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I have witnesses to back this up. Halfway through the first half of the Carolina-Dook game on Saturday night, I was getting frustrated – the dookies were getting away with egregious hacks, and their drives to the basket were way too easy. I shouted “Danny, you gotta teabag that Paulus fucker!” Yes, Lucy (and Barnaby) were both in the room, but I couldn’t help it, it just flew out of my mouth.

Exactly three minutes later, the Tar Heel Nation was treated to one of the greatest plays in the UNC-Duke rivalry EVER. To set it up: Greg Paulus tried to shoot a 3-pointer over Hansbrough, and it clanged right into Danny’s hands. Danny dribbled upcourt with Marcus, and did an old-school give-and-go. Marcus passed back to Danny, and Paulus tried to flop as Danny went up for one of the most spectacular, adversarial dunks caught on film. What would you call it? Hmmmm… ah yes, I remember. A TOTAL TEABAGGING. BY REQUEST.

Thank you, Danny Green, for – well, this:

DannyDunk1(bl).jpg DannyDunk2(bl).jpg

DannyDunk4(bl).jpg  ……and my favorite:  DannyDunk3(bl).jpg

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  1. Baseman

    Ian, that dunk was a thing of beauty. It is right up there with Stackhouse, in my opinion. It got everyone in my household up off the couch screaming – YEAHHHH!!! and pumping our fists in celebration.
    Even my wife, a Pack grad, noted that the refs were not calling anything on dook. How can Tyler not go to the foul line after all his trips to the floor? I swear some of those time outs by ratface were to raise more money from the crowd to pay the refs.

  2. DFB's&T's

    both of my favorite moments involved Green:
    1. The teabag
    2. At one point in the 1st half, Green made a 3-pointer. The camera showed hs face as he turned around to start playing defense. I don’t know who he was facing, but he said, with a wry smirk “F–k you.” LOVED IT

  3. Andy

    This game will now officially be known as the “Green Tea” game, to go along with “The Elbow to the Face”, “The Bloody Montross Game”, “8 points in 17 seconds”, etc., etc., etc.
    Oh how sweet it is!

  4. the other Lee

    That was freaking beautiful, everyone in entire bar I was watching the game just jumped up and screamed.
    in the 2nd half of the game they just let them play, no fouls were called, including the gawd-awful flops and Scheyer flailing his arms after NOT being touched on a 3 point attempt.

  5. asd

    what is up with coach k not being able to wear the light blue ribbon? i was impressed with so many of the duke fans who chose to wear the ribbon. but coach k did exactly as i expected – no ribbon – not even for the first few minutes.

  6. Schultz

    Coach K was interviewed before the game and continually referred to her as “that girl”. What a douchebag.

  7. Tanya

    Interesting from K regarding why he couldn’t be bothered to wear a ribbon.
    WTH? “Appropriate to have that distinction”?!? Because he needs to distinguish his coaching staff from the rest of the world in showing respect? Man, that guy is good at deflection. But honestly, he comes out looking like an ass. Roy didn’t seem to think HIS coaching staff needed to “distinguish” themselves from the rest of the world…
    Hmph. I also love how he tried to make it sound like it was HIS idea. Whatever… Ass.

  8. wyatt

    Schultz– the 2ndWest gang missed you on Saturday. The diverse crowd at Natty Greene’s in Greensboro went __dead silent__ during the pre-game moment of silence for Eve. It was very heavy, and nice. I like the fact that there are rising seniors at dook whose senior night experience means “lose to Tyler Hansbrough et al. in cameron”.

  9. kjf

    koach k is evil. to not publicly respect eve carson when EVERYONE else in the building was doing so DOES distinguish him and his koaching staff – as insensitive slobs lacking in humanity. how anyone could not take any opportunity – even one seemingly as small as pinning a ribbon on your clothing – to honor a gem like eve carson is just wrong. shame on that shameless man.

  10. Mark

    Bottom-line – it was a nice moment before the game and I thought the Duke student body and fans did a classy thing wearing those ribbons. A little sympathy for the Devil here, what makes this rivalry great is that Duke is a worthy opponent: they consistently field a strong team, they follow the NCAA rules (as far as I know), their players are strong academically, and the school has strong academics generally. If they weren’t those things, they would not be such a great rival.
    On the other side, I swear they must all major or minor in drama, as I have never seen a team that can flop as well as they can. I wonder if the players have to leave early for class on windy days because they keep getting knocked over? What a great game by the Guys, and how about the Women winning the ACC Tournament again, what is that 4 years in a row. Beat that DOOK!!
    GO HEELS!!!

  11. erica

    yay! Hi Ian (and all)! Yes, I figured I better “out” myself as a lurker rather than have you do it for me.

  12. GFWD

    Tanya’s right.
    My friend (and frequent poster to this blog), “Zel M.”, got it right when he wrote the following:
    It is now twice in the past year that the fervor that follows Carolina basketball has been put in perspective by the loss of two students who were the literal face of the University. Last spring, Jason Ray lost his life while in New Jersey for his official duties as UNC’s mascot, and last week student body president Eve Carson was senselessly murdered in Chapel Hill. Both deaths deeply moved not only the Carolina family but the greater community at large. Members of the UNC basketball team and, in fact, mascots from other schools wrote Jason Ray’s name on their shoes or on their costumes, and UNC’s cheerleaders wore ribbons in honor of their fallen comrade.
    This weekend in Durham, similar tributes were offered to honor the memory of Eve Carson. The Carolina basketball team wore black commemorative patches with Eve’s name on them. And in an astounding show of support for their blood rival, Duke passed out Carolina blue ribbons so that fans and the media could show their sympathy for Carolina’s grief.
    People who are on the outside do not understand all that goes into the Duke-Carolina rivalry. Much is made about the proximity of the schools, and while that adds to the intensity of the rivalry, it also tempers the hostility as well. These are not just rivals, but colleagues and friends. The person wearing the other shade of blue may be a high school classmate, or a friend you met at work or out at a restaurant. Duke and UNC work closely in so many ways that the togetherness is often lost in the ESPN-fueled buildup to the best rivalry in college sports.
    That’s why the honor that Duke paid to Eve’s memory is even more special. To see hundreds of Cameron Crazies screaming their lungs out for their beloved Blue Devils while wearing a Carolina blue ribbon over their hearts is just another symbol of what makes this rivalry unique. Moreover, the moment of silence that was held in a place known for its deafening cheers is the highest honor that could be paid from one rival to another, knowing that the fallen Tar Heel could have just as easily been your neighbor, your classmate, or your daughter.
    In that light, it is disappointing that the Duke coaching staff chose not to wear the memorial ribbons. Believe me, there was certainly no obligation to do so. Duke University went above and beyond the call in paying tribute to Eve Carson. Mike Krzyzewski spoke eloquently on the subject of Eve, and even made sure he added a note of sympathy to an interview that appeared on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption show. But the symbolism of not wearing the ribbon was not lost on those who watched the game. Krzyzewski certainly had to know that the ribbon tribute was planned and what it would mean. He chose to wear some unidentifiable lapel pin instead of the Carolina blue ribbon that hundreds of Duke students and fans as well as the ESPN Gameday crew and other media members were wearing.
    This from a man who famously said he didn’t coach for championships, but coached for relationships. This from a man who supposedly represents the face of college basketball. This from a man who gives speeches on leadership for thousands of dollars a pop. Duke University’s tribute to UNC and their fallen leader was the epitome of class and compassion. Too bad Krzyzewski, the acknowledged face of Duke University, and his staff chose not to respond with the same class and compassion that the rest of the Duke community showed.


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