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In keeping with my desire to have a guest blogger once a week, may I present our next-door-neighbor: raised in Providence, feted in Chicago, the celebrated Broadway and television director David Petrarca – Honorary Uncle to Lucy and excellent all-around dude. I told him to post one of his insanely good Italian recipes, but he had other things in mind. With no further ado, here he is:


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Now: did anyone watch the Democratic debate tonite? Probably not, since the election is almost 20 months away. It reminds me of how the retailers have slowly crept the start of the Xmas selling season from Thanksgiving to Halloween. I swear if they abolished the “no wearing white after Labor Day” rule, St. Nick would be selling back-to-school lunchboxes.

For those who missed it, there they were, all eight of them arranged in a choral semicircle looking like a South Carolina kindergarten class about to burst into a medley of show tunes. Hillary singing bass of course. They seemed so small to consider for what is surely the most daunting CEO job in the world.

The questions didn’t help matters. They ranged from overly simplistic (“Raise your hand if you support an impeachment procedure for Dick Cheney”) (duh) to the inane (“Name the top three countries threatening the US and what you would do about them if you become president”). Ok…90 seconds…GO!

There has got to be a better way for us to interview our next leader. Lets face it, sound bites are just as bad as 450-page position papers on health care (again, thank you Hillary… gold star, now erase the board and clap the erasers). Besides, our perverse desire for tearing people down and waiting for a fatal flaw to reveal itself is why most people tune in.

Sure, there’s always the chance someone might actually propose something of substance, or an unrehearsed moment of actual humanity could occur. Go to YouTube and watch candidate Mike Gravel’s Lear-like rants to realize that the lack of campaign reform is NOT standing in the way of ANYONE.

The front runners provided no surprises: Omaba was stately, Hillary succeeded in carefully modulating her voice, and Edwards appeared circumspect (while wearing the obligatory breast cancer ribbon pin). It was a better night for the middle guys. Biden was the smartest and had the biggest laugh of the night. When asked if he could assure his fellow Americans that his history of gaffes and penchant for verbose answers would be curtailed if he were president, he answered simply “yes”.

Richardson sweated profusely while trying to raise the level of discourse and, sadly, did not look presidential, even after the host reminded the audience of his four (that’s right, FOUR) nominations for the Nobel Peace prize. Always the bridesmaid never the bride, he would be a great VP choice. Dodd just reminded me of Dukakis. I think it will be a long time before a New Englander gets the nod again.

And then the two crazies: Kucinich and Gravel (who???) Wow. If there was ever a case for a background check, these two could be the poster boys. Enuf said.

Maybe its time to rethink the idea of a single daddy (or mommy) figure running this mega-corporation. Maybe it should be a 3 or 4-person job. Our founding fathers couldn’t have envisioned a country so big and diverse that it could impact the very survival of the planet. Heck, their own act of terrorism consisted of dumping some tea into Boston Harbor. I doubt they imagined a time when someone could dump a teabox of radioactive material into the same harbor and destroy a city with a greater population then the entire original 13 colonies.

Watching those little candidates, all lined up in their Sunday best, I couldn’t help but see a glimmer of hope shining off all that hair gel. Just maybe, if all eight could manage to sing from their hearts AND stay in harmony, together they could make a sound way more beautiful then each on their own. Even with Hillary holding the bass line.



David Petrarca directing “Everwood,” 2005

0 thoughts on “bella ragazza

  1. scruggs

    That 7:00 time made it tough to catch, unfortunately. Though most around here didn’t even know there was a debate this early. Thanks for the recap.
    FYI I just LOVED Jack and Bobby! The Chess Lessons one was a good one!

  2. AnneD

    David, I’ve been in Providence since I came to Brown in 1969, with a 9-year hiatus in Little Compton in the 80s. Cool to know you were a Rho Dislanduh! Where’d you go to high school?

  3. ken

    I missed the debate but Brian Williams was pretty funny on Letterman Monday talking about it coming up.
    David- Do you know anything about B&S getting renewed? The ‘Family Day’ epi was great, btw.

  4. david Petrarca

    Anne D: I went to Toll Gate High in Warwick and drank plenty of wine from that Little Comptim winery ( yes..there is a winery in RI).
    Ken: B&S has ben renewed for next season,and most, likely a few more. It is a consistent high ratings winner.
    and many thanks to scruggs and ken for the shout out on my work. much appreciated.

  5. Beth

    I just love the notion of Hillary singing bass–it keeps revisiting me (along with a rather disturbing image of her as a bullfrog).

  6. deedeemoore

    Love that David Petrarca!! Friend of our daughter, Nancy and a great house guest in Deer Isle, Maine, – can’t we get him as a regular for the twenty months ahead. We would be enlightened and entertained! Otherwise, we are destined to more of the on-going nightmare during this season.
    P.S. never felt compelled to post a comment before.


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