mighty pleasin’, pappy’s corn squeezin’


Okay, general stuff and a Public Service Announcement on the blog… we are renting out our farmhouse in Columbia County again this summer, so if you know anyone in the New York City, Boston or New England area that would be interested in a summer getaway, by all means leave a comment on the blog, or respond to my email address. 4-5 bedrooms, a huge barn replete with fun stuff, 360-degree views of the mountains, and lots more. We’d like to have one renter for the whole summer – June 1 to Labor Day – but willing to do singular months if need be. I implicitly trust 90% of my readership, so if you guys have good leads, we’d rather do it through you friends than any other way.

As for this weekend, I have no idea who to pull for in the Final Four, as I don’t like any of the teams that much. We’ve suffered at the hands of all of them: UCLA throughout the ’60s, Florida (and Ed Cota’s complete ghost 5th foul) in 2000, Ohio State in 1992 (bleh), and Georgetown not just last weekend, but that utterly demoralizing loss in what would be Doherty’s last game as coach. Even so, I’ll probably pull for G-town, because I basically like their team, their coach, and they’re the underdog. A world where Billy Frickin’ Donovan has more championship rings than Roy Williams is a world that has lost its way.

I have submitted names to the other folks in the band, and we’re voting over the weekend. We each get to submit two, and then all four of us will vote for two (but not our own). I will report back as to the winner.

I am wearing a fleur-de-lis T-shirt and jeans from Lucky, and my least favorite color – and food – is olive. I am a Gemini and I hate hiking. That is all for this week.

7 thoughts on “mighty pleasin’, pappy’s corn squeezin’

  1. scruggs

    Plus, Florida won a football nat’l championship last year…its just not fair!
    Its hard being here in Atlanta this weekend knowing it could have been us and we were SO SO CLOSE.

  2. Greg T

    We’ll be pulling for OSU because Thad Matta is a nice guy and was an assistant alongside my brother-in-law at Western Carolina the year they almost beat Purdue as a 16 seed. I kinda hope they fall though just so that the Oden hype can die off a little bit. Conley is the real heart of the team.
    I like “Young John” but it would be utter hell putting up with all the bandwagon G-Town fans in my office.
    For some reason I can’t get behind UCLA, maybe it’s an east coast bias.
    I haven’t liked Billy Donovan for a long time, but the more stories I read about him the more I’m warming on him and his program. I can’t stand the idea of them winning 2 in a row, but I think they’re the best team left.
    I guess I don’t really hate any of these programs.
    I am simultaneously intrigued and revolted by the idea of having the final game be a rematch of the BCS National championship game…
    I’m sorry, didn’t you ask me for my detailed analysis?
    (continuing anyway, despite the awkward silence)
    This year we were fortunate enough to have our numbers drawn by the NCAA to be allowed to buy final 4 tix. I spent the entire year with my fingers crossed in the hope that the Heels would be there, but… I guess you could say I’m a little bitter. One thing they don’t tell you when you enter the ticket lottery is that tickets are “Distant View Upper Level” which is to say that we’ll need to bring a portable TV if we want to see the actual game. I seriously debated selling these and staying in DC to watch the games on TV, but since we’ve never attended the final 4 before, we’re making the trek.
    What, you STILL didn’t ask?
    On the bright side, we may (50% chance?) make it to Jasper…
    Someone please revoke my wireless card, I gotta shut up already.

  3. quinn

    Hate driving someplace, walking for an extended period of time, frequently uphill, getting there, eating a snack and then walking back to the car?
    The blisters? The ugly shorts? The bees?
    How could anyone hate that?
    I used to like hiking. Then I trained to climb Mount Whitney.

  4. Claverack Weekender

    Does it come with the Jarts? Did you try vrbo or cyberrentals? The market in Columbia County seems to be perking up. We sold our farm in Feb.

  5. GFWD

    JJE is right. The Lady Tar Heels are alive and well and they have the heart and solid coaching to overcome great lapses in play.
    Yes, I just threw down that pointed barb.
    Ivory Latta is to women’s basketball what Mia Hamm was to women’s soccer. Sure, you might be able to name some other Tar Heel players (Larkin, Pringle, McCants) and one or two other female basketball players from other teams (like Candace Parker of Tennessee), but she gives the sport a face and some much-deserved national exposure. Kind of like the UCONN teams of yore with names like Rebecca Lobo.
    I also believe she’s a three-time ACC tourney MVP. Her play is infectious. Love her hustle and heart.
    I live here in Atlanta where the Final Four is being played. The city is covered in pollen. Everything looks yellow. Traffic promises to be a disaster (and I live near downtown). It’s so depressing to know that we were so close.
    My secretary just told me that the GA DOME is open to the public all day for the teams’ practices. It’s just as well, since I’m stuck in depositions all day (in between two right now), but it would have sure been nice to “call in sick” today so I could be eating popcorn in the stands watching Roy run the boys through a practice.
    My cousin lives in Gainesville and plays on Donovan’s son’s basketball team. As much as I used to dislike “Frankie Munster”, I hear he’s a classy guy. His father is on the bench with him and he makes it out to his son’s games as often as he can. His kid is a regular guy who doesn’t act like a spoiled, entitled brat.
    I won’t mind if they win if for no other reason, their mascot put a thoughtful message on his foot in support of the Tar Heel mascot who recently passed away after being hit by a car.
    Check it out:
    Of course, I’m almost a dead ringer for Georgetown’s coach, so it would be kind of cool for my doppleganger to get a ring like his daddy did.
    Greg T, get in touch with Ian to get in touch with me if you need suggestions on where to hang out in the ATL. Or if you need someone to sit up in the rafters with you at the GA DOME. I’m always good for mooching a free ticket to something.

  6. wottop

    BTW – It appeared that the Clemson mascot was wearing a black arm band at the NIT last night. I could not read the words, but I assume it was for our guy.
    Sad story.

  7. mec

    Donovan is a class guy and, unlike our boy Roy sad to say, one hell of a game coach. Whatever Roy’s merits in terms of getting teams ready to play–and they are considerable–it’s no accident that, of the three or four times he’s had the best team in the tournament field, he’s only won once.


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