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Sorry about this, but the blog has been absolutely destroyed by spam over the last four days – it actually shut our server down. It used to be only a few hundred a day, containing actual links, and then it was a few hundred a day containing randomly non-working links… and now I have spam numbering in the THOUSANDS that doesn’t even have any content.

What the FRICKIDY DOO-DAH is the point of spamming someone’s blog so hard that it simply obliterates it, without even trying to sell a goddamn product? Anyway, my brother Steve is migrating to a new server, and hopefully we’ll be installing the latest version of MT with a real spam-destroyer (like Akismet, etc.) so I apologize ahead of time for any bumps on the road.

In the meantime, continue with your debate on the last entry, which has been fun to watch. That is, if you like your conservatism delivered to you via bloody sandpaper to the face.

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  1. LFMD

    How are things in your part of CA? You are in Venice Beach. . . right? Hope all is well – are those wild fires really stretching from Malibu to San Diego??

  2. killian

    Sorry you are feeling beat up by the previous posts-they are pretty damn infuriating –and sorry about the spam, too. Is there a link????

  3. kent

    I missed out on yesterday’s discussion. Thanks to Ramone for making the classic conservative position crystal clear. I disagree with him on nearly every count, but at least he didn’t prevaricate.
    Nation Health Services are never perfect, but they do work, mostly. And they do one extremely valuable thing: they take health care out of the equations. Workers aren’t forced to make decisions based on how it will affect their health coverages. Companies don’t have to worry about the expense of covering their employees.
    And it removes the middle man — the Insurance companies and HMOs. There’s a whole bunch of people skimming profit out of system who do little or nothing to help sick people.
    And the whole idea that Government can’t do anything as well as the private sector? Put Republicans in charge and they make sure that’s the case.
    Most disheartening was Ramone’s attitude towards people he judges to be deadbeats — you don’t know those people, and his judgement of them denies their humanity. The fact is, there are a lot of people who work for a living and are still poor, they live in the most polluted neighborhoods, and they only get their health care in ERs — the least economical health care there is.
    That there’s some deadbeats in the world is undeniable, but public policy should address the greatest good, not punishing the few who don’t pull their weight. If the cost of having a system that works for the most people is that a few people get something for nothing, I’m willing to pay it. The alternative is to screw over the vast majority of honest people who deserve better than they’re getting now.

  4. jason savage

    Kent says:
    If the cost of having a system that works for the most people is that a few people get something for nothing, I’m willing to pay it
    amen to that. we’re the richest country on the planet, and should spread that around far better than we currently do.

  5. Neva

    Thank you Kent for expressing my opinion better than I can.
    I do appreciate that Ramone is honest. He puts it straight out there that money is most important. I think this really comes down to where your values lie and money for me just isn’t number one. Maybe it’s easy for me to say that given that I’ve never wanted for anything but I think having more and more money and things just isn’t worth depriving other people of what they need.
    There is a cost to everything and at some point we have to pay it in order to make things right for our country. We have decided to do things like fund a public school system, create child labor laws, give people family and medical leave when they need it, and.. not to start a whole new topic.. “liberate Iraq”. It is time we starting addressing the inequality of health care in this country.
    Yes, people do come to this country for health care but that’s because we have some great options for those who can afford to pay enormous fees for it. The average person’s health (even the middle class person with private insurance) is suffering here. Some of it is due to lifestyles for sure but not all.
    By the way, Ramone is way wrong about all the fat people voting for Hillary. Obviously he’s never been to a NASCAR race or the NC state fair for that matter!

  6. ramone

    In your post, you say: “Ramone’s attitude toward people he judge’s to be deadbeats…is disheartening…because it denies them their humanity”. Wrong: I am convinced the deadbeats are human. I am denying them respect. Then you say: “I don’t know them”. Wrong again: there are some deadbeats I know very well, got some in the family.
    The next paragraph you say “that there’s some deadbeats in the world is undeniable”. Wait a minute – are you now being judgmental by referring to some people as being “deadbeats”? Then you say: “but public policy should address the greatest good”. I agree, and I believe that the greatest good is to not enable the “deadbeats” to live off the government’s underbelly. Then you say: “not punishing the few who don’t pull their weight”. It’s not that I desire to punish the deadbeats, I simply don’t want to support them financially.
    Liberalism is the great enabler for the deadbeats. Liberalism “feeds” the deadbeats in the name of compassion. But it’s not compassion at all because true compassion is about dignity. There is no dignity in keeping people, who can work, on federally funded entitlements. It is disgraceful. It is not better for the deadbeats and it is not better for me because they are capable adults and besides, I was never their daddy.
    The government has failed miserably at financially taking care of the populace. Point in fact is social security. It has become the world’s greatest ponzi scheme, 40 years running now, and the day or reckoning is coming very soon, within ten, maybe twenty, years.
    Let me state this specifically: I will never, EVER, see MY investment into social security. I’ve been paying in for 25 years now and not one penny has been set aside, by my sponsor – the “social security system” – for MY retirement. The government has taken MY investment dollars and immediately paid it out to today’s retirees. My FICA withholding (7.65% PLUS employer’s 7.65%) is nothing more than additional income tax. The reality is that I work another entire month (August) to pay for other people’s current retirement.
    So why should I believe the government is going to successfully operate national health insurance? No way! And this is what’s going to happen: liberal democrats are going to promise more and more health cost benefits to the electorate in order to get their vote. And, it will go broke, just like the social security system. Is this for the “better good” – wake up Air America. If all these rich liberals really cared about the “poor”, then why don’t they give away their fortunes and live like them and among them?
    If Hillary raises my taxes to where I’ve got to work another month (September) before, my wages become mine, then I am going to quit working. I will no longer have any incentive. And please, don’t give me that “Ramone is all about money” save the whale liberal crap. It’s not about making money, it’s about being productive and being able to use my earnings for causes that I can decide upon (not Hillary). Which reminds me – regarding tax rebates in early 2000 – “how do we know the people will spend it right?” Unbelievable!!!


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