all worlds left to conquer


We just got home from watching “Children of Men,” and if you’ve seen the film, nothing could be better than getting this in your inbox:


It’s Augustus Julian Alexander, born tonight to the most excellent (and frequent commenter) Deb and her husband Steve Alexander. Nine pounds, four ounces, and by all accounts a great delivery. How awesome is it to have three names, all conquerors and leaders of ancient Mediterranean empires?

It’s amazing how we sound with our full names…

Lucy Kent Blake-Williams: a law firm on Bank Street in London circa 1889

Tessa Ellen Valentine Blake: a shopping catalogue full of gorgeous pricey furniture

Christopher Clayton Chapman – bantamweight pugilist, winner of St. Louis WWI Vets Boxing Semifinal

Thornton McKendree Long, Junior – master distiller of ancient Glenkrochety single-malts, living in castle off Isle of Man

Linda Jean Worsley Riddle Williams – clue left by crazy aunt revealing hiding place of family treasure

And yours?

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  1. Tanya

    Tanya Leigh Oestreicher Evans – purveyor of fine meats, cheeses and shoes. Amateur figure skater, nasty temper.

  2. tregen

    P.A.T. Perez. (I’d tell ya…..but then I’d have to kill ya) (hint. T stands for a Roman emperor of non-roman decent) Emiliano Zapata’s second in command. Developed military tactical strategy known as the “utter surrender”.

  3. eric g.

    Eric Judson Gribbin: roving British journalist, wounded in Indochina, retired to Malta, where he wrote vivid spy novels and entertained a string of enchanting, exotic women.

  4. Rebecca

    Are you related to Bert and Irvin Oestreicher from Salisbury? Because Bert was one of my favorite old ladies when I knew her. What a firecracker!

  5. Bill

    William Forbes Taggart…
    Liberal black sheep 14th cousin — six times removed — of the Forbes family…shockingly left out of Malcolm’s will…but determined to strike back at the very foundations of privilege through my muckraking S.F. Bay Guardian column under the byline “W. Forbes Taggart”

  6. cullen

    My favorite has to be the real one that belongs to my Dad’s best friend’s eldest:
    Theodore Augustus Constantine, aka, “TAC” (now that’s a mouthful even without the surname)
    I’m a JR. namesake and I go by my middle name as per that somewhat Confederate tradition (facilitated by a sympathetic southern mom who just must have known that I’d prefer my own unique, but familial name to JJ, John-John or ‘Lil John/little Johnnie, etc..)
    BTW, I can’t tell you how many third generation namesake males I know who are called Trey. Oh well, happy President’s Week!!

  7. Tanya

    Not that I know of, although I’ve been asked about the Salisbury Oestreichers before. We must be the only 2 in the state. :) I’m part of the Kansas clan…

  8. Annie

    Great-grandpappy takes the cake: Marion Augustus Humphreys, of Salisbury, MD. Everyone called him “The Colonel,” though he was never in the military. Known for his iron-fisted rule over the family, he yanked my grandfather out of Washington & Lee after his freshman year (grades not good enough) and forced him to go work in a lumberyard in NC.
    And that is how one-half of my family ended up in Fayetteville.
    (p.s. blessings to Deb and Steve! Augustuses RULE)

  9. Bud

    That’s a fine looking baby! He certainly looks set to conquer the world. Congratulations Deb and Steve!
    Oh and — for the record — that’s Isle of *Barra*, laddie.

  10. Josie

    Cute little guy you have there.
    “Children of Men” …not a movie for pregnant women or those with newborns at home. I couldn’t stop shaking the entire time.

  11. xuxE

    i don’t like to post my real name, i try to avoid stalkers and being judged.
    but suffice to say my middle name is a greek goddess, because my mom loved the movie black orpheus. so i have a weird juxtaposition of mayflower and irish roots plus like, a greek goddess in the middle.
    maybe my name sounds kind of like the name of a romance novel author, something like
    “The Dunes of Desire” by Jane Apollonia Smith

  12. kent

    xuxE your middle name is Eurydice? That rules! I can here your mom calling you to dinner: “YOU RID DUH SEE!”
    And Black Orpheus is one of the all time great movies. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, find it and watch it three times.
    My full name is Norman Kent Williams. I don’t know what picture that would evoke in the average person’s mind’s eye,but it does have a great anagram: Know-it-all mannerism.


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