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  1. Rich

    Ours was great. our first Thanksgiving in our new house. I never made a better turkey, my partner’s stuffing was amazing, everything was terrific – except for the mother-in-law from hell. She’s normally a very well-behaved and very sweet, but for some reason she became pushy & judgemental (I’d never make MY gravy that way) and we were all relieved when that side of the family packed up and left THIS MORNING. It’s been a long week. Next year my sister, her boyfriend and my partner and I have decided to have a small holiday together. Just us!

  2. Neva

    Yes, definitely, parenthood becomes you.
    Good Thanksgiving here except for the crappy weather on Wed for the Salisbury Christmas parade – usually such an interesting cultural experience – this year almost rained and winded out. Otherwise though we had beautiful weather all weekend and a fried turkey this year (a true Southern delicacy!). Yum.

  3. Salem's little sister

    Besides spending Thanksgiving morning at the emergency room for my little Ben’s raging ear infection, we had a lovely visit to Texas. The nurses gave him a teddy bear and a popsicle and it seems to be removing the memories of his 2 shots. Any opinions on ear tubes?

  4. cluverc

    Salem’s little sister: Nononono, on the ear tubes! My ear drums have the worst scars from those things and they are so thin that they are talking surgery, because my hearing is shot. The German doctors were apalled that the American docs gave me tubes…there must be other alternatives by now. After all, that was 28 years ago!
    Oh, and Thanksgiving was marvelous.

  5. Kevin from Philadelphia

    Delicious nosh, a grand time as always. Ian, where do you get those lovely ties? And I mean that with all sincerity.

  6. emma

    Despite any faults my in-laws have, I must applaud their Thanksgiving feast, not only does Pop fry a turkey, he also cooks a pig and makes an oyster dressing. It was the best BBQ I had had in a while. When you actually can pick the pork off the cooker, that’s a true pig pickin’.

  7. Neva

    SLS – How old is Ben now and how many ear infections has he had? We are on our second set of tubes for our youngest daughter Meg but I am not a huge advocate of them. The argument for the tubes is usually that it will decrease the number of infections which is nice of course because, as you well know, they aren’t any fun. That alone probably isn’t the most important reason to consider it though. The theory is that having chronic fluid behind your ear drum (3-6 months or longer, which many kids with repetitive infections do), can decrease hearing and then of course may delay speech and language. I think the evidence for this is spotty at best but it’s the main argument for tubes most docs use.
    I certainly wouldn’t jump right into it but if he’s already had several infections and it’s only November now then you’re probably looking at a rough winter season. If he’s 2 or older though (which I think he’s close right?) then he may grow out of these soon – at least you can hope.
    Best advice though is to make sure to get a good ENT and a good pediatric anesthesiologist. Although the surgeons will say it is a simple procedure nothing is simple when it involves wheeling your child into an OR for general anesthesia! I think it’s possible that in several years this will go the way of blood letting (and probably has already in some countries where docs don’t necessarily make thousands off the 15 minute surgery – sorry for the sarcasm) but here it’s still pretty standard of care.

  8. Salem's little sister

    Neva- He just turned 2 in late October and he’s had 5 ear infections since his last birthday. We did great his first year, but as soon as that birthday passed, he started getting them. I’m stuck on whether it’s better to do tubes or keep pumping him up with these antibiotics. I have a call in to his ped. to start the conversation. I don’t think it’s affecting his hearing at all and his speech is what it should be. At least we don’t have those things to worry about. Thank you so much for your opinion and the information.
    Cluverc- Thanks to you too and I’m sorry you’re having trouble now. I hope it all goes well. I won’t make any quick decisions.

  9. Sean M

    I want Thanksgiving with Emma’s family. I mean c’mon — fried turkey AND roast pig?!?
    Let me know when the reservation line for next year opens up.

  10. LFMD

    SLS — Helen had ear tubes, and it was the best thing we could have done for her. She has since had them removed, and her hearing is perfect.

  11. Sharon

    Will weigh in on the ear tube debate. Both my girls had multiple sets. My second daughter had her first ear infection at 4 weeks. First daughter had three sets — one fell out early on so had to redo it. I understand the concerns, but my sister held off and didn’t get tubes for my nephew who did have speech delays — which translated later into some other issues. So, I was pretty adamant about treating the infections. Even with the tubes, my younger daughter had a terrible time and had persistent fluid that affected her hearing. The good news is that by age 3.5 or so they both either developed better immunity or their inner ears got in better alignment. Our choice came down to non-stop antibiotics or the surgery. I had the same issues growing up and had the tubes with no ill effects. I applaud folks who can ride the infections out with just pain relievers, but since I work, staying at home with the girls for days at a time wasn’t an option.

  12. emma

    Sean M – I’ll add you to the list. Anybody else? I could use all the allies that I can get!
    I’ll weigh in on the tubes. My Dad, a retired pediatrician, thinks tubes are completely useless. But I have heard too many mamas see success from them to believe him. My sister swears by ear tubes, once my nephew got tubes, he no longer had infections. Luckily, after Frederick’s fifth or so ear infection, they just stopped coming, so I didn’t have to make that decision.

  13. Rebecca

    My kitchen is the same color of red, and I swear I have a rug made by the same Berbers in Morocco from your photo last week. Weird.
    T-Day was fine. The turkey was not that tasty, which was disappointing. I bought a free range bird from Whole Foods, so I had high expectations. Next year we’ll have an inexpensive supermarket turkey again!
    My sister-in-law’s family fry their turkey too. Must be a NC thing.

  14. xuxE

    i now highly recommend buying the whole thanksgiving dinner from the upscale grocery store and heating the whole thing up at home. best meal i never cooked.
    my son zen had eartubes. freaked me out too, just as neva said, but after watching him zoom through courses of more and more potent antibiotics and was still suffering i finally said the hell with it and looked into the damn tubes. he was a bit younger, i believe we did it somewhere around 12-18 months, i can’t remember now.
    i got a second ENT opinion and that helped a lot, so i could compare and contrast what they said and chose who i wanted to do the surgery. i also interviewed the anesthesiologist like he was a serial killer and he passed (a father himself, 17 years in pediatric anesthesia, etc.) i ultimately chose the ENT who works with the SF opera, those folks can still hear and he seemed totally pro. he was actually endorsed by my pediatrician as well as the ENT who gave us the second opinion, who said he was one of the best around. http://baronmd.com/aboutus.html.
    the procedure was quick, my son didn’t seem at all traumatized (waving to the nurses as they wheeled him into the OR) and the best part was no more infections or uber-antibiotics afterwards. the tubes came out on their own as he grew. i think the hardest thing about the whole experience was that i was still nursing and had to withold milk from him during the night before the surgery. made for a very sleepless night.
    so you know, i just advocate being a careful and choosy consumer of healthcare services, that’s about all you can really do.

  15. Salem's little sister

    I love having such a great group of people to call on. Thanks Ian for being the patriarch of our family! Thanks family for sharing your thoughts on the ear tube delima.

  16. Claverack Weekender

    Well whatever they say about global warming, it sure was a pleasant week in the mid-Hudson Valley. And that Hawthorne Valley store keeps getting better, doesn’t it?
    We’re afraid of tubes. After the second ear infection we started a Zyrtec-Nasonex cocktail to reduce congestion when he gets sick. Has worked so far, fingers crossed.

  17. John Schultz

    Xuxe- we went to the beach and brought our entire Thanksgiving dinner with us (from Wellspring in Chapel Hill). Best ever.
    This talk of tubes is making me worry about our youngest. Ben (4 months) has had a couple of ear infections already.
    I’m going to bookmark this blog for future reference. Thanks for the great info.

  18. ken

    My Thanksgiving was good, I was an orphan this year (parents still alive, just in Australia, wife went to be with her family, I had to work), so some relatives took me in. Got to spend some quality time with my 93 year-old grandpa, which was great, his first Thanksgiving without my grandma, which sucks. We had a nice one-on-one chat as I drove him back to his house in the city.
    Not sure if Ian will even read this far down but dude, ANY, I mean ANY short sleeved shirt with a bowtie is a no-no, no matter how cool you may be or how warm it is. Hell the only acceptable occupations allowed to wear a tie with any short-sleeved shirt are pilots and shop (Industrial Ed) teachers. Just here to help, not hatin’.

  19. block

    Also; I must say I was a little troubled by the unavoidable proof, as evidenced by the ever increasing darkness outside your kitchen widows, that the earth is indeed slipping imperceptibly into a black vortex of some kind

  20. heather

    Hope it’s OK to barge in here – by the way your hair is fabulous and the red kitchen is, too! I am looking for a few parents to talk to for a project at work – specifically I need to talk to parents of kids who have ear infections despite having had tubes put into their ears. I can offer a small stipend for your time – a short phone interview is all that is involved! Please let me know if you are interested – honeil@bbkworldwide.com. Thank you and happy holidays!


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