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Halloween is the kind of holiday that adults can really hate, because it almost possesses the same commitment and expectation level of the most-hated holiday in the lexicon, New Year’s Eve. There is always the sense that someone is trying harder than you are, that you’ll go to a party where the lesser-evolved will use the holiday as an excuse to be a nipple-baring strumpet, and nothing screams ZANTAC more than alcohol and chocolate.

Then again, if you don’t do anything at all, there’s a fair amount of cultural pressure for you to be involved – either you’ve got friends demanding you meet them somewhere, or you’ve got gaggles of kids lining up at your door for Miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I can see why it’s a drag for lots of you, and weirdly enough, “people who hate Halloween” as a Google search term has led thousands of people to this entry for years.

To which I say, of course, tough shit! You gotta keep trying in this world, because the day you stop dressing up for bizarre events is the day you start to wither. If you didn’t bother doing anything this year, I’m callin’ you out, mister: dress up next year or your joints will grow less elastic!

To wit, we decided on a feline theme this go-round, with Lucy as a black kitty-cat, me as a felt lion, and Tessa (and friend Monica) as two sexy tigers:


Because Daylight Savings Time is still in effect for Halloween (for the first time in decades), it was late before we got out, and Lucy’s expiration date occurred mid-trick-and-or-treat:


So we let her eat a Kit-Kat bar – because we’re commies, it was her first actual mass-produced corporate chocolate candy product ever – and needless to say she rallied for the ninth inning!


Happy Halloween from us to y’all!


yes, I’m aware I look like an wet orange dog

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  1. CP

    I skipped a party and a parade, took a field trip out to encino, ate lamb testicles and raisinettes, grape hookah and lebanese beer.
    best. halloween. ever.

  2. Anne

    You DO look like an orange dog, Ian. LOL But a handsome dog. Woof!
    Love the feline theme. Props to Tessa for being able to make the trick-or-treat circuit wearing those heels. Lucy looks adorable.
    Click on my blog to see our granddaughter, the cute chick. Yes, I said chick. “buc buc.” :-)

  3. josie

    Everyone looks like they had a great time. Tessa, I dont know you, but I have to say you look great!
    My son Nico wore the same costume as Lucy. He requested to be a kitty cat and it was one of the only cat costumes I could find that was gender neutral (sans pink sequins, etc). Nice choice!

  4. craighill

    for the third year in a row i handed out reese’s and skittles to the kids and bud tall boys to the parents. most popular house on the block!

  5. Piglet

    We took Suzannah out for the rounds in a little dragon suit, baked my usual peanut-butter cup brownies and coconut bars to give out, and hunkered down for an evening of Young Fronkensteen. Life was good.

  6. chip

    That is a cute picture of you and the old ball and chain. A guy can easily make a costume by putting on a suit. One year I went as Dick Cheney. Since I was going to a couple of parties in the People’s Republic of Carrboro, I was probably the scariest thing there.

  7. Chuck B

    You use the phrase “nipple-baring strumpet” like it’s a bad thing. Shouldn’t we be encouraging that type of behavior, not just this night but all others as well?

  8. Lara

    Chip – re: what you do with your kid’s Halloween take. I don’t know about Ian, but I am the ultimate hypocrite. We don’t let our 2-year-old eat candy yet, so I gave her the cookie our neighbor down the street made and hid the rest after she went to bed. She forgot about it by this morning, and I plan to eat it all over the next several days. But this is probably the last year I’ll be able to get away with that without her catching on.

  9. Annie

    This is the first year, for me, that Halloween has passed almost unnoticed, and it’s a strange feeling, but not altogether unpleasant.
    For many years, Halloween tended to be the tipping point for some awful relationship moment–first really bad fight (this happened at the Pink House and I fell asleep in Ian’s bed–with roller skates on), first moment realizing that someone I’ve been crushing out on the whole year is with someone else, first time understanding that I’m truly on the verge of being broken up with, plus a ferrago of defining post-breakup encounters–ugh. Yet year after year I persisted in thinking, “This year I will have a good Halloween! I will have fun!” and somehow imagining that my costume choice would be a determining factor.
    This year, my love and I stayed at home with our dear friend who has been staying with us since he was finally released after a months-long, multiple-surgery stint at UNC hospital 2 weeks ago. Two of my best girlfriends came over and we cooked steak fajitas for everybody. We had exactly 3 trick-or-treaters. Later on we ate chocolate and watched the Daily Show and Colbert. In bed by midnight.
    Yet, I feel a wistful twinge today seeing Lucy in her little kitty suit…I’m not “finished” with Halloween, but it is nice to take a break from it.
    That link to Ian’s earlier Halloween post is encrusted with some of the most disturbing comments I’ve ever read on this blog.

  10. emma

    Neva – Thanks for the Axl Rose compliment. I’ll see if I can find a pix of it this evening. I thought of you last night as Mary Emma was a “wedding girl”, so I dressed up as her “always a bridesmaid”. My bridesmaid’s dress from your wedding was the only one that still fit! Still not bad – that was ten years ago.

  11. xuxE

    we are in a new halloween era at our house. cute and cuddly is out. goth and gore, complete with fake blood f/x is in. excitement about being out at night is history, precision candy acquisition strategy is what it is all about, complete with post-acquisition bartering and trading, counting the stash. like pirates coming back to shore, there are battle stories, talk of the houses with the best loot, etc. i love halloween!!!
    we keep our candy in a glass vacuum container and dole it out a few pieces at a time for desserts. judging by this year’s bounty we are set until easter…


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