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Last call for entrance into the xtcian March Madness Pool! Just leave a comment below with your correct address in the “email” field and I’ll send you the link. Yes, I realize there might be some ties for first place, but if this happens, all the 1st-place winners will get their own blog for a day.

The rest of the top five will all get a li’l something as well!


0 thoughts on “three the old-fashioned way

  1. A different Scott

    If there’s a good reason to come out of the lurking closet, it must be a tournament pool. Count me in if you’ll have me.

  2. LFMD

    I finally got around to reading the full transcript of Obama’s speech yesterday about race, and I should post this comment on yesterday’s entry (but the 71 plus comments are a bit overwhelming). . .but I gotta say that
    even if I were not already supporting Obama, I would vote for him based on THIS SPEECH AND THIS SPEECH ONLY. Obama articulates race relations and the current cultural atmosphere so well that I feel like plastering my Honda with Obama! stickers and driving across the country, screaming out my window: “THE ONLY CHOICE IS OBAMA!” Forget Hillary — I used to view her as a fine alternative to Obama, but NO MA’AM. LFMD IS NOT SETTLING THIS TIME AROUND. Obama has a heart and a vision and I AM VOTING FOR HIM SO HELP ME.
    Please, everyone read the transcript. Not the condensed version for idiots that you can find on the daily news sites, the whole thing. OK?
    Oh, and GO HEELS.

  3. Ian's Muslim Friend (tm)

    I’m in.
    But a little explanation.
    I always lose bets, so I always bet on teams I want to see lose. Thus, my support for the Heels will be expressed by my picking Kansas to beat them.
    Because I will lose this bet, the Heels will win.
    Alternatively, if the Heels do lose, I can blog my power-combo of extreme leftism and Islam and drive the people who are convinced that I, a mild-mannered father of two, am “out to get them” (see link above), batshit.

  4. ASD

    I’m in
    carolina undergrad and
    kansas for grad school… it is a good year for me.
    love dean smith… from kansas just like me!

  5. block

    In… if Schultz is in then i’m doing it.
    Welcome to 40 Scott…Sorry i missed the party. i’ll toast you in May.

  6. Greg T

    Alas, ESPN’s site doesn’t play nicely with Opera Mobile and I’m too cheap to pay 10 bucks for hotel internet access so you’ll just have to take me on my word when I accurately predict every single game.
    Go Heels!


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