Not to belabor the topic, but as I said, it was Lucy’s first day of “school” today, which, by all accounts, was much like any gathering of 2-year-olds who wanted to smear themselves with finger paint. HOWEVER, I’d like to make it known that it was my morning to get up with the Lulubeans (we alternate), which meant I was up-and-at-’em just after 7am. She and I made french toast and she learned the whole “Wee Willie Winkie” poem by heart.

And where was my beloved wife? SLEEPING IN! That’s right, she didn’t get up when she was supposed to, and on our little girl’s first day of school, too! OH THE POETIC IRONY!

I was late to every day of every school in my entire life. I was late to preschool, and I was late to Dr. Kaufman’s religion seminar on the last day of my fifth year at Carolina. Chip, Jon and Bud used to call me “Mountain Time” because I was always two hours late to everything.

But HA! The tables have turned, wife! My spouse, otherwise known as Josephine Front Row, suddenly slacked. Sure, she only overslept by fifteen minutes and had already packed up the night before and they were still early to school, BUT AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED, VICTORY IS MINE!!!


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  1. LFMD

    Lucy looks as though she has packed her bags and is headed for Carolina. Sunrise, sunset. . . swiftly go the years!

  2. CL

    What’s on the lunch box? I bet it’s not Mork & Mindy like mine. (I didn’t watch that, it was just the only lunchbox left at Jamesway or whatever.)

  3. Chip

    Two things
    1) You left out Jill McCorkle calling to wake you up for one of her 11 o’clock classes.
    2) Tessa was late? Ian was up at 7 am? I think the end times are at hand…take a year’s supply of canned goods and head for the fallout shelter

  4. jon

    Just one correction, Chip: Jill McCorkle’s class was actually at noon, not 11 am, which makes the story better by an hour.

  5. Greg T.

    I’m feeling fortunate to be in DC today, as there will certainly be massive electrical storms following Ian all day as he dodges lightning strikes.
    Quinn starts Kindergarden in September and I feel certain that I will not get out of bed before Gina that day – then again, after Gina reads this comment I may find the situation changed (Hi, honey!)

  6. Ian

    Wow, I totally forgot about Jill McCorkle calling. At the time, I thought it was kinda cool, but now it seems like an embarrassing sitcom.

  7. Scott

    Hello Ian;
    For some twisted reason, I just looked up “Billy Shepard Carpet Store” on Google–And I hit a few links that lead me to this.
    I’ve had a ball reading your work.
    Best to Ya and Thanks,

  8. emma

    I think the Jill McKorkle thing is still cool. I didn’t run across professors at UNC who knew or cared whether I had missed class or not and certainly not professors who had written such great books as she has.

  9. Annie

    Oh, the little Luce! I can’t bear it–she looks so industrious yet mischievous–grown-up yet little-tiny–her smile in this shot rivals the Mona Lisa’s. The girl’s got plans, that much is plain.
    Hugs & smooches to all from Aunt Annie.


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