and the Colonels have seen enough


I have fallen way behind on my newly-refurbished sleep schedule, and thus will leave you this week with Friday’s CODE WORD: my brother Sean (who just wrote one of the better blogs of his era) has specifically requested shit-talking on our ESPN page, so get over there and click on our message board. Oh yeah, you have to sign in for any of those links to work. [ed. note: forget about it, ESPN’s bulletin board software is TERRIBLE. Simply use the comments below]

Already we have one player, the overmodestly-named Just Andrew, who is tied for 1st in the entire country! Sure, he’s tied with a few thousand others, but tonight he sleeps a winner.

And I’m not quite sure how the computer ate Shannon’s picks, but I’m sure they were formidable. The ESPN software already booted DB off the group, and tried to heisman Tessa before I intervened. Our own Dan Kois lamented the death of the human Bracketmaster, but I have to add: what’s the point of having robots do it if they’re going to screw it up?

Okay, start shit-talking! I expect it to be OFFENSIVE and FUNNY.

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  1. CL

    Can I do it here? I don’t like basketball much, but my fiance had a game on, and it sure was fun to watch Dook wipe out yesterday with their unprecedented first-round loss.
    Um, I’m a lady, so I guess I’m not very good at sh**-talking. Oh well.

  2. scruggs

    Alas, I do have a blank bracket in the pool. But, it wasn’t ESPN that thwarted me, it was The Corporate Man. I went to pull the site up at work yesterday to make my picks, and got a big Access Denied message…your attempt has been logged…could result in termination…blah blah blah. Don’t they know I already gave my notice last week. Freedom! So I will live vicariously through Just Andrew’s bracket.

  3. Tanya

    I feel ya, Scruggs. The IT Gods at my work also deny me access during the day. So I would have to shit talk at night. And, well, by then, I’m just ready for bed.
    But, HELL YEAH. Ding dong, dook is gone!!

  4. killian

    I don’t really understand this entry at all, but I was here in Carrboro singin’ and dancin’ and sh**-talkin’ all OVER Dook’s loss. Go Heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. emma

    My head told me to keep dook alive in my picks a round or two, but my heart was cheering hard for VCU last night and I loved that game, even if I suffered for it in my brackets. Paulus and McRoberts make me queasy. Now, excuse me, I have to go do some talking over at the bulletin board.

  6. Kois

    And ESPN screwed up my pool so badly that I, the one who just wrote an article about the end of paper brackets, am spending hours today printing out every bracket to re-enter into another computer system.

  7. jordi

    i think simply can’t handle the tourney traffic. it takes them forever to update the bracket scoring and every time i sign in, it says “welcome [insert a different name every time].” thus far, i have been pat, mark, stephen and kelli. none of which come close to being my name.

  8. Annie

    I was playing a little show at the Local 506 last night–opening gig–so I had the honor of literally SINGING DOOK TO DEFEAT!!!
    Bye-bye McBob–wipe up your trail of tears on the way out.

  9. Sean M

    OK, I went to the bulletin board and saw everyone else’s entries, but couldn’t see where I needed to click to post my own. That’s my Michigan State edumacation working for me.
    Speaking of which, St. Patrick’s Day is clearly a lucky day for those wearing GREEN, which will help us wallop those pesky little critters from Chapel Hill. Take solace in the fact that the game is a short bus ride home for y’all, so Lucy’s boyfriend Tyler and the rest of em will be able to cry in the pricacy of their own homes in no time at all. Saint Neitzel’s gonna run the snakes out of Winston-Salem.

  10. scruggs

    Emma, yes indeed. We had moved from Charlotte to Atlanta 3.5 years ago and are actually headed back. My job and team are in CLT, and they let me work remote after we moved. So it’d make sense to stay on, but I’d love to spend more time with our almost 4yr old before he hits K in over a year. So, freaking out a little to carve out income, etc. Yikes!!!!!!! You can send some advise my way.

  11. Just Andrew

    Funny thing is that I barely got the picks in.
    Monday my hard drive crashed, so I spent Tues and Wed getting a new one, installing it, reinstalling all the software, so I get it all going by Wed night and go to bed. Thursday morning I take the kids to school, come back home, and there is a power outage. I’ve got a meeting I can’t miss so I head there and make it back at 11:30am, power is back on – managed to get my picks in during the last minutes.

  12. Ian

    Wait, I just tried to add a message to the “message board” and I can’t figure out how to do it! ESPN, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???!?!??!?!?!

  13. LFMD

    Ian, just keep typing in “poopypants”! Maybe that will work!
    I could not get into the site successfully either. All I know is that Duke went down in flames, and that made my night!

  14. emma

    Scruggs – Congrats. I have no income advice other than this. I have always been a miserly person who didn’t spend much money. I thought this was because of my genes when, in fact, a little bit had to do with the fact that I had NO time to spend money. When I factored in not working, I calculated the loss of my income, but what I didn’t calculate was that I might actually enjoy buying stuff for the house, kids and sometimes myself (and planning trips, too).
    As for the income thing, maybe you and I can come up with a internet thinktank thing for past Carolina math majors who don’t want to work very hard.

  15. Lee

    Yesterday in Durham there was a boarded up house about to be renovated next to Duke’s East Campus and someone had nailed up to the side of the house a big sheet that said “Welcome home Duke!” and they put a 6 foot Tarheel on the front door! It was the best thing I’ve seen since I moved to Durham!

  16. Alan

    I hope the karmic justice of Scheyer getting axed across the eye and then bleeding all over the court wasn’t lost on anyone here. As ye sow…so shall ye reap.
    God, how I hate them…suck it, Dook.
    I’d talk a bit of shit,but ESPN is FUBAR and I can’t see my bracket to check on how I’m doing. “What do I need with a paper bracket when I have this electronic wonderland?”, I said to myself…

  17. Neva

    What is up with the message board? I was all set to talk some more smack but I can’t get back on it!
    The idea of someone like me leading this thing is a testimony to the fact that knowledge can be detrimental. I picked based on my favorite places and a gut feeling. I also pick wine by the nicest label and sometimes that works out too.

  18. scruggs

    totally get your point. As a “frugal” person myself, I don’t want to start wandering to Target everyday. Nice employment alternative you’ve suggested…I’m totally qualified for that!


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