how about a nice camembert


Last Christmas, Lucy infamously remembered one of my “South Park” references from the womb, and inserted “suck my balls!” at the end of all her songs. Tessa wasn’t that psyched about it, to say the least, even though I couldn’t have been prouder – that’s my little girl!!! Anyway, I had to use operant conditioning to get her out of the habit, and the extinction technique was to replace “suck my balls” with “I like cheese”.

The odd thing is that she doesn’t really like cheese. But she does still bust out the coda at completely random times, guaranteeing that she always catches me off guard.

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  1. Sean

    Um… has nobody noticed that she was in the right key the entire time? Perfectly on those last three notes, right on “do”? I’ve worked with kids my whole life, and if you have a four year old who’s that close, you’re pretty friggin’ lucky.
    Oh, and also, that just made my day.

  2. cullen

    The depth of phrasing is actually stunning. She’s really telling this pretty familiar story very interestingly. Kudos and brava and in fine voice to boot!! For stopping the tune train, we’re fond of the always popular ‘shave and a haircut’, ‘and many more’ and ‘A-men/Alas’. Sing on.

  3. Kelly

    Oh my God Ian I had to watch this again tonight to show my husband, what a good laugh out loud! She’s so Cute… and right on key!!! Our girl twin (she and her brother are 2 yrs tomorrow) sings the “I Love You” a.k.a. Barney song and when it comes to the part that says “and a kiss from me to youuuuuu….” she stops to kiss whomever is handy. If no one is handy she panics and says “Oh! oh! I needs a Kiss! Gotts to… its the SONG!! OH! oh! KISSES NOW!!” and then once kiss is secured she doesn’t miss a beat and continues on. Now, if her twin brother is within earshot, even if he’s doing something else, he’ll reply with a big “Swack” sound at the need a kiss point, just so she doesn’t freak out already.

  4. oliver

    “The odd thing is that she doesn’t really like cheese.”
    I thought “suck my balls” was supposed to be ironic too. Or is it a reference to mozzarella?


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