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I’m sure most of you know about this… George Tenet, head of the CIA in the early Bush years, is releasing a book in which he says Bush & Co. never seriously considered any other option than war with Iraq. He also feels betrayed by them using his “slam dunk” comment, that the Plame affair was a disaster, and he has several people around him that have come out to confirm that everything in his book is basically true. The Bushies are furious.

Now here’s my own blog from almost four years ago, on July 11, 2003:

George Tenet, the director of the CIA was hung out to dry today by taking blame for the “Iraq has been trying to purchase uranium from Niger” part of Bush’s State of the Union speech in January, even though any American with a pulse have got to figure there’s way more to this than meets the press. Either Tenet is the biggest fuck-up in government, or else he has been told to take a dive by the Powers That Be. Or, more interestingly, he was told to take a dive, and did so, but has some revenge cooked up. God knows the CIA had to be under a shitload of pressure from Cheney’s crew to find evidence of Hussein’s “Al-Qaeda connections” or some other bit of ephemera, so Tenet may be folding in order to play a longer hand of poker. Both Nixon and Johnson (and JFK, if he’d lived long enough) found out what happens when you blame the CIA for your own screw-ups.

So, do I, like, get any credit for that one, or must I just content myself with being the 10th Most Hottest Daddo Blogger?

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