springfield, springfield


We’re coming to NY today, because our farm upstate is being rented for the fall, and if I don’t winterize it, we might as well be pouring 500 gallons of heating oil on our driveway. The mere act of winterizing always reminds me of those war movies when soldiers are getting ready for the German panzers they can already hear in the distance.

So we’ll be reporting from New York for the next week, and look forward to seeing all you krazy kats in the big city.

Anyone want anything?

0 thoughts on “springfield, springfield

  1. scruggs

    Hey, swing by Johnny’s Pizza in Mt. Vernon and ship me a large pie! Best ever!
    Fall is such a beautiful time up in NY, hate you’ll miss it.
    Happy travels.

  2. Sean M

    I want a job, in NY or LA, starting around Thanksgiving…when my current freelance gig working for the Denver Film Festival ends.
    Can you pick one up for me? :-)

  3. Alyson Peery

    This reminds me that I wanted to ask you or any of your readers if you have advice on restaurants and ethnic grocery stores in Brooklyn. I am living in Park Slope, between Seventh and Eighth Aves now, and I had a disastrous experience trying to find spices yesterday. I work at Whole Foods, so I can get lots of things there, but I really want to be able to do quick dinner and get stuff in Brooklyn on my days off. Also, if you have any general recommendations for things to do, that would be cool. There are so many options in this city that my boyfriend and I are sort of overwhelmed by choices. Do any of you know good places on the internet to find things advice like this?
    Thanks! And I hope you have fun in NY!

  4. Ian

    Alyson, have you tried the Union Market on the corner of 6th and Union? They’re amazing, and have lots of quick stuff to grab that is YUMMY. Email me and I’ll try to put a list together of other things…


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