hodie christus natus est


Happy Holidays from Ian, Tessa and Lucy!


see you in a week or so

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  1. kate from the DTH front desk

    Great pictures… all of them!
    I hope the Williams family and all the XTCIANers have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday! This is the first blog I ever started reading regularly, and I always enjoy reading both Ian’s posts and everyone’s comments.

  2. Salem's little sister

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We got an early Christmas present this week. My husband got accepted to Duke’s MBA program, so we are relieved that he has at least one option even if it is Duke! If he goes there, I’ll have to get a Duke ID card to access the schools services for families. My precious Tar Heel face on a Dook student card . . . sorry, I just threw up a little in my mouth.
    Ho Ho Ho!

  3. LFMD

    SLS – congratulations! That is wonderful news!
    Happy holidays to everyone! I love the XTCian community — thanks for all the laughs, insightful comments, and chatter. You guys make me THINK and QUESTION. Imagine that! And you thought I was all about the celebrity sightings!
    I want to send a holiday shout out to Jeeves. Hope that his adventure didn’t land him in the animal adoption center.

  4. Tanya

    As everyone has said – Happy Holidays! I love this group of folks. First place I visit every morning. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us all in 2007!

  5. Beth

    I wish everyone a peaceful, bright, healthy holiday season and an even better New Year!
    Thanks to all of you, especially our fearless leader, for giving me so many opportunities to insert into conversations: “There was this lively dialogue on xtcian today in which I learned . . . ”

  6. eric g.

    As one who survived three years at Duke Law School (yes, I too had to get an ID card with that ugly four-letter word on it), I can tell you that the experience is manageable, if only because the greatest place on Earth is a mere eight miles away.

  7. NOLAcathie

    All best wishes from New Orleans for peace and joy throughout this Christmas season, and may it extend into the New Year and beyond…

  8. Anne

    What a gorgeous trio you are. Merry, merry Christmas. That little angel’s blue-blue eyes will be sparkling Monday morning for sure.
    SLS, congrats to your husband. On to the next adventure!
    I’m grateful to have found some interesting people and great blogs (waves to Bozoette) via the replies to Ian’s excellent blog. And all because of “Coastopia.” :-) Hey, we outlasted the evil empire… I think.
    Wouldn’t it be fun to have a NYC Xtician get-together sometime? Or maybe not — I’m always gung-ho about stuff like that but I realize not everyone shares my passion for FTF encounters. It would be satisfying to toast the Williams clan in person, though.
    At any rate: Happy holidays to all. Dona nobis pacem.

  9. GFWD

    It’s January 4, 2007.
    Where have you gone, Joe Di-Maggio?
    A nation of desk dwellers turn it’s bored-at-work eyes to you.

  10. GFWD

    Alan, say it isn’t so.
    My fragile state of mind can’t handle both the cancelation of THE O.C. and the end of xtcian.com in the same week.

  11. Alan

    Yet it also does make for a nice opportunity to transition xtcian.com into something like a South Sea cult where we continue to gather and add comments extrapolating upon the story lines, adding in layers of, say, inter-spacial life form sourced creation myth as well as a variety of third cousin minor league baseball careers to as mechanisms to propel the narrative.

  12. GFWD

    So instead of discussing politics, Tar Heels and music, I’ve got expand the narrative to include a colloquy on whether Shoeless Joe was unfairly banned, whether Bill Buckner was unfairly blamed and whether the second line for the Leafs is any good this year?
    Inter-spacial life form sourced creation myth?
    As in E.T.’s created Stonehenge?

  13. eric g.

    If McNamara puts Dave Stapleton in the game in the 10th, as he had done all season, Game 6 would likely have continued. Some folks forget that the score was already tied by the time Wilson’s grounder got past Buckner. Oh well…


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