canis minor


I just got an email from Salem. Here’s a picture of his truck:


Here’s who did it:


In Salem’s own words:

I was hit by a red Volvo, driven by an English Sheep Dog named “Jeeves”. Yes, yes, the car was being driven by a large English Sheep Dog. Apparently, the owner was at the veterinary office next door. He had parked his car and taken the keys. His dog became impatient, hopped into the drivers seat and shifted the car into neutral. Parked on a hill, it traveled across the vet parking lot where it jumped the railroad ties and gained speed. I think the dog took his paws off the steering wheel just in time for the car to spin around backwards and nail my truck. He traveled at least one hundred yards!


I’m not much for “Hang In There!” pictures, but that dog is frickin’ PRICELESS.

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  1. Salem's little sister

    This could only happen to my brother! He was also bitten by a sheep dog as a child. He’s got some bizzare sheep dog karma.
    Matt- He took the truck picture last night but the dog picture as soon as it happened.

  2. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    First, let me say that I am sorry, Salem. Property damage is a real drag to deal with, especially during the busy holidays.
    Nonetheless, OMG you gave me the biggest laugh at the Insurance Job this morning! I had tears rolling down my face! I really needed a good laugh like that.
    Jeeves! You are off the hook, puppy dog!

  3. Claudia

    Salem, I’m really sorry about your truck.
    I bet the dog is more contrite and pleasant to deal with than a lot of humans would be in the same situation, though. And then there’s that FACE…

  4. CL

    Let the local papers know – we local journalist-types need those stories. The doggie driver tale is likely to be picked up by the Associate Press.

  5. chip

    I’m sorry this happened to you, and I’m glad no one got hurt, but I hope you will be able to laugh about this once the truck is fixed.

  6. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    “Rut roh” is right! I have been laughing about this ALL DAY. What did the insurance adjuster say when you called in your claim?

  7. Rebecca

    Hilarious pictures. Of course, now poor Salem has to deal with getting his truck fixed. I hope the dog was listed as a driver on the owners insurance policy! Good luck.
    Speaking of pictures, can we expect to see a new picture on the home page for the new year? Because Lucy just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

  8. dpdir

    oh my god.. i have been tryng to find my annual xmass email. all i can say is i have co-opted this story and it has now begun what i hope will be its meteoric rise to internet fame.
    ho ho ha;)

  9. kmeelyon

    I haven’t stopped laughing yet.
    Can I just say how much I love that the dog was named Jeeves? That just makes this a zillion times funnier to me.

  10. sue williams

    Well, we are the proud parents of Jeeves. He is the love of our life and although his driving skills leave much to be desired, we think he’s the cat’s pjs. After our insurance agent stopped laughing and the policeman composed himself, we too saw the humor of it all. We are most thankful that no one was injured and Jeeves is remorseful about Salem’s truck. Salem was incredibly gracious about the whole incident. Thank you for your comments. We have had a great chuckle over it all.

  11. Salem

    I have to say it was quite funny putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I had put bank deposits in the front seat and run back into the restaurant. I was gone no longer than 5 minutes when I returned and hopped into the truck. The interior was covered in glass and I thought my carelessness had caught up with me. Someone must have smashed the window and grabbed the money. After finding my deposits untouched, I noticed red roof under my window. With no motors running and no other people around, it was a truly confusing scene. That is when I walked around the Volvo and saw Jeeves in the driver seat. I scrambled to find my camera in the car. The front windsheild picture was taken within about 5 minutes, exactly as Jeeves was sitting when I first saw him. Soon after Mr. Williams (Jeeve’s human)came running from next door, convinced that his car had been stolen. Funny thing, Jeeves did not roll forward into the little “Pee Pee” yard in front of the vet. He took a hard left (older model Volvo) and traveled almost one hundred yards before hitting the only car in my one acre parking lot next door (we are closed on Tuesdays). Lucky me. One of our bank tellers came and picked up my deposits for me. All y’all insruance agents out there take notice. We have discovered an untapped niche in canine coverage.


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