ignored, aborted, failed, retried


I realize I used a flawed metaphor in my blog a couple of days ago when I waxed moronic about my various firmware upgrades, but it did get me thinking: exactly how have I altered my mind and body since adulthood? In other words, have you ever thought about the flesh and intellectual overhauls you’ve had since the age of 22?

As far as I can tell, these are some hardware upgrades:

LASIK in 1999

Five new teeth since 2000

Pilates abdominal work, saving lower back in 2001

Deviated septum fixed itself 2003-2004 (firmware upgrade?)

“Super Slow” workout changed entire musculature, 2006

Vitamin regimen (Omega 3, multivitamin and CO-Q10) since late 2006

And I guess these would be some software upgrades:

Learned to play hoops for real, circa 1989

Became rabid environmentalist, 1991

Learned HTML (and understood internet revolution), 1995

Learned copywriting for movies, 1999

Learned most aspects of filmmaking (albeit disastrously), 2001

Finally understood my ego for the dealbreaker it was, 2002

Celexa SSRI seratonin upgrade, 2002

Learned to ski, 2003

Switched sleep cycle backwards four hours (Lucy), 2005

Dexedrine upgrade and ADD downgrade, 2006

Learned to play drums, 2006

How about you?