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Not only was yesterday Sean and Jordana’s 3rd wedding anniversary (that’s the Leather anniversary for those of you playing at home), but they just got into the New York Fringe Festival for theater a third year in a row. That may not be a record, but it’s got to be close – if they’re not careful, they’re going to get a plaque on Christopher Street.


Sean holding Barno on Xmas Day 2006 – note same pose with our niece Katharine and Lucy behind him

Living in Los Angeles was not a plan, it sorta creeped up on us. I was emotionally set to spend half the time in New York, and half in California, but it’s working out to be more like three months in NY and nine months in LA. The upshot is that I miss my family and friends terribly, and in particular, we aren’t able to see Barnaby’s early milestones. Lucy was also squirreled away for most of 2005, and all I can hope is that the cousins get to have lots of time together when both can remember it.

Lulubeans speaks of Barnaby often, but it’s of the vague idea that he’s probably hungry, and probably wants Auntie Dana to feed him, and that “he wants to go in the car” (I really don’t know what that’s all about, but she has similar made-up scenarios for everybody). Thank god for internet technology, which is about the only way she can have contact:


She’s going to be freaked out when she sees him now – he so much bigger and is the perfect amalgam of Sean and Jordi. In fact, he’s so big that he’s only six pounds lighter than she is (19 lbs vs. 25 lbs) and he’s only five months old.

I’ll be leaving LA next Thursday for a month in New York, and will be able to see the S-J-B trio in action, but until then, I’d like to raise my glass to Sean and Jordi: we have all been through a lot to get where we are, and there’s nothing wrong with taking twelve seconds, closing your eyes and offering yourself a heartfelt congratulations.


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  1. LFMD

    OMG! He is ADORABLE! Barnaby – you are a doll baby! Look at that face! That expression! I want to pinch your cheeks and squeeze you!
    I can’t believe that petite Jordana gave birth to such a BIG BOY!
    Happy anniversary to a Sean and Jordana! Congratulations on your anniversary, your Sweetie Sweetikins baby, and your Fringe Festival success!

  2. Tanya

    Holy COW – that is a super, super cute baby. I mean SUPER. CUTE.
    And big – I think you should send that photo to Butch Davis. You know, just to keep him on the radar and everything…

  3. CL

    Congrats to all of you. Artistic achievements, familial achievements – you went through a lot and you deserve all the happiness.

  4. Sean

    We’re pretty sure he isn’t gonna keep growing at the rate he’s been growing, but he came out big and just kept shooting up the charts. We have a mild worry that he’s so big it’s slowing down stuff like “rolling over”, but actually that’s a very mild tiny little worry.
    When he was born, the nurse said “He’s gonna be a linebacker!” and Jordana, still sobbing, said, “Power forward for Carolina…” As I was explaining basketball to the nurses, the mentioned I should maybe be taking pictures.
    Speaking of which, here’s Barno’s flickr site.

  5. Anne D.

    OMG, cute cute cute (but not overload – you can’t have too much “kid cute”)! The kids in your family get those enormous, expressive EYES.

  6. hilary

    i get spring fever looking at that barnaby bean. what a huggable sweetie. stella’s growth still on par with lucy’s–holding fast at 25 pounds; the max for the baby bjorn.

  7. cullen

    OUr two whoppers eventually bust(ed) the seams on a baby bjorn and super-sturdy top-o-line backpack. I’m pretty sure we were exceeding the max. load at the time tho’. Now we’re into rippin’ down toy rims and gettin’ haircuts once every 2/3 weeks; sometimes I’m sure they’re literally growing right b4 my eyes.
    BTW, there’s no friend quite like a close-knit cousin–a life-bond that holds despite distance, or as they sometimes slur, “Absence makes the fart go Honda!”

  8. kjf

    what a doll. sean i had a big baby boy also and had the same worry about all those milestones….don’t worry they get there – its just a little harder to move all that body around! (he’s 28 now and 6’5″)

  9. Annie

    God knows I would never say anything controversial, but doesn’t this baby look exactly like Seth?
    Come on! He does!
    Well, he is freaking adorable (needless to say) and I hope I will be able to SQUEEZE him on Memorial Day!!!


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