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I try, I really do try to care about the Oscars, but ever since I was a little kid, something about them seemed so… I dunno, like school convocations in the gym. Of course, if we ever happened into a project headed that direction, that would be fascinating (and you know Tessa’s film was on the short list for the Documentary Oscar in 1999, right?) but I just can’t auto-conjure the magic.

But I have to say this: thank god the talents of Ethan and Joel Coen were finally recognized by the Academy. Yeah, they won 11 years ago for the screenplay of “Fargo”, but this was a full sweep of the three best awards. These two men have made “Blood Simple”, “O Brother Where Art Thou?”, “The Hudsucker Proxy”, “Miller’s Crossing”, “The Big Lebowski”, and my favorite movie of all time, “Raising Arizona”.

In sophomore year at Carolina, I rented “Raising Arizona” and watched it in the basement of the Lodge, and it was truly one of those experiences when you stop, relax your muscles and say “I want to do THAT.” Yes, they have their misfires along with anyone else – you don’t make a movie every two years without running into trouble – but I dare anyone to find a more consistently brilliant pair of artists currently at the top of their form.

Here’s to the boys, and their coveted Best Picture Oscar – like Nathan Arizona said, “Chairs, you got a dinette set. No chairs, you got dick!”

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  1. Greg T

    Kudos to the Coen brosthers for finally getting recognized for making great films.
    After watching most of the Academy awards and the Carolina thumping of Wake, I found the most memorable moment of the entire night to be a video on the Jimmy Kimmel show called “I’m f*@%ing Ben Affleck.” It should be available on YouTube, check it out.
    Feel free to call me a moron if you don’t find it funny.

  2. LFMD

    OK, I am about to get petty here. But, it was the Oscars, for crying out loud. Would it kill those two to, perhaps look the least bit interested in the honor? To acknowledge Cormac McCarthy a bit more? To maybe shower, shampoo, and shave??????????????? Ugh. I did not expect them to be all Cuba Gooding, Jr. about the win, but throw the millions watching a bone and emote a little bit. They looked to me like they would rather have been elsewhere.

  3. eric g.

    The Coen brothers penned my favorite line in movie history, uttered by Walter Sobchak at the bar in the bowling alley in “The Big Lebowski.” For some reason, your content filter is rejecting the quotation as “questionable content” even though it contains no obscenity, so I’ll just say it ends with “at least it’s an ethos!” That line still makes me laugh every time I hear it.

  4. Anne

    The Academy needs to lop an hour off the Oscars. Fewer live performances of songs would be a good start. And, with all due respect to the talented peeps who do the sound mixing, etc., it’s just tedious for the TV audience to sit through those awards. More and more I’m enjoying the pre-awards red carpet parade more than the show itself. My sole fashion critique: with such an elegant dress and dazzling earrings, couldn’t Cameron Diaz have done more than pull her stringy, dark-roots hair back into an elastic? Kind of low-rent! /snark off

  5. Sean M

    I specifically avoid all movies with Nicholas Cage in them. For reasons I can’t fully express in words, just a gut feeling, I can’t stand the guy. My one exception — Raising Arizona. Brilliant.

  6. Neva

    It still seems a quote from Raising Arizona makes it into conversation at my house frequently – Son.. you got a panty on your head..
    or Pray you don’t cut your Mordecai!..
    Classic movie.

  7. Annie

    Very unexpectedly, we ended up watching the tail-end of the Oscars last night (after watching our boys whup some arse on the b-ball court–aw yeah!) and, even with expectations that could be measured in the less-than-zero range, I was awed by the stunning vapidity and indescribable emptiness of the show. The most engaging element of all the presentations we saw (Cameron D, Harrison Ford, Amy Adams, John Travolta, Martin Scorcese, Tom Freakin’ Hanks-?!?!?) was the uniformly bizarre mien and speech patterning of the presenters. Tom Hanks’s comments while introducing the Documentary category brought new meaning to the word “indifference,” and everyone (with the notable exception of Helen Mirren) announced their category and its award winner with a frenetic-but-glazed emotionless sputter that struck me as blatantly surreal, as if they had all been served electric kool-aid backstage.
    This was made a million times worse by the contrast of the vintage Oscar footage spliced in throughout–amazingly real moments from another time, which last night began to seem like another dimension.


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