did i ever tell you you’re my hero


Dunno how many of you read the news about the amazing British Airways Heathrow Terminal 5 Cock-Up – or, as it has been termed, one of England’s biggest strategic blunders since the Norman Conquest – but we were flew right into the middle of it. We inadvertently spent the weekend in London (on BA’s dime) and haven’t seen our bags in days and days.

We just got back to Los Angeles, fed the fish, and fought the fatigue as we watched the UNC-Louisville game on TiVo. You know how hard it is to stay in radio silence for 12 hours, even in a foreign country? Obviously, it was worth it. As for our ESPN pool, hats off to Emma (who has bragged about outlining her guest blog from the start), Erica and Tanya, showing us dudes how it’s done.

I’m barely conscious. It was an 11-hour flight. More later, but I don’t think I need to say much more tonight other than GO HEELS!!!

0 thoughts on “did i ever tell you you’re my hero

  1. Tanya

    wooo! I’m just glad the Heels are still alive and kicking ASS. I’m two weeks out from giving birth, and at this rate, I may name this kid Tyler. Works good for a girl or a boy. ;)

  2. erica

    Thanks for the kudos – but I am kicking myself. My printed brackets had me picking Memphis, then crossing it out thinking “who picks all 4 #1 seeds” indeed! GO HEELS!

  3. emma

    Are you kidding me? I get a shout out on the day that xtcian has the least amount of comments ever! Thanks for the kudos and go heels.


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