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How bizarre – I had my first neti pot experience last night before writing yesterday’s entry. I’d seen them in friends’ bathrooms before (and destroyed yours on accident, Lee and Suz!) but I didn’t know how they worked. I thought you were supposed to put boiling water in them and just breathe the steam or something. I had no idea you actually irrigated your own brain.

Once you get past the feeling of being six and having swimming pool water go up your nose, it was actually quite amazing. I did it like seven times because when you get to my age – one’s indeterminate late thirties – there are very few new sensations. I was committed to feeling this one to the fullest.

Which leads to today’s CODE WORD… what was the last time you had a Truly New Sensation¬©? On a huge scale, the birth of Lucy opened up an awareness I truly didn’t know humans possessed. On a tiny scale, there’s the neti pot. On a different part of the scale, there was my adventures with strep throat in December, which was a kind of sick I recall only vaguely from grade school.

No matter the quality, the incontrovertible fact of getting older means any Truly New Sensation must get more rare. When was your last?