okay, there’s this watchmaker, and his name’s Nick…


No real blog tonight, as we have our first spate of meetings starting tomorrow, where the missus and I go into a room full of TV execs and give ’em our Dog ‘n ‘Pony show, and hopefully emerge feeling emotions ranging from sanguinity to exhilaration. In the next week, we already have more meetings that we did all of last year, which is heartily nice.

It’s also proof that our strategy for this year – something I’ll only divulge after October if it all works out – is paying dividends in the early going. One thing to know about all of this – you may not have any control, but the Buddha helps those who help themselves.

0 thoughts on “okay, there’s this watchmaker, and his name’s Nick…

  1. CP

    hey, good luck! really just be dead sexy, be funny and dorky and brilliant, don’t kiss their ass or give too much of a shit. sorta the same as getting laid.
    then again, my plan is just to sleep my way to the top, so only take my ridiculous advice with like a million grains of salt.
    I eagerly await the divulging of your strategy and good news…

  2. cullen

    Hey, I don’t know about the wifey, but Ian invented ‘dead sexy, funny, dorky-brilliant’, just not quite in that order all the time.
    Buena suerte on bringing something that will justify our owning TIVO.

  3. CL

    What Cullen said. Good luck! You all know that the years of crap, tightening, rewriting, creating, etc. all pays off in the arts, if you don’t give up.

  4. GFWD

    Is your agent like Ari from Entourage?
    Does your pilot include a part for [generic, bald man, passes by camera in foreground wearing UNC T-shirt and cap]? Cause if so, I’m free around October and I can bring my own wardrobe.
    I can also kinda sorta imitate Marvin Martian, if you want to work that into one of your story arcs.
    And I can do most of my own stunts. If you edit creatively, I can even do some hooping, thanks to Annie.
    BTW, is this a refinement of the same show you wrote last year? Can you talk about THAT show now or do we have to wait until October for a two-fer?
    Oh, and if I DO get chosen to be in an episode, can it be the one where Elisabeth Shue guest stars.
    Bon chance!

  5. cluverc

    I cannot but wish the hottest daddy blogger with the lovliest family all the best in this newest endeavor. Three Hamburgers (ok, Jif is back in Kabul) are surely sending all their good karma your way..and when hamburgers send good wishes, they send them with extra pickles!

  6. Alan

    Break a leg. But if this all turns out to be a reworking of either “The Gong Show” or “The Beachcombers” I will be sad. Unless it is “The Beachcombers” set in Maine rather than BC. That would be cool.

  7. Rebecca

    Congratulations! I wish you both lots of good luck. I hope it works out, and that you are working on a pilot later this year. Keep us posted if you can!


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