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Time to hit some ground-rule-doubles for the home team, my friends. Here are a few things you should do to keep your acquaintances – at least those within two degrees of separation – happy in their artistic lives.

First up, vote for Block here on the WFUV website to keep them spinning “Last Single Guy.” Jamie’s latest, as some of you may attest, is his best, and it doesn’t hurt that yours truly played keyboards and violins on certain tracks. For best song, might I suggest “Molly Malone” by Block as well? Fill in the other entries with your faves – some of you will win the prize they’re giving away.

Secondly, Greg Humphreys’ very own Hobex has just turned a decade old, and released “Enlightened Soul” on iTunes and Rhapsody. For a stunning look at Greg’s work ethic, you need go no further than here to look at a list of the shows he’s played since 1996. A truly stunning dedication to music, and worthy of a huge hit song. I’ve loved pretty much everything Greggy Homefries has laid to vinyl, but the brand new stuff holds a candle to barnburners like “Rollin'” from the Payback EP.

Thirdly, why not take a spin on ABC’s “Daybreak”? I admit a bias; producer Abe Hoch, along with some of the Touchstone crew, are among my favorite people in Hollywood. Taye Diggs is a class act, and he is simply amazing in this show. Don’t read about the ratings – yes, I know it can be compared to “Groundhog Day” and it can sound frustrating, but I have to say, I’m fully into it, and utterly along for the ride. You don’t have to be a sucker for time-twisting plotlines to see how they’re breaking new ground. Catch this one on broadcast before having to splurge on the DVD.

Anything else the blog audience should be doing? YAY HOME TEAM!

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  1. kevin from NC

    I helped put together a cd of 14 original christmas tunes by 14 Raleigh based bands called Holly Raleigh Christmas. This is a very good cd of not your usual Christmas songs. All the proceeds from the cd (which sells for only $5) goes to Wake County High School Bands for their development. You can check it out here:
    You can even give it a listen here:
    This is a great community project and they make GREAT gifts.
    Sorry for the overtly commercial promotion Ian. k

  2. grumphreys

    Thanks for the plug, Ian. We have worked hard over the years and I do appreciate your support. It’d be fun to work with you on another project one of these days. Our official CD release date for Enlightened Soul is Feb 6th, and we will be doing alot of touring in the spring and summer… I hope that you and your readers can make it out to a date! Glad to hear that Block is getting some spins on FUV, love that station.
    p.s. Kevin, i listened to the Holly Raleigh Christmas CD last weekend and enjoyed it. Very nice work.

  3. xuxE

    dang, i don’t even know where to start on that one… well here are the top ones – from our friends and familia to yours (i mean “all y’alls”)
    here is playground people on itunes:
    here is spigga on itunes:
    here is a band called pain on itunes:
    here is kid beyond on itunes:
    and how about viva malpache on itunes:
    oh, and for written word i can’t forget hip mama magazine and books!

  4. Annie

    HELL yeah–the ‘bex! And Block, no less! These two class acts sorely deserve praise and recognition after their decades of hard work. (I don’t know about the ABC thing)–what is that adage about the percentage of success that is luck and the percent that’s work…it’s frustrating to know how much talent and dedication go towards making so much great music, and the musicians are still struggling day to day. I think of Alex Chilton washing dishes all those years…
    Props to Ian for supporting Block and Hobex so steadfastly through the years!


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