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Hey, so we’re going to be in Chapel Hill on Monday to guest-lecture for the brilliant Peter Kaufman again, so I hope to see some of your shiny faces soon. Alas, the Lulubeans is staying in California for our brief visit, so Godmother Annie, you’re just gonna have to come out here!

I will be attending my 23rd home dook game in a row, and will be worked up into a stiff lather. This year, I’m bringing my nephew Sam, who has long been a Heels fan, and miracle of miracles, applied to Carolina and is awaiting their decision. There is no better candidate, in my book (and many of you know what an incredible person he is) but some decisions are left to higher powers.

But, you know how I have a wife named Tessa, and she’s completely and utterly awesome too? How she’s put up with my shenanigans and loves Roy and Tyler and Wayne and Danny as much as anyone in North America? I haven’t yet found a ticket for her, so if anyone out there in blogland happens to know of one or two seats floating through destiny, please let us know. You would enable a hot blonde to turn sky blue yelling for our guys!

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  1. chip

    Sorry I won’t be there. Was in Chapel Hill last weekend and it was great to get back although the reason (a memorial service) was sad.

  2. GFWD

    I just found out today that I have a ticket with my good friend JF, who has taken me for the past several years. Probably will be 12.5 hours of driving in a span of 23 hours, including the game, but it will be worth it, as always.
    Neva, if I get time, I’d love to come by and see the mini-Kenan stadium in your house! Annie, if I have time, I want to get my hooping on to the tunes of Missy Elliott.
    But mainly, I just want a Carolina win.

  3. Scott M.

    I’ll be at the Duke game too, but unfortunately I don’t have an extra ticket.
    One of my friends has an extra pair of season tickets that he’s been selling one game at a time – I can check with him to see if Duke is still available (doubtful). Full disclosure – he’s looking to make a pretty good profit even though the seats are in the last row.

  4. Neva

    Glad to hear you are coming this way again Ian. Would love to have you, Tessa and Greg (and others?) over anytime. We do not unfortunately have a mini Kenan stadium (or a baby Dean Dome either) but my 7 year old recently had her room painted Carolina blue at her request. What Greg is referring to is that when I couldn’t find the paint chip we picked out our painters called the local Sherwin Williams who said they happened to have a couple gallons left over from repainting Kenan stadium so that’s the paint she got in her room. It’s a little slice of heaven on our second floor, I suppose.
    If I get wind of any tickets I’ll certainly let you know and again, would love to see ya’ll!

  5. Andy

    Well as long as people are looking for tickets, I would love to snag one too!
    This 8 day layoff could not have come at a worse time. I didn’t have a game to take my mind off the upcoming showdown with the evil ones and I have not been worth a POOP lately. Why is it that what a group of about 15 18-22 year-olds do for roughly 2 hours affect me for nearly 2 weeks??
    Ian – I woke up this morning and thought I should dig up your DTH article to see if it will help me focus on other things.

  6. Annie

    YAY! Can’t wait to see y’all! Wow, this must be your first trip as a couple without La Luz. I’ll miss her, but looking forward to catching up with y’all.
    We could have a hoop jam!

  7. cullen

    Can you hoop to Dan Wilson or Band of Horses–among my suggestions fer sum excellent road tunes in relief to the guaranteed amperage of the coming DeanDome. Personally, I”m with all the HOOPS fans and I’d like to see a hooping sequence to something by the aforementioned “The Strike”(love the instrumentation).
    I guess “The Spare” is already taken by a one-man band somewheres, but they/He could open.
    All musical joking aside, Haar!, and Hark the sound and much love to on board carolina fan Annie! Find you a ticket for your bewuvved.
    Luck against BC tonite too!

  8. emma

    Apparently, the local ABC station will not be airing the season premiere of Lost tonight due to the State-Dook game. Is anyone else having to deal with this? If I can’t find out what happens on Lost, dammit, I should at least get to watch the WolfPack beat Dook.

  9. K

    Emma, I’m in the Jacksonville, NC area and we’re dealing with the same thing. The NCSU-Dook game is on tonight and Lost will air at 7pm tomorrow night. Go…. Wolfpack? Ugh.

  10. Neva

    I have a funny Carolina/Duke rivalry story for ya’ll.
    My 7 year old (the one with the Carolina blue room) just went to her first Carolina game at the Dean Dome recently (thanks to Emma!) and cheered her head off. Last night, her Dad went to the Duke/State game. He is, sadly enough, a Duke fan, but anyway, when he told her he was going she got very sad and said she wanted to go too. He was suddenly excited – had she become a Duke fan? Just loved basketball? I think as a Dad of two girls he was super excited to see her want to go see some sports. Soo… he said I’m so sorry you can’t go but maybe you can come with me some other time and she said “Good, I need to go cheer against Duke”. This was totally unprovoked by me, but I was a proud Tarheel Mama.

  11. Lorelle

    Ooh! I have a another story of children headed down the right path. My husband went to Home Depot a couple of weeks ago with our 6 & 9 yr old daughters. He had on a Carolina tshirt and the man getting out of the car next to him was wearing a Dook shirt. As my husband was getting in the car, the man asked him if Carolina had won their game and then added that his son was a student at dook. John told him that the heels had won and then in the car to leave with the girls. The 6 year old says, “Daddy, you don’t know that man, do you?” and my 9 year says, “Of course not, that man has got to be a freak. Did you see that shirt that he was wearing!”(no offense to Dave, Neva ,he’s so cool you would never know that he’s a dookie)


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