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I just took 2 Tylenol PMs. How the hell is this stuff legal? Today’s CODE WORD: what legal substance, pill or product really, really changes your inner spirit? I will take away the obvious choices of coffee, alcohol and tobacco. What are your personal little mood-enhancing habits?

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  1. Rebecca

    I hope you’ll be able to function tomorrow, because those things totally knock me out. Serious hangover dude.
    Okay, to answer your question. I keep frozen Cheesecake Factory chocolate mousse cheesecake slices in my freezer. I defrost them one at a time. My ass is too big. Goodnight.

  2. Isis

    I know you will think I am speaking metaphorically when I say this, but I am not: really gorgeous soft amazing knitting wool. Working with it turns me into the patient, relaxed, ethereal person I am not, and it raises my spirits however low they are. It’s a wonder substance, if you are susceptible to it.

  3. Susan

    I am a lightweight so pretty much anything seems to affect me more than others. 2 Tylenol PMs would probably put me into next week. Seriously, one classic Coke is a great for me. Since I am now 12 weeks pregnant I have found another outlet….Mayfield Moose Tracks ice cream…so good!

  4. flaco

    atomic-hot shrimp vindaloo, ice cold quality draught ale, Oban 14, hiking, music (playing and listening and djing), swimming in the clearwater quarry hole, hot horny foreplay-laden sex

  5. Beth

    I think my best mood enhancer (either opiate or stimulant, depending) is music. Running works too. And any of the Haagen-Dazs light ice creams, with a small but notable preference for cherry fudge truffle.

  6. ls

    It’s just Benadryl mixed with Tylenol!! Best mood enhancer: outside on a day when it is 74 degrees, clean with no humidity. Just like it has been in Chapel Hill lately, no mosquitoes yet, just gorgeous what I call “Colorado Summer Days.” And then they will end and it will be hideous until October, when Colorado Summer Days will come back.

  7. AnneD

    My best mood enhancer is sitting right next to me: My 16 month old granddaughter. I always have a goofy grin on my face when she’s here. … Who wouldn’t be happy? :-)

  8. MindyB

    Pretty much any medication with “nightime” or “PM” on the box, and good old fashioned Benadryl. I try to use such products only when I really need them, but I can see how they could be habit forming. Also, I’ve had more than a few surgical procedures in the past couple of years and been prescribed a variety of pain meds and meds for relaxation. I’d have to say that given a choice, I’d opt for perc*cet, and I do love the two little v@lium pills I get prior to certain procedures. Yikes, that sounds bad, and you don’t even know me (though I’m here every day). Truth be told, there’s a lot of unused pain medication in my cupboard, most of the time I’m able to get by on a few @dvil. But when I do need it, that’s what I like — since you asked.

  9. Ian

    Mindy – I’m a big believer in painkillers when needed. I carry around several beasts just in case of Ye Olde Kindey Stones.
    flaco – if you like Oban 14, have you tried the Talisker 18? Also, Laphraoig Quarter Cask is pretty amazing if you want to push your senses a little more.

  10. cathie

    diet coke. diet coke. diet coke.
    cannot imagine the future (even three hours into it) without it. and strangely, i find it calming as well as energizing – when i wake up at night with insomnia, i drink one to help me go back to sleep. and no, diet pepsi is NOT the same thing…

  11. Alan

    Carrots out of the garden, not washed, just wiped off to remove most of the dirt, late June, standing in your garden in the evening cool.

  12. salem's little sister

    I was just saying to my husband the other day, that nothing gets me as “high” as jumping around a big course(3′ – 3’6″) on a really nice horse. That endorphin rush doesn’t last long, but it totally kicks out all of the stress I hold in my body.

  13. Rebecca

    Beth: I recently bought some of that “light” ice cream. After I tasted it, I thought it was too good to be truly light, so I compared it to other ice cream I had in my freezer. Turns out the H-D light has more calories and only 2 grams less fat than the regular Baskin Robbins, and twice as much fat and calories as the Dreyers light. (Which I think is Edy’s on the East Coast.) So it’s only light compared to their own brand of regular ice cream. I felt betrayed! Bottom line is that I eat too much ice cream. And cheesecake.

  14. Kelly

    Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone Explosion ice cream is my pleasure, that or a hot cup of tea — Claudia, I totally agree, only I like honey in my tea, in place of sugar. Yeah Neva, that high is intoxicating and lasts for hours. For me, an intense game of squash makes me focus on the moment and once I step out from behind the glass back into the real world, I feel I could kick ass at anything the rest of the day brings. Also, my noon hour workout brings a reset to my days… if I miss too many days without intense noon exercise I become dramatically overwhelmed with my responsibilities and the whole world is darker. Right now I am back at my office and feel rather Zen because I had an hour to hop, skip and run. Long live recess! Neva, good luck with your training, may you remain free of injury and full of passion. :)

  15. jje

    real Lexington-style bbq w/red slaw and hushpuppies
    Republic of Tea’s Pink Lemonade Green Tea w/honey from my beekeeping aunt in PA
    Ghiradelli 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate chips dumped in a jar of crunch peanut butter and scooped out, one dainty bite at a time
    hearing my 23 month old laugh
    a good book (eagerly awaiting the final Harry Potter)
    singing along at the top of my lungs to Clef Hanger cds in my car on a hot summer day

  16. Beth

    Rebecca, that is lousy news. Ah well. Ain’t nothing good coming for free.
    As I’ve gone about my day, I’ve thought of a few more of my spirit boosters: a long walk in the park with my sweet newish dog, Cleo; choosing what jewelry to put on in the morning; a new purse, especially one with a pocket for my cell phone; iced chai in the summer and hot vanilla hazelnut tea in the winter; the perfect-fitting pair of jeans.
    There are lots, really. And I’ve appreciated reading everyone else’s. What a good life.

  17. eric g

    a glass of macallan 18 (neat) and a greycliff pyramid cigar with a baseball game on the radio. (note to ian: laphroaig is, to me, like sticking a straw in a peat bog, but i’m glad you enjoy it. to each his own.) for sleep purposes, valerian is a natural and (supposedly) non-addictive sleep aid. i had to return to it during a rare bout of insomnia the other night, and it worked like a charm.

  18. xuxE

    legal? hmmmmm.
    making music, listening to music, definitely. is great for finding new music that really extends what you already like.
    sudafed + loratadine (sp?) when i have a cold or allergies and am really dragging, which i suppose is technically still legal for now. just have to make sure you don’t take it at night!
    reading books to my kids or anything that puts me purely *in the moment* with them. i can’t pass through a bookstore without buying books for the kids.
    and reading some motivational book type stuff, even if it’s crap, does work for me a lot of the time, not so much because of genius wisdom imparted from the books or philosophers, but i find it’s kind of like guided internal meditation. like having your tarot cards read or your aura read, or i-ching or something. i think when you use these things that propose to *tell you* what is going on in your life, even if you disagree with what they say, just the thought process involved can spark you to think in different ways about whatever is blocking you or bringing you down.

  19. wottop

    That cool dry morning in NC that surprises you in the middle of summer. Like an oasis in the dessert.

  20. Rebecca

    As the day has progressed, I’ve come to realize that checking the comments section on this blog is one of my mood-enhancing habits. Thanks everyone!

  21. xuxE

    alright, i was going to avoid listing this one given the current anti-snark sentiment and quality of TV debates, but how about this for a mood enhancer:
    once all the really funny stuff gets moved over from youtube – even better!

  22. CP

    kundalini, ritalin (medical/prescribed/not recreational/don’t get high off of it/don’t want to hear it, scientologists!), racquetball, kissing jessica stein, tacos, cake frosting (duncan hines vanilla, duncan hines dark choc.)
    edith likes the silverlake dog park, where it kinda stresses me out.

  23. Alyson Peery

    Coca-Cola Classic. For sure. I drink it in the morning like coffee sometimes – even out of a mug. It helps motivate me, it calms my often nervous stomach, and when I’m really at the end of my rope, it makes me sit for a few minutes and concentrate on it so I can get a break.
    Cigarettes can do the same things, but they’re not nearly as satisfying or pleasant.

  24. Greg T

    Craig Ferguson spent a good portion of his opening tonight talking about Ghost Chimp M.D. Are congratulations in order, or does he have a thief on his writing staff? I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube within the next day or so…


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