oh, snap


A quick word before we head out to the California desert to hang with my dad – happy Spring, everybody, and if any of you… like, say, my old friend Bridget! … have a good topic, set us out on our weekend in style!

By the way, Bridget isn’t an “old” friend, she’s an “old friend”. And a fantastic photographer. So is Lars. And Susan. And so many of my pals; an embarrassment of riches.

0 thoughts on “oh, snap

  1. bridget

    wow, the shock of being called out like that. reminded me of grade school. being called on for an answer, all heads swivel in your direction, and you got nothing.
    anyway – ian is an old friend from carolina days. and i think an excellent topic is how cool it is to rediscover people in various stages of your life. one day i was walking down the street in brooklyn, not having seen him in years and there he was. not only that he lived within eyeshot of my building. strange and magical…
    don’t you love when that happens? and, ian thanks for the kind words.

  2. chip

    I remember going to watch Bridget’s brother play for the Pittsburgh Jots in like 1995 at the Dean Dome. I assume her brother is like 28 now.

  3. bridget

    Chip! that’s so funny… he’s 27. Played for the NYU Violets. (hilarious name) Division 3 school, but still…
    Nice to see some old friends…

  4. ken

    My wife ran into an old acquaintence on the “L” in Chicago a few years ago and she and her husband have become good friends of ours, to the point that we hang out regularly now and they bought a house in our sleepy little town to be close to us. We now have dinner with them regularly, so it’s nice to re-connect with old friends and see them socially. They’re watching our cats this weekend while we’re away.

  5. LFMD

    F*&*()())%$%##@$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . Georgetown.
    Good game for them. What the F happened to our Heels? Ugh.


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