check the earl too, mister


We interrupt Art vs. Commerce Week here on the blog to bring you that special moment we’ve all had: the day you learned the word squeegee.


0 thoughts on “check the earl too, mister

  1. Sean

    C’mon, people. It could have been fish.
    Good grief.
    Oh, by the way, I love the guy yesterday who said, “Don’t swear, it makes you look like you have no class” and then said, “Nobody cares about your upper class problems…”
    Sunny and 72 in New York!

  2. jje

    When I picked up Connor at preschool yesterday, he asked (and I quote), “Mommy, please drive me to the dealership and buy me a Porsche.”
    I asked for his sippy cup because I definitely wanted some of whatever he was drinking.
    Language development is a crazy thing to watch in a toddler. It amazes me the things they pick up.
    Perhaps they would let him squeegee at the dealership…

  3. janet

    molly says “i’m leaving home when i’m nine”…….(she is seven at present)…..and then in a calmer moment “i love you mummy”…….too much TV perhaps? or too much a bi-polar society ? I respect her misgivings like mad and adore her expresion


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