on the importance of nomenclature


I’m gathering my thoughts on the year 2006 for next week, but in the meantime, this odd slice of Lucy and Barnaby says more than I can:

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  1. Anne

    Enchanting! Barnaby does indeed have long fingers; break out the piano lessons, yo. :-) Lucy is so sweet with her baby cousin. Her voice reminds me exactly of our daughter’s at that age, even the inflections. (…lapses into nostalgia mode…) Thanks for sharing this peaceful interlude.

  2. Deb

    I know it’s probably hormones, but listening to Lucy say “Barnaby” has me weeping all over my keyboard.
    As adults, my siblings and I have kind of drifted away from our first cousins, but growing up they were like three sisters who happened to live in another house. Cousins have the unique perspective of knowing your parents the way you do better than anyone but you, while maintaining a semblance of objectivity which you or your siblings can’t quite achieve. That insight, that bond, is what will keep my cousins and us tight, even if we only see each other at Christmas, even though we’re no longer fascinated by the stripes on one another’s shirts.

  3. Annie

    “Bonn-a-bee! Wite heeuh!”
    Caveman, come to a hooping class, yo! Tuesdays, 7:45 at Balanced Movement in Carrboro (can’t bring beer into the studio).


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