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Before we get back to the interesting-perhaps-only-to-me topic of whether or not someone should be reviled for their addictions, I was asked last time to tell people when my band was playing. I know it’s short notice, but we’ll be playing tonight in Hollywood at the Foundation Room, which is the VIP lounge upstairs at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. Prince occasionally works out songs there, and it’s an SNL haunt whenever they cross coasts, so we’re psyched on our frickin’ bikes. I’m told there are gigantic poofy couches.

Any requests? I mean, besides “Freebird”?


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  1. LFMD

    Congratulations! My requests: “Carolina in my Mind” and “Highway to Hell.”
    I am still not so convinced that Spitzer is a sex addict. Is sex addiction for real, anyway? I think he is just a powerful man who thought he was above the law and acted accordingly.
    I suppose the truth will come out a year from now, when Eliot and Silda write their respective memoirs.

  2. Matt

    Spitzer will be once he realizes the redemptive quality of overcoming his “addiction” and some couch time with Oprah. Silda will be sitting next to him, natch.

  3. GFWD

    I wonder how many other powerful clientele have closed their accounts with Spitzer’s old high dollar brothel. I’m sure there are a bunch of other not-as-big-a-big-shot as Eliot who use that service who are shitting their pants and trying to destroy all links from them to the brothel.
    I agree with LFMD. Sex addiction is a crutch. All men want sex. All the time. And sandwiches.

  4. CM

    Revile people for their addictions? Well, what if we are addicted to reviling people?? Then we can’t help it.
    I’d like to request “Stage Fright” by The Band, but I won’t be there so probably not. ;)

  5. kent

    How about “My Little Red Book”? The Strike covering Arthur Lee covering Burt Bacharach?
    “Alabama Song” The Strike covering The Doors covering Brecht?
    “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” — The Strike covering Brian from “Family Guy” covering Buckwheat Boyz?
    Sorry, I’ve had some vicodin for back pain…

  6. Chuck B

    You ever going on tour here on the East Coast? Maybe you could play Music Hall of W’burg or Union Hall.

  7. xuxE

    YAYYYYY rock on witcha bad self!!!
    i totally think the sex addiction thing is real and a real real problem.
    gambling can also be an addiction, no substances involved.
    i just recognize the similarities between sex addiction and other addictions in the ability of the person to control their behavior. every man may have sex on his mind all the time, and i may enjoy playing roulette at vegas on vacation or drinking socially.
    but the addict is the one who ruins his life because he’s so out of control about it that he can’t stop. and if nothing else, this looks to me like a real case of full-on, out of control devastating addiction. and the sad thing is, this may not even be his bottom. who knows.

  8. Neva

    Ian – I request “Let’s Get it On” – dedicated to Spitzer.
    What constitutes “addiction” has always been fascinating to me. The medical definition of it involves three things – 1. compulsive behavior or craving which 2. continues despite adverse consequences and 3. creates loss of control.
    The problem I’m having with immediately calling this guy addicted is that this is his first adverse consequence. Up until now he’s never gotten caught. Just because you partake in a particularly “negative” behavior that others would find “bad” (ie drinking, drugs, etc.) doesn’t make you addicted. What makes you addicted is that you keep doing it despite adverse consequences.
    Sounds as though Spitzer is as likely to have a personality disorder as an addiction. Most likely he felt he was somehow above the law. And to say he’s addicted to sex is to assume that was the main impulse behind this. Maybe he’s addicted to power? the ability to control someone else? the opportunity to break the law without consequence? the thrill of taking a risk? Once you get into the “process or activity” addictions (as opposed to something more obvious like drug or alcohol use) it’s really hard to know what is driving him exactly. I’m not ready to give me an easy out by saying “oh, he’s an addict” when really he might simply be an obnoxious guy who just thought he could get away with it.
    Here’s more detail on addictions for your reading Ian.

  9. cullen

    I’m addicted to this blog. Spitzer’s aDICKted fer sure.
    An idea Ian, I bet The Strike could make an easy pitch on some say spare plans for none other than er I don’t know, Nigel!—a great f’in tune just played on FUV, so I thought of you immediately and mucho luck tonight for some happy shin-dig-giggin’
    On the original front, can ya’ll bust out the necessary fusion for a neo-official “PSYCHO T” dream theme music meme. Props to that 5-0!!
    Tar Heel Nation rise.

  10. cullen

    And BTW, props also to the other “5-0s” so to speak in the collar of both suspects in the Eve Carson murder. Everyone’s collective feathers are so ruffled by this so sad case and I’m among the many who are heartsick to see town and campus reeling. Heels!

  11. Greg T

    I have a request for the LA Heels on the blog – is there a good place near LAX to watch the ACC final on Sunday? We’ll be arriving late on Saturday and driving to visit family in San Diego immediately after the game. Is there a good sports bar in the area that will allow our 5-yr old to watch with us? He’ll be wearing his 5-0 jersey.
    For tonight’s show, I’d request “Earth, Sun, Moon” by Love & Rockets or “Nimrod’s Son” by the Pixies. If those are too far off the beaten track then maybe “Mayor of Simpleton.”

  12. Ian

    Greg, I was pitching “Mayor of Simpleton” for us to play last month, but the chord structure is intense…
    As for watching the game, I’d invite you over to my pad, but we’re outta town – the official UNC alumni watching party will be at The Parlor on Wilshire and 15th:
    … it’s about 20 minutes from LAX with no traffic, if you take Lincoln, which is about as close as anything. Sounds like it’ll be a good time.

  13. Greg T.

    Ian – I have a hard time arguing with any recommendation to visit Santa Monica – Thanks for the tip.

  14. Rebecca

    Greg T: The Orange County Alumni Association meets at Rudy’s in Newport Beach, which would be slightly more on your way to San Diego, but not nearly as cool as Santa Monica.

  15. Greg T

    Ian – I was listening to Guadalcanal Diary’s Flip-Flop album this morning and it occurred to me that if I had a band, I’d be tempted to cover just about everything Guadalcanal Diary ever recorded. IMHO, they represent the best of jangle-pop. I have no idea how difficult their songs are to play – My guitar skills are still limited to random strumming and torturous renditions of Mary has a little lamb :)
    Quinn’s dancing to “Whiskey talk” as I type this.

  16. Matt

    Suggestion for tomorrow’s blog headline: The Audacity of Hate.
    It’s a bit shocking to learn that the post-racial unity candidate has such close and long standing ties to a racist, divisional pastor. I hope everyone has their prescriptions filled to date…
    On the upside, congrats on the UNC win and Duke loss.

  17. dan

    Yeah the parlor is a great venue. I had every intention of going, but the combination of a sick girlfriend and having to work somewhat late last night (uggg 6 day weeks, ensured that I didn’t make it out the door.


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