send in the nouns


Can someone tell me how “Patch Adams” happened? In Chapel Hill, arguably the most beautiful college town in America, we’ve had exactly ONE motion picture filmed on campus in the last thirty years (discounting a couple exterior shots in “Kiss the Girls”) and it was frickin’ “Patch Adams”.


I look at “Patch Adams” the way I look at terrifically ugly office buildings: at some point, the architect rolled the plans out on the table, and three other guys said “YES! That’s IT!” And then they built it. And then we looked at it for seventy-five years.

When Robin Williams takes the nasal aspirator bulb and puts it on his nose… you know, to be a “clown”… entire swaths of North Carolina history were rendered irrelevant. Forget Andy Griffith, forget James K. Polk, forget Michael Jordan – hell, forget Caleb Bradham, inventor of that vile drink Pepsi. In one moment, it kinda all ceased to matter.

What movie moment made you die a little?