mata hairi



You guessed it, it’s time for Dumb Inside Joke Theatre™! Today’s Dumb Inside Joke© is brought to you by the folks at the New Yorker Caption Contest and my caption is an Inside Joke® for my brother Sean:


“slings and arrowz”? With a “z”? You were SO CLOSE!

Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Points accrued if you can guess the Dumb Inside Joke©! Extra points if your comment is a Dumb Inside Joke© that none of us understand!

12 thoughts on “mata hairi

  1. CP

    — I’m goin’ to Cancun tomorrow.
    — Cancun Mexico?
    — N-n-no. C-C-C-Cancun Long Island!
    New Year’s Day, Queens NY, 1990.

  2. GFWD

    In the theme of your daughter’s recitation, not really an inside joke, but an apt quote:
    Now, how long have you had these pains, Mr. Barber?
    No, that’s “Babar”.
    Two B’s?
    One B. B-A-B-A-R.
    That’s two.
    Yeah, but not right next to each other. I thought that’s what you meant.

  3. cullen

    The typing monkey does LOOK alot smarter with his bifocals on, an aptly presidential prop at this, er, (Dana CArvey’s GB). ‘juncture’–alas.
    And BTW, this Tricky Dick is looking slick and slim; mucho fAvorable rendering indeed. Har.

  4. Sean

    “My God. This is… this is just fantastic. This is… the publishing world is going to… and the title, just “Bananas”, just the one word, “Bananas”, it sort of hypnotizes you while it’s… and I don’t mean to go one, but there is such a longing in the writing, such a… I want to say thirst, but it’s more than that, it’s… you know what it is? It’s hunger. There’s a hunger. And not just for bananas, but for something more, something larger. And of course, yes, there are “connotations”, yes, there is a way you can look at the relationship between the three of them as a sort of hyperphallitic journey, and believe me, people will, people will say just that, especially since the Cook ends up… God, I get choked up even… well, you know, you wrote it, I shouldn’t even… It’s just that it rises so above the usual stuff that I’ve seen coming out of this room… and I don’t mean that as a crack on Monkeys, it’s just that… it can all be very SIMPLE, and that’s not a bad thing, except when it IS, and then it just IS, if you see what I mean, but this has that simplicity… I mean, it’s redefining the whole idea of “economy” in writing, but yet, there’s so much… I mean, when he says, “I’m here” and she says, “I’m just happy to see you…” then yes, there is a simplicity to it, until you remember the title and you think OH! She’s got something in her pocket! And then it hits you… BAM!… She’s *Not* *wearing* *Pants*… and that’s when you just feel like going back to the beginning and scouring for clues because you just know you’ve *missed* something… but in the end… in the *end*, you’ve missed nothing… because the last clue in the puzzle is WE… THE READER… WE ARE THE BANANAS… and I just… Do you know who I see as Crx? When they make the movie, do you know who I see?… Kevin Kline… Okay, maybe not, but still, I see this whole thing as very *filmic*, but yet not *film-ish* if you know what I mean… Quite simply, this is just the most powerful piece of writing ever consolidated to 65 words… I think it’s a masterpiece, and anyone who disagrees is a FOOL.

  5. dpdir

    Good start Henry. Cheney says no dinner for anyone till you finish the the foreign policy postion papers for the Mideast!


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