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We’re stoked over here in the Blake-Williams household, as we are flying to Chapel Hill on Monday to spend ten days in the town where we met, back in the year 1797. The trip is extended for a variety of reasons: we’re teaching a class on Wednesday, my brother-in-law is also teaching a class (and bringing Sam, kids!) and we’ve got excellent seats to watch us crush the living shite out of Dook.

As such, we have a few questions. First off, where is a decent place to watch the Georgia Tech game on Thursday night? I mean, besides Atlanta? I know where I would have watched it back when Clinton was president, but need the current cool place with a giant high-def TV and food. And if any Chapel Hillian blog readers want to join us, the more decibels the better.

The other question is for you parents: we’d like to find some activities for Lucy. Currently, she does a lot of fun stuff in LA like gym class, Spanish time, music class (where they beat the shit out of synthesizers) and whatever looks interesting. Are there any activities or classes you recommend, or Gymboree-esque events we can visit for a week? Anything in Chapel Hill or Durham would be awesome.

Hope to see many of you during our sojourn – I plan to party like it’s 1989, which means I’m going to Davis Library, sit on the second floor and try to get absolutely nothing accomplished.

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  1. kate from the DTH front desk

    What kind of place are you looking for to watch the GA Tech game? Linda’s, Lucy’s, Top of the Hill, and Goldie’s are all excellent choices. Lucy’s and Linda’s are my personal favorites, although I wouldn’t exactly say either place has a giant HD-TV. Lots of regular TVs, though. And great food. And beer.
    What class are you teaching on Wednesday?

  2. scruggs

    We’re headed up from Atlanta for the Dook game. For once, I get to go to the game while the husband has kid duty. I haven’t been here, but I heard Chapel Hill has a kids museum. We may check it out while in town.
    There is also a playground at the park across from Univ. Mall (on Estes) with a set sized more for toddlers. Plus, it has some walking paths and a garden.

  3. Neva

    Glad you’re coming back Ian.
    I have to work all day today but here are ideas off the top of my head and I’ll give it more thought and add more later..
    The Kidzu museum is really cute. I finally went there recently. It’s small but I think it’s great for Lucy’s age. It’s right on Franklin Street next to the old Miami Subs (now the new Pepper’s location).
    Also there is a Little Gym in Durham that you could probably go just once to and a gymnastics place off Airport Rd (now MLK drive) called Sport Art Gymnastics that has a toddler class.
    The park scruggs mentioned above is probably one of the best in town and it’s at the Community Center directly across from the Post Office on Estes. University Mall itself is fun for kids on a rainy day since there is a great toy store and hobbie shop (with a Thomas Train set) and other fun distractions. The public library (also on Estes) has a story time for toddlers at least once a week that is good (not the best I’ve been too but good) as does both Barnes and Noble at Southpoint and Borders. In Carr Mill mall in Carrboro there is Spanish school for kids called Chicle that she could probably attend for one class and there’s a yoga place called Carrboro Yoga company where my daughter goes for kids yoga that you can attend for one class. Also, hanging out on the lawn at Weaver Street can be entertaining all by itself (see Annie hoop!) especially if the ice cream store is open again.
    I’ll keep thinking on it.
    As far as bars – sorry not as well versed on that any more as the wine bar is the only one I still frequent at all and it has no TV although I think the basement part (the Cellar) does.
    Have a safe trip!

  4. Cris

    Over Xmas I went to the new Museum of Natural History in Raleigh, and it was fantastic. The exhibits are all very kid-oriented. I don’t know if a trip down to Raleigh would work in your itinerary, but it’s a suggestion. When we went, it was filled with kids Lucy’s age who looked like they were having a blast.

  5. aa

    Second the Kidzu recommendation. It’s a cool place.
    Kids love the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. Great outdoor exhibits, including bears, wolves, and lemurs, and an interactive steel drum music-making structure. Plus the train ride.
    Some fun indoor activities too (if it’s too cold to be outside) – my nephews love the place where you pull a rope and blow a bubble around your entire body! And the butterfly house is very cool.

  6. Fury

    Hi Ian,
    It’s funny you’re going to be there: I’m in town M-W because I am speaking at the W. H. Auden Centennial on Tuesday night. (Will miss the game Thurs, alas.) Perhaps there is some special pull about the place this week.
    Anyway, enjoy your time there. I can’t wait.

  7. GFWD

    I am going to be in town for the dook game as well. I aim to drink a few cold ones at Bub’s and Top Of The Hill and eat at Pepper’s, Time-Out and Hectors.
    Annie, you’ll have to post your email or get it to Ian somehow so I can get it. I want to somehow get in the video montage with you and Mr. Blindfold. Though, my hooping skills are awful.
    Scruggs, see the note a few days ago about Hobex performing in the ATL on 3/23. Get a sitter that night. We’re going.
    I think my seats are great for the game, too. Lower level, behind the bench, about 8 rows from the top.

  8. Joanna

    My kids love the Botanical Gardens. There’s a children’s garden, craft cabin, venus flytraps, goldfish, tadpoles, bridges and trails. I second the other suggestions, too.
    Due to construction at Community Center Park, bathroom trips are limited to Port-a-potties. You might want to try Wilson Park, off of N. Greensboro past Estes Ext., instead. Or, bring that blue-eyed cutie to my house!

  9. jill

    I definitely recommend the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. My 2.5 yr old loves it, especially the large outdoors area with play structures, drums, train caboose, sand pit, farm animals, etc. http://www.ncmls.org/ Don’t miss it! Triangle Sportsplex in Hillsborough has two indoor pools (water’s a little chilly) but you can just drop in and pay for one day’s use. http://www.trianglesportsplex.com/. We did go to Kidzu shortly after it opened. It is small, but our daughter enjoyed it.

  10. Lee

    Hey there! The Little Gym in Durham is awesome for tumbling etc activities. Lucy would love that. Also, ditto on the Museum of Life Y Science. They have a train and all kinds of cool stuff.
    See ya soon!

  11. LFMD

    Hi. Have fun in Chapel Hill! Send my regards to Manly Dorm!
    If I were you, I would bypass the usual Gymboree-esque activities and just let Lucy run rampant across campus! Some good old unstructured time exploring Franklin Street, checking out Silent Sam, the Davie Poplar, the libraries, the Bell Tower, the Pit. . . she would love it. The campus can be her playground. Take her to the DTH office, by the Chi Psi house, etc. Is there still a bowling alley in the basement of the Student Union? Sneak into the floor of the Dean Dome. Go to Playmakers! Run around the arboretum! Visit the planetarium!
    Now I am all nostalgic. Have fun!

  12. scruggs

    What, Pepper’s moved down the street? I’ll have to see that for myself. I really do want some Linda’s cheese fries. And Greg, I don’t think I can set foot in Bub’s. But I’m in for Hobex if you are. We should have a blog halftime meet up at the game at one of the section entrances.

  13. kate from the DTH front desk

    LFMD, you have me wanting to do all those things, and I’m still a student here!
    And yes, there is still a bowling alley in the basement of the Student Union, but it’s closing at the end of the semester.

  14. Grumphreys

    I’d like to invite Ian, Tessa and the other xtcian’ers to come out to the West End Wine Bar before the game next Thursday. I’m doing a solo acoustic performance at the opening of Photographer Keith Shipman’s exhibit. I’ve been hired to play from 7 to 10; The game is at 9, so please swing by and say hey.
    sir spam-a-lot

  15. Just Andrew

    my boys are a bit older, but loved visiting both the Natural History Museum in Raleigh and the Life and Science spot in Derm.
    I haven’t been to Exploris yet
    But you may have known Pam Hartley back in Chapel Hill and she’s one of the folks in charge over there.
    For the game, I’d recommend the Orange County Social(ist) Club. It does require membership, but I’m sure someone would sign you in. They have a wall projection unit for games and play Woody over the radio. Not exactly hi-def, but great great fun – you’ll find all kinds of old hipsters from our generation there.

  16. Salem's little sister

    While we’re on the subject of Durham/CH. Anyone have a house to rent or know of one? We are moving this summer for James to start at Duke’s MBA program this fall and we need a house for the next 2 years. We’ve seen a few places and I know I’m too old to live in the 9th street/Markam area. Hope Valley rd? Anyone, anyone?

  17. eric g.

    They’re closing the bowling alley? Say it ain’t so! When I was two I was there with my parents, and I got my head stuck in the iron railing that separates the snack bar/bowling shoes area from the alley. My parents kept trying to pull me back through, to no avail. Finally some very nice guy with a beard came along, remarked that I was a skinny little kid who would probably fit through the railing, and pulled the rest of my body through, thus saving my brain so that I could pickle it in alcohol many years later in that very same town. The nice bearded man bought me a Coke after the ordeal; I can still taste it. It was the best Coke I’ve ever had.

  18. kate from the DTH front desk

    I’m sad to see it go…. they used to have free bowling during exams and it was a great way to kill a couple hours on a rainy day between classes. When I was a freshman we used to bowl for a couple dollars and then go to a free movie in the Union auditorium. Fun and cheap.
    Anyway, I’ve heard great things about Kidzu, and I loved the Life and Science Museum when I was younger. The Planetarium might be fun, too.

  19. joan

    For Lucy:
    The Museum of Life and Science in Durham–great for kids and adults, on rainy or sunny days. They even have a train ride. If you have time (I can’t believe I’m about to write this), it’s nice to stop in at Duke Gardens.
    Wilson Park in Carrboro (off N. Greensboro near Estes) is our neighborhood park and my son loves it. There are always kids there. There’s also a great playground at Anderson Park, which is off Hwy 54 just outside of Carrboro. So you go past Carrboro Plaza and turn right after about a half mile.
    Weaver Street and campus are great, too. There are always kids at Weaver Street. Also, my son had a great time walking up Franklin Street (on the north side) the other day because of all the small walls to jump on to and off of.
    The Arboretum is great, but the Botanical Gardens are even better. Lots of little walking paths perfect for toddlers.
    Do you know about the Carnivore Preservation Trust, south of town near Pittsboro? They rescue big cats, and they have tours on the weekends (you have to make a reservation). It’s better than the zoo because a guide tells you all about the animals and you end up being about 10 feet from huge tigers who will stalk your child with their eyes (that part is a bit freaky). http://www.cptigers.org/
    For basketball:
    I’d skip OCSC unless you must be in the super hip place because it’s filled with smoke. There’s a new place called Mill Town in Carrboro, near KFC and across from Carrboro Arts Center and VisArt. They have a huge TV, and while they don’t have a published kids menu, the options for kids are great. Though you’ll probably not be taking Lucy out to watch a 9pm game, eh? The adult food is surprisingly tasty as well.

  20. joan

    Oh, yeah, and don’t miss Kidzu. It’s perfect for little kids. They have a new exhibit right now and it sounds great.

  21. Alyson Peery

    Sorry this is so late, but I do have some ideas. The park near my house is awesome. It’s Homestead Park, which is on Homestead Road, way up Airport (which is now, puzzlingly, MLK
    Rd). Also, there’s the UNC Wellness Center, which is in Meadowmont on Hwy 54, and they have a great pool, and I think you can buy individual swimming lessons and things for kids. Kidzu is cool for kids, and the planetarium has shows for all ages all the time.
    About the game, I, too, think the smokiness of Orange County Social Club is a problem. I’m a smoker and can’t handle it. Strange as it sounds, BW-3 is not a bad place to watch the game. But my favorite place is definitely Linda’s. They have lots of tv’s, good food, and they turn down the bad announcers and play Woody. Delightful.
    Also, if you haven’t been to the Lantern yet, you should definitely go. Their food is amazing, and such a great addition to the Franklin Street dining options. I think they’re kid-friendly.
    Have fun, y’all!

  22. caroline poole

    Hey, Ian — Remember me? I’m Kelly Poole’s little sister — friends with Sara Lamm and Caroline Risman and all those ladies — anyway, I’m in CH doing a grad degree, and happend upon your site, and I’d definitely recommend Milltown in Carrboro as the place to watch the game — for sure.
    It’s smoke-free, great beers, tons of them, good food, and it’s got a big ol’ screen they project the game on.
    Hope to see you there!

  23. Ryan Williams

    Ian. never known you much at all but while doing a google seach to follow a story my brother told me about the notorious unc pit preacher, your blog was the first to pop up. hmmm? anyway, met you at the lodge a few times, friends with greg, jeremy, etc. not sure if you have gotten to chapel hill yet, but if not and you are looking for a game site, i will second the motion about milltown in carrboro. we are no longer in chapel hill having moved to asheville this past summer. anyway, kidzu is also a good one for the young’ns. have fun at the new peppers. enjoy the hill.


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