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Okay, late post, but if anyone sees this today or over the weekend… three questions if you please.

1. We are going to be in Chapel Hill from Feb. 26 to March 7, and I’m beyond psyched. Can’t wait to eat some Pepper’s, waste time/write at Davis Library and see us dismantle Dook. However, we’re hitting a snag on housing. There’s four of us, and in a perfect world, we’d like to rent a two bedroom place within very quick walking distance of uptown. We have a place we can get, but it’s not ideal and doesn’t seem like it offers much “outside time” for Lucybeans. Any suggestions? Besides craigslist?

2. One of my oldest, bestest friends is putting together a party in Manhattan that promises to be a fun celebration of southern culture for tourism purposes. He’s looking for a band that would be a good match: something somewhat hip, alternative bluegrass, fun… any ideas, or people to call?

3. Speaking of bands, a reader emailed with a specific, nagging question. I’ll let him say it in his own words:

I saw the Beastie Boys at the Raleigh Civic Center on Nov. 10th of ’92, and the opening acts are the source of my inquiry. I am almost positive they were Rollins Band & Da Lench Mob. The most credible Beastie Boys site out there,, has Rollins Band and Cypress Hill listed as openers in their gigography section. Do you know how I can pose the question and maybe get a response from someone who also saw the show (I am trying to target a Raleigh area group of readers)?

I have these occasional bits of my past band-seeing experiences that stick in my craw as well, and know the feeling of not being able to solve my minutiae. Anyone see the show in question?

As always, have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. josie

    1. Not a unique experience, but you can always do a 2 bedroom suite at a Residence Inn.
    2. We were supposed to see Chatham County Line here tonight, but they cancelled on FL. So they are at top of mind. I heard then in Norfolk last summer.
    3. Can’t help here
    have a great weekend!

  2. Summer

    Henry Rollins kept humping the air while he was singing and his arteries were popping out like exhaust pipes on the sides of his neck. Thought he was so boring compared to the Black Flag days.
    Also I ran smack into Mike D when I turned a wrong corner backstage. Freaked out but said nothing, and he walked away.
    Good times.

  3. Val

    Head’s up – I stopped by Pepper’s the other day and probably by the time you get here they will have moved to their new location – the old Miami Subs. Not quite the same Pepper’s experience of old, but at least the same menu.

  4. craighill

    you’re right about the beasties show. was there too. ears still ringing.
    think that al green poster at pepper’s makes the trip?

  5. Larry Weaver

    Raleigh’s Kickin Grass is your best bet for a young, high-energy alternative bluegrass band. Even people who don’t like bluegrass love this band. As an added bonus, the band features a UNC grad:
    I happen to know that they would love to play NYC. Oh yeah, their agent is a UNC alum, too :)

  6. Wayne

    Hi Ian,
    I was just checking up on your blog and read this entry.
    Regarding a place to stay in Chapel Hill, I was wondering if have heard of this:
    They rent houses/apartments in Chapel Hill and Carrboro on a daily or weekly basis.
    I rented this one at 213 McCauley many years ago for a couple of months:
    It’s a great house divided into 4 or 5 apartments. The pictures you see at this link are of the attic apartment. That’s the one I rented. Of course, the location on McCauley Street is great and the apartments are all nicely outfitted.
    Have a great trip!


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