Sometimes the home team needs a big push, and here’s your chance. You’ve heard me talk about the theater company run by my brother Sean, his wife Jordana, and the legend-in-progress Mac Rogers, particularly the boffo success of Fleet Week two years ago – and their Christmas show, which had moments that STILL make me laugh, years later in the car, a propos of nothing. Last year’s “Air Guitar” was somewhat snakebit, a wonderful idea that was given the worst venue in Manhattan, along with some disastrous personnel (my opinion, not theirs).

In the “Got Back Up On The Horse But Quick” department, they were chosen by the NY Fringe Festival yet again for Hail Satan, a stunning mix of genres that has already received raves from all the secondary sources. Hell, longtime NY theater critic David Cote hates the Fringe, but loves “Hail Satan” so much he is challenging someone to produce it for a real run.

This is where YOU come in, everyone in New York City and the Tri-State Area! The show tonight will be attended by the reviewer for Time Out NY, and a good showing could propel them in the right direction. They need to bloat the place up, and fill it with gasps and laughs. So if you were even remotely thinking of theater this evening, buy your ticket now, now, now!

Shit, if you go to the show tonight, I will personally buy you a shot of almost-top shelf liquor when I get to NYC on Wednesday. If you can’t see this one, there are three other performances, but it’s make-or-break time. God bless our Tar Heel boys and girls, and yes, god bless “Satan”!

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  1. AnneD

    Nuts. Wish I could attend, but I’m stuck in the Biggest Little State getting ready for a family mini-reunion chez nous tomorrow. Break a leg, Sean, Jordana, and company!

  2. Rebecca

    My husband and I really enjoyed “Air Guitar” last year. I thought it was hilarious! Unfortunately we won’t be in NY this year, but I will encourage my brother in law and his new wife to go see this year’s show. If I get them to buy tickets, you’ll owe me a drink another time!

  3. LFMD

    I can think of no better subject combination for a play than a mundane office environment and Satanism! Sounds awesome. That Insurance Job meets Rosemary’s Baby! Best of luck to everyone. I will be there in spirit!

  4. Annie

    Damn it–wish I was in NYC! For this and so many reasons–Sean and Jordana are two of the most talented people I’ve ever known, and to see them reach a wider audience would mean that, at least in some corner of some old theater in Manhattan, “all’s right with with the world.”
    (Idea for next musical: a remake of “Pippin” in which he has undergone sex reassignment surgery and is now–voila!–“Pippa”!)
    Wow. I’m about three hours underslept…
    I love you, Sean & Jordi, and just this morning was thinking how I am hankering for another dose of Baby Barno (btw, Sean, your movie was loveliest gift ever and made me cry too, of course)–really jonesing for another visit with Little Lucy Longlegs (and the ‘rents) too! The reunion pix just made me gasp, she is growing from a toddler into a little girl so fast–I could not get over her dang legs. Womens’ hoops in her future, perchaunce?
    Missing you ALL! Come to Chapel Hill (after Sept. 21st)!!!


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