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Halloween is the kind of holiday that adults can really hate, because it almost possesses the same commitment and expectation level of the most-hated holiday in the lexicon, New Year’s Eve. There is always the sense that someone is trying harder than you are, that you’ll go to a party where the lesser-evolved will use the holiday as an excuse to be a nipple-baring strumpet, and nothing screams ZANTAC more than alcohol and chocolate.

Then again, if you don’t do anything at all, there’s a fair amount of cultural pressure for you to be involved – either you’ve got friends demanding you meet them somewhere, or you’ve got gaggles of kids lining up at your door for Miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I can see why it’s a drag for lots of you, and weirdly enough, “people who hate Halloween” as a Google search term has led thousands of people to this entry for years.

To which I say, of course, tough shit! You gotta keep trying in this world, because the day you stop dressing up for bizarre events is the day you start to wither. If you didn’t bother doing anything this year, I’m callin’ you out, mister: dress up next year or your joints will grow less elastic!

To wit, we decided on a feline theme this go-round, with Lucy as a black kitty-cat, me as a felt lion, and Tessa (and friend Monica) as two sexy tigers:


Because Daylight Savings Time is still in effect for Halloween (for the first time in decades), it was late before we got out, and Lucy’s expiration date occurred mid-trick-and-or-treat:


So we let her eat a Kit-Kat bar – because we’re commies, it was her first actual mass-produced corporate chocolate candy product ever – and needless to say she rallied for the ninth inning!


Happy Halloween from us to y’all!


yes, I’m aware I look like an wet orange dog