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  1. Kim S.

    My four-year-old, Lily, has the same dress – and hat. The question is, where can I get her dad the same snazzy shirt Ian is wearing? Good to know some things never change – like your impeccable sense of style! Didn’t you have that same shirt back when we were at Carolina?

  2. C

    Dude! A farm-themed birthday cake – that’s no old McDonald for you – how fantastic. Happy Birthday, Lucy and congrats on the 5-year blog-iversary, Ian. Keep up the great work!

  3. josie

    great pic of the family! Very original cake idea! Hope it was a great time. Do we get a letter to Lucy to mark the occasion?

  4. cullen

    I just know she is so super-precocious. Thank goodness for all the kiddos, to whom we addled adults look for guidance and vision in these oh so turbulent times. Is there an online lottery or something to arrange NY-area playdates with Lucy? It’d be a shame for our equally delicious daughters to not meet until Blue Heaven C-TOPS or as potluck frosh roomies. Happy Left Coasting BTW and don’t come home till the flooding subsides.

  5. Bud

    Happy Birthday, Lucy!
    Nice to remember that *good* things happen in April, too. That is the coolest birthday cake evah.
    Good observation about the shirt, Kim. I’m pretty sure that dates back at least as far as the Purple House….

  6. jif

    happy birthday lucy!! soon be there to wish you all happy birthdays in person… just bought my tickets… yipppeeeeee!!!!! xx

  7. CP

    feliz cumpleanos, poquita roja!
    tried climbing into my computer for a piece of that muy delicioso looking cake, but to no avail.
    don’t know much about kids, but aren’t the terrible twos looming around the corner? good luck with all that. she seems like a good kid, and you like a good dad with a very capable partner, so hopefully they won’t be too rough.
    see knocked up when it comes out. it’s fantastic.

  8. The other Lee

    Cute pic, happy birthday little Lucy…
    and I need a shirt like that. Where did you get that rocking shirt?


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