my cousin’s duty to make curtsy


Some pictures for the folks who can’t be here! First off, waiting for Barnaby to be born was a day full of baited exhalation for us, but a huge night on the town for Lucy:


When we finally got to go into the recovery room a few hours after he was born, Barnaby looked like one of those babies who had done a lot of maturation on the inside before bothering to come out: they tell you to expect a blue-colored frog, but ol’ Barno looked awesome. We put a few of their pictures side by side, and he bears some resemblance to his cousin:


Nine pounds and fifteen ounces is not just a huge baby, it means Jordana gets bragging rights on us all. Not only that, but Barnaby latched quickly, stayed buoyant, and was unbelievably happy on his first day out. He uttered nary a peep the whole time we were there, choosing instead to take the world in giant, wondrous gulps. His parents were tired, relieved, and victorious:


By the time Barnaby came home to Astoria today, Lucy was in Brooklyn blowing a gasket from excitement. Barnaby’s birth happened to coincide with La Luz’s recent obsession with babies and taking care of them. The thought of a real-live baby being born into the family has dominated her conversation for weeks. Tessa said it best: when she finally got to meet Barnaby, it showed superhuman willpower on her part not to eat him from desire. Instead, she gently touched his little head all night, and Barnaby, the perfect gentleman, let her:


Up way past her bedtime, Lucy was on late-night crack all the way home. Two conversational nuggets:

“My elbows are inside my coat.”

“Noah’s nose is in LA.”


We took a bath with her new sticky letters, and she now sleeps, dreaming of an extended family that just got WAY MORE FUN.

0 thoughts on “my cousin’s duty to make curtsy

  1. cullen

    You know it, and that tub pic alone reminds me of our funhouse with two in tow and cousins and neighbors invading often. Sam can get 200 words down just in the bath and both aore tub tints, crayons, bubles, and the recently more goal-oriented water-bathsketball replete with dirty defense and all. Nothing like watching kids interact.

  2. Anne D.

    Your family sure makes beautiful babies! Congrats to all. That eye-to-eye connection between Barnaby and Lucy in the last pic is priceless. I have a similar one of our daughter and youngest son locking eyes. :: melts at the memory ::

  3. C

    Congratulations to all in the Williams clan! Having such a big baby has many upsides (though Jordana is likely feeling many of the downsides right now). I weighed in a 9 lbs. 12 oz. GIRL and my mother was ready to have me take on any football team that would have come my way. Precious photo of Lucy and cousin!

  4. Claverack Weekender

    Hmm… Mustela, Kiehls, Paul Mitchell, H&S… Frieda sheer blonde!?!? Have you been boosting your hair color Ian?

  5. Rebecca

    What wonderful news for all the Williamses. Almost 10 pounds naturally makes Jordana a Goddess. That is seriously amazing. Get those pads out of the freezer!


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