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  1. jif

    ingo woke me up at 7 am… he is one of those people who sets the alarm for exactly one hour before he actually wants to get up. it goes off every five minutes …. he hits snooze every five minutes for an hour, while i am wide awake in 10 minutes… anyway it’s ok because i had to get up early to get stuff done in order to catch my train for dusseldorf to go meet…. mizzzzzzzzz fletchah! how jealous are you!!?!?!?

  2. Anne

    Woke up 6:30. Got up 6:50. I could use another hour, to be honest! As I get older, I find myself slipping further into night-owl mode – wanting to stay up late and read, and then sleep later in the morning. Alas: work calls.

  3. cluverc

    Ugh – 6:50, after getting only four hours of sleep after blogging until 2am. Father is heading into hip replacement surgery this morning, so the whole clan was ready to take him to the hospital, hoping that all will go well. Hi, Jif – enjoy D-dorf!

  4. josie

    Three days a week it’s 4:45 a.m. for me.
    Ironically, that’s so I can go to the gym and get back before anyone else rises. Am I adding risk by waking at such an unholy hour or am I reducing risk by working out?
    I seem to be indispensable to everyone’s a.m. routine, so escaping in the middle of the night is my only solution — and now, suddenly, my “ne’er shall i wake before the crack of dawn” husband decides he needs to wake up at 5:30 and get to the office. Never before. Passive aggressive, I’d say. (grrr…must deal with this)

  5. emma

    Oh, Scruggs – I remember it feeling so good getting a full night’s sleep after months of not. I hope it continues.
    As for me, 7:00 – no good story.

  6. Neva

    6:45 this am. Too late… Created a rush of terror to get my oldest to the bus by 7:05.
    I hate getting up. I am always in awe of people like Josie who can not only get up but go exercise first thing. I need coffee and peace for few minutes every am before I can function in the least.
    Ian, at first glance that photo looked like you and Lucy have matching tattoos on your backs, or maybe I’m still not focusing well this morning.
    Need more coffee..

  7. GFWD

    M,T, TH, F I get up at 5:00 AM for a boot camp exercise class from 6 to 7. Only this morning I was fighting a losing battle with a stomach virus and I was FORCED to get up at 4:49 AM to gingerly walk to the bathroom so that I could expel those demons. Wiped and repeated four times before class. Left class early to resume the exorcism. Drinking Gatorade now.
    (Is this one of those times where I opened up a little too much–literally and figuratively?)

  8. Tanya

    Woke up at 5:55 a.m., dragged my sorry butt out of bed at 6:10. (Three hits on the snooze.)
    Scruggs – congrats on a full night’s sleep! Those are heavenly and blissful, particularly after months and months of not sleeping!!

  9. Michelle

    I also wonder if the link could be due to other confounding factors… like if early risers also tend to be under higher levels of stress (waking early to get everything done). Too many possibilities to say “getting up early causes heart attacks”!

  10. michelle

    I wake up at 6:50 pretty much every day of the week, without an alarm. When I’m lucky, on the weekends, I go back to sleep. It’s strange- I haven’t used an alarm in a couple of years, unless I have to get up before 6:50 to make a flight, or a meeting. I almost wish my internal alarm clock went off even earlier, since I love the early morning hours. If I could, I’d work from 7-3, but instead, when I get here that early, I end up just working until 6 or 7 anyway. And THAT, rather than rising early, will shave years off your life pretty quickly. Alas.

  11. wottop

    5:00. My 11-month-old-tomorrow twins decided it was time to get up for keeps. They usually get up a few times during the night [mostly to get 1-on-1 time with Mommy]. When they get up 5 or after [it used to be 6] I get to watch them.
    They were asleep when I left for work at 8:20.

  12. scruggs

    Thanks, guys! I had forgotten what uninterrupted sleep could be like. Julia got her first exposure to Pepper’s pizza on Sat, and couldn’t get enough. Which is good b/c I got to watch a good part of the game from there vs. in the hot stands.
    Greg, babe, the answer to your question is “Yes, this is absolutely one of those times.”

  13. Sean

    4:40. Stayed up until 6:40 when the baby went back to sleep, and then Jordana got him at 7:15 and I slept until a blissful 9:00.
    With some advice from Tessa, we have Barnaby sleeping through the night at 9 months. We Ferbered him and it worked great, but the first few nights were tough. It also requires constant vigillance and attention, when he drops off we have to deal with it.
    Barno was sleeping from 7:30 to 5, and technically he was getting enough sleep with two naps during the day. (The low end of enough is 11.5 hours in a 24 hour period, and he was sleeping about 9.5 at night, plus two naps equalling 2.5 hours, so I wasn’t too worried). The problem is that our house just doesn’t wake up at 5. We make plays, and that happens at night, we don’t get home until midnight many nights.
    So we pushed his bedtime and kept him down in the mornings, and now he’s sleeping until 6:30.
    I never thought that 6 hours of sleep was a lot until I spent months getting 4 to 5. If I can be asleep by 11:30 or midnight, I wake up at 6:30 with him feeling great.
    The 4:40 this morning might have been because of a tooth. Or not. We’re just gonna have to start over tonight…
    Tessa’s advice? “All of the methods work eventually, just be consistent. There’s no wrong way, just stay on top of it and keep doing it, and it will work.” It seems like great advice for life, really.

  14. Bud

    In addition to potential confounds, the article doesn’t define “early”, an important point.
    I get up between 7-7:30 every workday (like Michelle, I don’t use an alarm). I used to consider that early…
    I sleep in (until 9 or 10, at least 9 hours of sleep) every chance I get. I’m glad to hear I’m (probably) doing my heart good!

  15. Greg T.

    7am – this provides just enough time to get Quinn ready for school and me ready for work in time to have him at the bus stop by 8:30.

  16. ken

    I may win for latest alarm clock time: 1:10PM. Then again, I go to bed at 6:30-7AM, so it all balances out.
    It was unfortunate on September 11, 2001 though as I may have been the LAST person on the planet to learn about the events of that day. By the time I got up that day, all four planes had crashed and both towers had collapsed. That was a lot of information to process at once.


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