always overdressing for the wrong occasions



You know what’s great? Being an awesome movie star who happened to be in two of my favorite movies ever (“Animal House” and the first “Indiana Jones”), then concentrating on theater when the business started to make slightly-older women feel worthless, moving to the Berkshires, opening a store in Great Barrington, MA, and making awesome hand-knitted clothes.

Karen Allen could have gone on making super-comfy hats every winter, and we would have still gone to her store every season – she’s amazingly nice, and yes, still STUNNINGLY pretty. She told Lucy she had pretty eyes, and coming from Ms. Allen, that’s saying something. Lucy’s even wearing one of her hats in our Christmas card from last year:


But what’s really great is that Karen signed on to be in the new Indiana Jones movie coming out next summer, and I suddenly got psyched to see it. It means several things – mostly, Spielberg is doing the right thing and NOT casting a 22-year-old romantic lead opposite Harrison Ford. There’s also something completely awesome about Karen Allen running a quaint little crafts store where she knits stuff while snow wafts outside… and then still getting asked to headline America’s Movie Event of the Summer.

Man, THAT’S the way to do it.

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  1. LFMD

    Oh my word. . . you are the man with all the answers! Ever since I heard that Karen Allen was cast in the new IJ movie, I have wondered what she has been doing all these years. Now I know!

  2. scruggs

    Now that is what I call work-life balance!
    Poor Harrison Ford; he’ll just have to continue saving the 22-year olds for his private life.

  3. killian

    good one, scruggs!!!!
    Yay for Karen Allen. And yay for Ian for celebrating the industry’s rare turn from its addiction to 22-yr-olds. THANKS.

  4. LFMD

    Some of the most ridiculous romantic pairings in movie history, by LFMD:
    1. Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Douglas in “A Perfect Murder”
    2. Uma Thurman and Robert DeNiro in “Mad Dog and Glory”
    3. Marisa Tomei and Joe Pesci in “My Cousin Vinnie”
    4. Scarlett Johannson and Bill Murray in “Lost in Translation” . . . (some of you will disagree, but he is OLD and she is a GIRL. Maybe that was part of the point of the film, but hey, it was still ridiculous)
    Movies in which I did not mind the age difference, by LFMD:
    1. “Harold and Maude”
    2. “Notes on a Scandal”

  5. jje

    Hey, this is slightly off-topic but kinda related to the “famous-people-Ian-knows” subject. :-)
    We read Mo Willem’s “Knuffle Bunny” almost every night to Connor, and at the end, the dedication is to his neighbors in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Isn’t that where you live when you’re not at the farm or Venice? So do you know Mo? Is he always so strict with pigeons?
    And on a related note, when you’re looking for a quick and easy blog, I’d love it if you’d share Lucy’s favorite books. I’m always on the hunt for new material. Currently we’re digging:
    365 Penguins
    Toot & Puddle (all of ’em)
    The Runaway Dinner
    Duck & Goose
    Cars, Trucks & Things that Go/Best Word Book Ever – Richard Scarry (I could probably recite these two by heart)
    Humphrey’s Corner/Birthday/Bedtime

  6. AnneD

    We drove through Great Barrington late Tuesday while doing the College Tour, Part 2, with teenaged daughter this week. What a pretty area. Who knew Indy’s girlfriend had a shop there!

  7. Neva

    jje – not sure of the age of your kid(s) but Mouse Paint was a big book hit for us about the same time as the others you mention.

  8. Ian

    Yeah, you can see our ‘hood all over “Knuffle Bunny” – the illustrations of the girl going limp in misery are hilarious.
    Lucy’s current reading oeuvre is a good idea!
    Haven’t got my iPhone bill yet…


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