I have a physical complaint that is completely doing me in. I can’t mention what it is without being rude, but it’s so distracting that it’s driving me batshit and thus unable to blog in any capacity other than Whineâ„¢. So I just have to ask you: what is your current physical discomfort, and what the hell are you doing about it?

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  1. killian

    Right shoulder, side of neck–excruciating. Red wine and 3 ibuprofen before bed, and mental note to MAKE THE DAMN PHONE CALL to the orthopod. I keep putting it off–what, until my arm explodes???? I am such an idiot. I woefully join your whining chorus, Ian. Sorry you are in pain, too. Muah.

  2. Beth

    A running-related nagging pain in my right foot. I’ve been icing it and stretching more, wearing my comfiest shoes during the day, taking Advil before bed, and resisting taking time off from running, because it’s my therapy. Also because I must be able to eat without guilt next week!

  3. Anne

    Today is my birthday (whoop, whoop) and I was thinking last night that while I don’t feel exactly young anymore, and don’t pretend to be, I’m in pretty good fettle for the big five-five. Most of my chronic conditions are more or less under control with various meds (for hypothyroid, depression, panic disorder, allergies / rhinitis), and I take a baby aspirin and one of those “silver” (geezer) multivitamins daily to ward off other calamities. I brush and floss like crazy and have managed to avoid gum disease, wear a custom night mouthguard to counteract my bruxism, and have kept root canals to a minimum. (Crowns, well that’s a different story. I was told I have soft teeth.)
    My biggest complaint, other than sleep difficulties, is the bursitis in both hips. That’s one big **owie** when I’m lying down. TG for sodium naproxen, aka Aleve.
    All in all, I cannot complain. (Although I’ve been known to do so!)
    Ian, I hope that your unmentionable affliction is soon history.

  4. Anne

    P.S. to Killian: Consider a chiropractor. Your treatment could be quick and relatively simple compared to the crap an M.D. orthopod may put you through. I didn’t believe it either, but my back will testify that chiropractic worked when cortisone shots and muscle relaxants did not. Blue Cross even covers the office visits in our state; check your policy. Full disclosure: My great-grandpa went to the Palmer School in his late 50s and became a chiropractor after one cured my great-grandma of her hip dysfunction.

  5. Claudia

    Happy Birthday, Anne!
    Ian, I hope you feel better soon.
    My big physical complaint is that it hurts and/or strains me to walk, lie on my back, lie on either side, sit upright, eat a decently-sized meal, or breathe. I have to change positions every few minutes to avoid bad cramping, which makes it difficult to sleep. All of this is to be expected, for I am in my second trimester with twins. Yes, I’m happy, but I had no idea that the physical stuff would get so bad so soon. What I’m doing about it is basically just trying to endure the next several months without going completely batshit and alienating everyone I speak to, from my family to the grocery delivery guy. Oh, and, Anne: I’m seeing a chiropractor next week.

  6. The other Lee

    I have 2 problems, one is my knee which I have done considerable damage to over the years to the point where I will probably need a replacement when I get into my 50s.
    The other is my back, where I herniated the disk last year so badly that I had to have surgery. Months of chiro, drugs and phys therapy had no effect so I had to have surgery. Since then I work out my back often when I’m at the gym and when I play basketball my already miniscule vertical leap has voluntarily been scaled back so as not to put pressure on my back. So far so good.

  7. ls

    Chronic awful knee pain mainly in left knee but also in right. Crunching, hideous noise when going up stairs, agony when it rains. Only 38!!!

  8. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    I’ve got one for you.
    2 weeks ago, I was eating some of Helen’s Halloween candy at work and I pulled my crown off (crown and root canal occurred 7 years ago to my #18 molar). I was hoping the dentist could re-cement the crown, and yada yada yada, the tooth was so badly decayed under the crown that I needed molar #18 extracted! Yanked out! Like a hillbilly redneck! My daughter is in private school and I am toothless!
    So, the oral surgeon yanked the tooth last Thursday. What are the options when you have a tooth extracted, you might ask? Well, you can have a gaping hole in your mouth, which I suppose is not so bad for a molar. Or, you can have a dental implant put in the hole. Do you know how much an implant costs? $3,000!!!! And none of it is covered by insurance!!!!
    Being so cheap, I actually pondered the worth of an implant. Let’s see. . . . I could either buy new living room furniture, or a new tooth. Do I really need that tooth? In the end, I figured that after all the orthodontic work and stuff that I went through as a teen (at my parents’ expense), I may as well opt for the dental implant. The implant process takes a long time. First comes the tooth extraction, then comes some bone grafting, then 3 months later comes the implant, then 3 months later comes a crown over the implant. I had the bone grafting done on the same day as the extraction. Did you know that they graft FROZEN HUMAN CADAVER BONE in your mouth when you get an implant? Well, now you do! Eek! I keep wondering: whose bone is in my mouth? Will my jaw reject the stranger’s bone?
    The extraction hurt A LOT (lots of drilling, cutting, breaking), and the only saving grace has been the painkillers. Well, I took my last painkiller yesterday, and we are moving into our new house today and tomorrow. Without the benefit of painkillers. I have this constant throbbing in my jaw, and the real kicker is that you can’t drink alcohol after a bone grafting because it will interfere with the grafting success. So, I am moving during a MD monsoon without the benefit of my favorite form of self-medication. I am really miserable.
    Has anyone else ever had an implant? I can’t tell you how depressed I am that at age 38, I had a tooth yanked and need a fake tooth. How on earth are the rest of my teeth going to last until I am dead?

  9. jason savage

    protruding L5, resulting in spondylosisthesis.
    dislocated shoulder held together by surgery.
    had a tooth extracted and replaced three years ago.
    pylonidal cyst removed a few years before that.
    feeling spry for 35.

  10. Beth

    LFMD, I feel your pain–I haven’t had an implant yet (!), but at 36, I’ve had eight (8) root canals. And I’ve always taken great care of my teeth, so I blame bad genes: my mom has only one non-root-canaled tooth in her mouth; my aunt has two. Anyway, hang in there. Eating is more important (and fun) than living room furniture. At least that’s what I always tell myself when I hand over my life’s savings to the dentist.
    Claudia, congratulations! How exciting!
    Anne, have a wonderful b-day!
    Hope everybody feels better soon!

  11. Kevin from Philadelphia

    Muscle strain in the right shoulder, pain when there I make an outward pushing movement. As opposed to taking it easy, I have decided to lift harder, with heavier weights, and play basketball 5 times a week instead of the usual 3. Stupidity of youth I suppose . . .

  12. killian

    Thanks muchly, Anne–I hadn’t even thought of that. And Happy birthday—we are both November Grrrrls!! :) And laughed out loud at the “full-disclosure”–I think that’s all the more reason for me to check it out.

  13. CL

    Laurie, my crown came off two weeks ago, too! We’re like crown-loss buddies! My dentist gave me a new one. Then that one came off 2 days later while I was eating crackers, so I went back two days ago and he gave me another one.

  14. Sean M

    I think I’m developing Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Used to be that my body very occasionally had issues with things that most people very occasionally have issues with…spicy food, greasy food, maybe dairy. But now it seems that no matter what I eat, my stomach does the flippety-floppety, cramps up and, well, you know the rest. Not fun.
    Started a new job a couple of months back and am not insured until December 1…but as soon as I am, I hope against all hope that there’s something that can be taken for this. Fingers crossed.
    Happy Birthday, Anne!

  15. Salem's little sister

    Chronic upper and lower back pain from years of riding, falling off, and wheel chair transfers when I was a therapeutic riding instructor. At 5’1″, someone should have suggested I ask for help instead of trying to be supergirl. I was rear ended 3 weeks ago and still dealing with whiplash and tons of pain in my right shoulder. My muscles will not give up their death grip on my shoulder blade. I go to a chiro 3 times a week and a neuromuscular therapist 1 X a week. They are getting me back to my pre-accident pain which was a lot more tolerable than now. As much as I hurt after riding really hard, I’ll never give it up. It is my saving grace and totally drops my stress level. There’s just something amazing about having a bond with an animal and trusting it and yourself to jump over fences. Hi ho Silver!

  16. Bud

    If I don’t straighten my left leg for an hour, my left knee starts hurting and keeps getting worse. Not really an issue except on long plane rides and at concerts.
    I used to have chronic back/neck pain, but daily stretching has fixed that. I used to have stress-related intestinal distress, but daily meditation has fixed that.
    Considering the abuse I’ve put my body through, I’m grateful that’s all there is.

  17. Salem's little sister

    Steph- I had pleurisy several years ago and I thought I was having a heart attack at age 29. It was awful. I called it my “Little House on the Praire” disease.

  18. Cris

    From my dad I seem to have inherited an irritating congenital defect. Not something that threatens to decrease my lifespan in any way, nor would I say the symptoms are horribly painful… but it does increasingly interfere with my life. Forgive me for being vague but I don’t think y’all really need to hear the particulars.
    Anyway, when my dad was my age he had a surgical procedure that brought him a fair amount of relief, at least for a decade or so. My doc now tells me that the good news is that surgery has obviously gotten a lot better since my dad went under the knife in the 70s. The bad news is that there’s always a chance that it won’t help me at all (even though it helped him), and the remote possibility that scar tissue after the surgery could actually make the problem worse. So I have no enthusiasm for being operated on whatsoever, though I’m not enjoying the status quo right now either.
    So that’s my complaint and conundrum for the day.

  19. fakeo

    I can’t post about mine with my real name either. I don’t know if posting about this is rude or not, but I have an anal fissure that won’t heal. My doctor wants me to get a partial sphincterectomy. One possible side effect is bowel incontinence or confusing farts with the need to defecate. Hmmm. I don’t know. Being a tight ass seems like not such a big deal compared to that. I wish I were making this up, but I’m not.
    Other than that, I think I hurt myself lifting weights. Ouch.

  20. Rich

    I have severe lower back pain and was prescribed one mediaction, then another, then another, and now I have been prescribed one that really helps.
    Ian, I hope you feel better soon!

  21. John Schultz

    How about a concussion. I was racing go carts inside yesterday and passed a guy on the inside. He came down on me and I went straight into the wall. I can’t imagine how F1 and NASCAR drivers feel after they wreck.


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