buon giorno


Greetings from Amelia, Italy! We’re here visiting your old friend David Petrarca, staying in his stone house atop the ancient walled city, dating hundreds of years before the Romans. So you know what my priority is, right?

Exactly! Finding the right broadband SIM card so I can watch the Heels on the internet. What’s the frickin’ holdup?

Anyway, I’ll be reporting from here for the next week. Tell me if you want something!

0 thoughts on “buon giorno

  1. kaz

    oh, ian, if you were closer to rome and i wasn’t going to fiji for my chiefdom on wednesday, i’d ask for coffee from caffe sant’eustacchio…alas, enjoy your time there, and say hi to dave!

  2. DB

    aside from a late entry into the contest, i’d like some euros, please–now that gwb has made the greenback so worthless…

  3. T.J.

    Dook barely escapes the first round upset and loses in the second, resulting in the following in the Yahoo! Sports recap:
    “[Huggins] is back home in West Virginia, at the school he played for, and back among basketball’s elite…. His Duke counterpart, Mike Krzyzewski, is heading in the opposite direction.”
    It’s all gravy from here on out! Go Heels!

  4. scruggs

    I just read in the UNC alum mag that Peter Kaufman is leaving UNC for Univ of Richmond…NO! What a big loss for UNC, but he is working on a great project and seems like he’ll have better resources at his disposal. The story was very cool in general. Though I skipped most of my classes the fall of my soph. year, I skipped his Hist. of Xtianity the least!