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a few hours ago in Astoria

It’s a huge day in the Williams family, as Jordana is set to induce their baby at some point in the early morning. The actual due date is not until the 17th, but if all of the measurements are correct, the little tyke is careening towards ten pounds and Jordi is dilated, effaced and huge. Sean is hiding a lot of her belly in the picture above, so you don’t get the full effect, but it’s pretty awesome (in all senses of the word).

We’ve been trying to help put their house together in anticipation, and I think we’ll spend most of Friday painting trim on windows and putting together Ikea shelves while – god willing – miraculous things are happening at the hospital. By the way, the Ikea in Hicksville, NY provides a much more human experience than that of Elizabeth, NJ. I mean, assuming you were equidistant and you really needed to get your hands on a RØTTERRÜMDAK.

Isn’t it amazing, planning the imminent arrival of a family member that doesn’t quite exist yet? When we were building Lucy’s room in the winter of 2005, the place seemed to be haunted by her future presence, even though she was separated from us by only a half-inch of tummy.

I feel so happy for Sean, so in awe of Jordana, so over-the-moon for Lucy having a new little cousin. Please send your best wishes to St. Luke’s Hospital in Manhattan, and I’ll update the blog later with news.

0 thoughts on “where we’re going in this verdant spiral

  1. emma

    All best wishes are going to St. Luke’s. I don’t think I can think of anything more exciting, yet terrifying, than going to the hospital to have your first child.

  2. NOLAcathie

    I’m pretty sure they have no idea of the infinite ways this baby boy will enrich and beautify their lives, and how much they will learn about themselves, just because of him.

  3. kent

    Holding the good thought.
    By the way, RØTTERRÜMDAK, up until now, had zero matches in Google. Now it will have one. You just invented a google soliton!

  4. cullen

    I know the Hicksville Ikea all too well; the humanness has something to do with the waft of Cinnamon Bun flavor that permeates and instills Christmas spirit. Good luck if there’s any assembly required. Congrats on the new addition.

  5. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Somebody better get those witch hazel maxi pads out of the freezer. Jordana is gonna need them!
    Good luck!

  6. Sean M.

    Usually at this point, I suggest to people that “Sean” makes an excellent name…but I have a feeling they know that. :-)
    Congrats to all!

  7. Neva

    How exciting! I’m impressed they have an OB who will do a Friday elective induction. Usually they don’t want to mess up their Friday night (and possibly, weekend, let’s hope not) plans. Maybe their expecting it to go quickly. I hope so too! Good luck to all!

  8. xuxE

    right on new mama!! go baby go!!!
    don’t worry about the induction, just make sure they adjust the drip as gradually as possible!
    i had natural childbirth with the pitocin drip and it wasn’t as bad as i thought. then again, maybe it was more like *quasi-natural* since i had a big tank of nitrous and bjork’s “aurora” on repeat the whole time – wheEEEEEE!!!

  9. kjf

    what a great photo….the way the paint dripped all over jordana’s belly! hope all is going well. babies are great! congrats to all of you.

  10. Annie

    Jordi, Sean, and Tyke (future Tar Heel power forward OR Broadway legend, probably both)–thinking about all of you today, sending so much love from NC. What a lucky baby boy he will be! Cannot wait to meet him. Love and hugs from Annie


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