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Apparently NPR got boatloads of hate mail when they played the sound of a dentist’s drill over the air as part of their series on singular noises, so I won’t recreate the scene for you here. However, I’m in the middle of a complete mouth overhaul, and today my left lower jaw got what had been coming to it for a number of years: two crowns and a filling. I feel like I just got sucker-punched by a Scotsman.

However, there have been four major discoveries in dentistry over the last thousand years: the tiny drill, injectable novocaine, nitrous oxide, and now… the MyVu Personal Viewing System!


Some commenter a few weeks ago told me I was materialistic and always talking about my products, so if you feel some righteous indignation coming on, please, for god’s sake, turn away. But I gotta tellsya that Tessa and I picked up a refurbished MyVu on eBay for cheap, and it’s one of the coolest things since the Colecovision. Just plug it into the top of your iPod or other mp4 player, and it recreates a 29″ TV about eight feet away in your glasses. It has been indispensable on all these trips we have to take; watching it on an airplane is bliss.

Yes, you look like Geordi from Star Trek:TNG, but you won’t care – you just put your living room on your nose. It still has a few quirks: it isn’t quite like being at the movies. The amount of space around the “screen” negates the nausea problem past viewers had, and takes some getting used to. But halfway through an episode of “Lost” or “Battlestar Galactica,” you feel like telling the rest of the world to kiss your 22nd-century arse.

My dentist always has a radio and headphones for patients enduring long procedures, so I figured, why not try the MyVu? I’m here to report that the MyVu downgraded the dentist experience from Total Misery to Vaguely Uncomfortable! And I got caught up with a bunch of my stories while my DDS did the dirty work. Even if she did have to tap my head a few times to get me to open wider.

After calling all the hygienists and other doctors in, my dental care professional is going to get one for her office. Might I suggest it for yours?

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  1. CP

    full disclosure, I tend to find gadgets and talk of gadgets generally pretty boring, but that looks cool as shit.
    also, everyone should do themselves a favor and see year of the dog.

  2. Beth

    I happen to love it when you talk about your “products,” because I find out about cool things I otherwise wouldn’t have known existed and that enhance my life (i.e., the iPod transmitter that works so well in the car).

  3. Anne D.

    That sounds great. But, I don’t even have an iPod yet. And I want one!
    Do you think it would help me fly with less panic, Ian? (waxing hopeful…)

  4. xuxE

    i also highly recommend nitrous oxide for natural childbirth! no epidural required!
    this blog has way better gadget discussions than
    funny thing is i was just looking at those visor things, i think they are selling them at costco. do you feel any eye fatigue or headaches from them? i think my kids would never take them off. oh, and can you use them to play wii?

  5. Ian

    Yep, you can use them with all video games, as long as you get the universal version (not the one that plugs into the bottom of the iPod). The amount of space around them makes eye fatigue no worse than a computer screen.
    Anne, it is definitely distracting during air travel. Especially if you happen to find yourself in an empty row and can lie back – something about that position negates turbulence.
    Although Celexa works much better for that kind of thing.

  6. chm

    I don’t have a problem with materialism per se; if you want to get an MBA and work 80 hours a week, hey, whatever makes you happy.
    I just find it a little irritating that you continually urge restraint and conservation on your readership while your life seems to be an orgy of (putatively eco-friendly) consumption. It just seems a little–what’s the word?–incongruous, you know.


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