bill i think you’re confusing nihilism and annihilation.
    furthermore, i KNOW people have a soul and that when we die nothing happens. at all.
    with THAT in mind, discuss.

  8. salem's little sister

    My soul will ride up to Heaven on my favorite horse who is waiting for me and she’ll take me to my friends and family who have gone ahead of me. I see us existing more as glowing hearts after I see everyone’s faces and feel their hugs. I can’t imagine how lonely life would feel to me if I didn’t have an image of some “beyond”. Well, I can imagine because I felt that way for several years at UNC during the aftermath of my dad’s death. I occupied a horrible, empty space that I tried to fill with anything but faith. I don’t knock anyone else’s beliefs or lack thereof, but I hold tight to mine.

  9. Kmeelyon

    Well this isn’t actually a full-blown blog topic or anything, but I’m wondering if anyone has seen “Shortbus,” yet and if anyone besides me remembers Paul Dawson from Chapel Hill? He was in my year and was a wonderful actor (I was a drama major) who I used in one of my directing pieces. Hadn’t heard anything about him for years and noticed he’s starring in “Shortbus,” which I have yet to see. Ian, do you and Tessa remember him?

  10. sera

    actually, you only get your own world if you a celestial soul…. if you’re a terrestial or telestial soul, you’re SOL :) i’m afraid my soul will suffer for a very long time, so I’d rather just cease to exist when my body does. (i just can’t shuck my mormon learnin’, even though i’ve tried.)

  11. killian

    Yeah Paul Dawson–I was lucky enough to help a tiny bit with his fabulous final project “the making of the african queen”—absolutely amazing work. is “shortbus” in Chapel hill yet????? can’t wait to see it/him!


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