yes, my gourd



if you’ve never seen it before, scooping out a pumpkin and putting a face on it IS pretty bizarre


me, Mark Rizzo and David Petrarca bask in our pagan offerings


Lucy was mesmerized by the addition of a candle INSIDE a fruit – who thinks up these things?


Tessa was a witch, Lucy a rabbit, and I was a “demoted Secret Service guy stuck on Bunny Detail”


Cute Halloween Kid Gridlock on Nowita Place


First trick and/or treat accomplished! Now to bed, where she can dream of eating her candy (in six years)

0 thoughts on “yes, my gourd

  1. Sean Williams

    I was gonna say, with your hair slicked back you look a little like Richard. Of course, it’s nice to know you actually have a full head of hair there.
    You’ve got some ridiculously beautiful women in your life. I like it that you guys didn’t go with a theme, the full family theme things are fun for a group of college idiots, but it always cracks me up when parents wear grown up costumes and kids wear kid costumes.

  2. Anne

    LOVE Halloween. LOVE little bunny kids trick or treating. Semi-love dressing up as a witch. (BTDT many times.) ;-)
    and you make one awesome Man in Black, Ian.
    My favorite new (to me) candy: “Take Five”… This candy bar has all the flavors I love…. chocolate, pretzel, peanut butter, caramel, and one other flavor I can’t remember. Wow! You’re never too old to find a new way to rot your teeth and pad your waistline.

  3. emma

    C’mpn now, Sean. We nearly always do theme with our kids. See link for this years. And when you see how excited your kids get when they know that you are included in their halloween, you’d do it too. Five years from now, they probably won’t let me be included in their halloween, so I am going to take every bit that I can!

  4. Beth

    Everyone’s photos are wonderful!! (Emma, I love your theme, and holy heck, your kids are cute!) When I was a kid in 1970s Florida, the teenagers were so raucous–the requisite eggings and toilet-paperings and mouthings-off and, one year, a brick through the window–that my parents declared a ban on Halloween, and that was all she wrote until I moved to Park Slope, where it’s an irresistible event. Last night’s balmy weather had everyone out on 7th Avenue for the parade, and my neighbors and I had a ball sitting on the stoop to hand out candy. For a while we had the assistance of winter, fall, a werewolf, the Scream ghoul, and two little punkins–one two months old, the other three years. Delightful.

  5. xuxE

    wow, tres cute all around!
    so, a word of advice about future halloweens – beware of face paint.
    my 7 year old had his face painted at a carnival on saturday, and his face was completely swollen like a pumpkin by monday morning. he came in to my room monday morning and was like, ‘my face hurts’ and i took one look at him, threw some benedryl in his mouth and started an internal countdown in my head to see if i could get him to the ER before he went into anaphylaxic shock. turns out he was fine, but DAMN that was a high freak out moment.
    and it also meant that he couldn’t wear this extremely fresh jack skellington (nightmare before xmas) rubber mask and costume, so he went as a ninja instead. my 5 year old was a power ranger, but i can already tell he will be one of those kids who just throws on a cheap mask and runs out, because he immediately threw off his mask and cape and belt because they were like, holding him back.
    i did see one kid dressed as flava flav, so i have to give that kid (or parents) the prize for the evening.

  6. Lindsay

    Happy Halloween,
    Back to politics for a sec:
    Today’s news: State troopers called by John Sweeney’s wife last December because he was beating her.
    Better than a billboard would be to googlebomb this one.
    We gotta get this guy out. I’m trying to hook up a bunch of Fordham Law Democrats to do phone-banking over the weekend for Kirstin. And, though I missed the deadline for absentee ballots (it was yesterday), we’ll be driving up to vote.
    This last week is the MOST important time. How about an entry on the Daily News story? Look at MyDD (and Kos, too, I think) for header info to make sure it comes up when people serach on Sweeney in google. Right now, you can’t access the story without searching in the Daily News (it’s not on their home page or Politics or New York pages).

  7. dpdir a participant in the local “Lucy’s First Hallowen” festivities..i can vouch for the adorable factor. watching lucy walk up to her very first door – and then to witness her little head negotiate the whole experience – “who are all these strange creatures?” “what is this large bowl of candy for?” and then finally figuring it out, was worth a whole month of adult disappointment. the most touching moment was when we arrived at a house where three generations of women lived. Lucy was brought inside to see the 84 year old mother. The look on both the grandma’s face and Lucy’s made it clear what the true meaning of these traditions are all about; the melting of years, the continuity of our march, in and out of costumes, into a future that is fragile and up to us to shape while holding on to these simple moments of human compassion.

  8. Andy

    Dude – you looked like Agent Smith from The Matrix.
    FYI – The Tar Heels take the court in the first exhibition game of the season. Should be fun!

  9. Neva

    Cute costumes! I second Emma’s endorsement of the Halloween themes. Although I’m generally a slacker on Halloween (I dressed as a hippie for the upteenth time in a row because it’s easy) I enjoy seeing the creativity come out in others. My husband, who is usually not into these things, came up with a great Man in the yellow hat costume to go with our daughter Meg’s Curious George and it was great! I wish I knew how to attach a photo to prove it.
    In addition to a chance to act foolish and get away with it I now see Halloween as a way to mark milestones and see the passage of time. I remember when our oldest first went trick or treating. She was very timid and then after saying hi would try to walk inside every house. After all isn’t that what you usually do when you ring the doorbell? Now, at 5, she is sprinting from house to house and I can’t keep up with her. Soon I’m sure she’ll be going alone and carrying the giant pillowcase. Time flies.
    DP – what’s happening with Studio 60? I will be very bummed if it is cancelled.

  10. dpdir

    hey neva
    its ‘on the bubble’ as they say. my inside sourced indictae a a pick up for the rest of the season with a time slot change. fingers crossed


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