did somebody step on a duck



Chip, Jon, me, mid-1st half, Alamodome, score: 40-14

Honestly, I should have known it was over when I heard the Kansas pep band. They played an arrangement of some awesome pop/jazz invention that was clear, unexpected, complicated and catchy – the kind of piece actual musicians love. When our band took over, it was the same ragged tunes they’ve been flogging since 1987. Familiar, sure, but shopworn. It bore remarking.

I don’t think it’s possible to oversell the amount of hatred for North Carolina stuffed in the Alamodome on Saturday night. The rivers of royal blue coarsed through the aisles, powered by loathing, high on undying resentment and foaming with betrayal. Kansas fans wore shirts that didn’t toy with the language like those “Duck Fook” jokes: they actually said “FUCK ROY”.

If you were from another country and judged audience bias by noise and color, you would think 85% of the stadium were from Kansas, and about 300 people were from North Carolina. I can’t say I’ve ever been in a more hostile environment, and I’ve been to road games in the ACC. Jon, Chip and I tried our best, but sometimes it felt like we got mixed up at the concession stand and walked into the wrong movie.

They booed our players, they booed our coaches, they relished each of our botched shots like bon-bons from heaven. When they began to pull 20, 22, 25, 28 points ahead in the first half, tens of thousands screamed in furious ecstasy, addicted to the cruel adrenaline of knife-twisting. They reminded me of Eric Cartman making Scott Tenorman eat his own parents, then licking the bully’s face while moaning “Ooh, the tears of ultimate sadness! Let me taste your tears, Scott! Oh, num num num!”


Okay, Kansas. You got it out of your system. Roy Williams was your coach, but then went back to his alma mater, taking what is arguably the best job in college basketball. Then he won the national championship with us. I understand you were pissed off. Now can you move on? Because if that’s all you had to fight for, Memphis is going to clean your fucking clock tonight.


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  1. Matt

    This is a small reason why I don’t believe the climate change doomsayers, because not even they believe it. I know this because there’s no way that Ian would risk his daughter’s future — her very survival if scaremongers are to be believed — just to fly around the country to attend something as frivolous and trivial as a basketball game; something they could do nearly as well in front of their television. If climate change isn’t important enough to them that they can give up even this much of a luxury, it can’t be too serious to them. And don’t give me that carbon credit scam/crap. Your schemes and excuses don’t take the CO2 out of the air, which you just spewed tons of by your air travel; more than half a year’s worth for an average person.
    I’ll start believing that global warming is a serious problem when those who say it’s a serious problem start acting like it’s a serious problem.
    Sorry if I ruined your Monday.

  2. Ian

    Matt, this is so boring of you, and (I would have thought) totally beneath your usual analytical skills. I accept my astronomically-small culpability in the carbon produced by an airplane that was bound for San Antonio anyway, and choose to make HUGE changes in my life that actually make a difference, which is much more than you and your merry band of climate change deniers will do in your entire lifetimes.
    Go Tigers, I guess.

  3. Neva

    My goodness Matt. That seems beneath you.
    Do you truly expect Ian and the rest of the world that cares about the environment to only go where bicycles can take them? This is a mighty juvenile kick in the pants at a very sad time for Ian and most of us here, which makes me wonder, why are you here in the first place? Even if you just want to argue politics with many from the opposing viewpoint why would you want to berate someone in this way? Seems so Ann Coulter of you Matt. Not doing much to represent that whole “compassionate conservative” thing. Oh, that’s right, that doesn’t exist anyhow.
    On a better note – Yah to Emma! – who continues to dominate even though she stayed true to the heels in her bracket. Looking forward to your guest blog soon, I hope!

  4. Lindsay

    I’m still rooting for Kansas tonight.
    That Matt guy is still around? What an ass. He’d probably tell a kiddie that there was no Santa just so he could make a point about the Flat Tax.
    Push his grandmother down the stairs to show that private health care is strong.
    Guys like Matt may pretend to civility and reason, but deep down inside them lurks the dialectical heart of a gay basher.

  5. Matt

    Of course I don’t buy into anthropogenic global warming, so I don’t really begrudge Ian his air travel. (I’d fly coast-to-coast to attend a Federalist Society conference or a Washington Capitals game.) The point is, well, I made it above. Sorry if the truth hurts. I didn’t really mean to berate or pile on at a moment of sports grief.
    The excuse that the plane was going there anyway hardly helps, as it surely wouldn’t if the flight wasn’t used. The excuse can also be made by anyone traveling anywhere on a public flight. The only way real change is going to be made is if everyone does their part. Sort of like voting…. one vote isn’t going to decide and election, but when everyone thinks like that those lost votes add up. Also, you all know very well from the superior analytical skills developed at some of the country’s best universities, that changing all the light bulbs in your homes, using alternative fuels to heat your homes, taking the bus to work everyday, buying a Prius, all the energy saving measures you’ve taken in the last few years, pale in comparison to the carbon output for which you are responsible for by flying to a basketball game. There’s no greater carbon polluter than air travel. It speaks volumes. I’m not calling anyone a poser, but you can’t be too sure that the world is doomed if you can find ways to excuse participating in what scientists and activists of your persuasion believe is the most damaging act.
    But don’t feel too bad. Anthropogenic GW isn’t really happening anyway. Pardon me while I go idle my car. Maybe if I leave it running until next February I’ll catch up to Ian’s carbon output.

  6. Matt

    Now I’m a gay basher. Heh. Now I know what Hillary and Geraldine must feel like. Even if a lifetime of service to lefty causes won’t spare you from the venom from compassionate lefties if you ever disagree with them. It really must not be personal.

  7. GFWD

    I’m pulling for a Memphis blowout of Biblical proportions. Kansas fans forget that Roy blew us off when we initially came calling and that the primary reason he left the second time is because they fired his boss and replaced him with a prick. They forget that ass hat’s role in the departure of their beloved coach.
    Yes, our karmic debt is replaced, but considering their whiny ways leading up to this game, I hope that Kansas loses and loses huge. Then I hope that big Oklahoma State booster makes Bill Self an offer he can’t refuse and HE bolts, too, to HIS alma mater.
    Matt’s jabs might carry more weight if Ian chartered a 747 and only carried 4 passengers over and above the crew. Or if he flew in his private jet. But, as I understand it, the plane on which he flew was still going to San Antonio with or without him.
    So the Nerf dagger which you tried to lodge in Ian’s back missed the mark.

  8. Megan

    Thanks for the eyewitness report, Ian. Now I have a reason to root for Memphis tonight. And I still think it was a great season.

  9. alan

    I guess it hurts that Matt is right. While Ian would surely feel the need to denegrate anyone who gets his kicks riding around on a four wheeler or burning up gas on a ski boat, he has no qualms about jet setting about the world on frivolous activities. That’s because Ian is out of touch. He feels justified in doing what he does because he has the ability to spend insane amounts of cash on anything with a green sticker on it whether it actually makes economic sense or not. He’s too much like his friend Al “Do what I say not what I do” Gore. http://scottthong.wordpress.com/2007/03/23/al-gore-high-priest-of-global-warming-hypocrisy/

  10. Anne

    As I posted yesterday to your last post, I am soooo sorry about that gut-curdling loss, Ian. For much of the first period I sensed that the UNC players were in shock, or a fugue state, or something. It was almost unreal that they couldn’t sink a shot. Did all the Kansas fans buy, and utilize, pale-blue-and-white-clad voodoo dolls or something?
    It’s tough to watch a good team (and its diehard fans) go down like that. NC’s amazing scoring surges that narrowed the gap were thrilling; too bad they weren’t enough in the end.

  11. Matt

    Just to be clear, I’m not saying that Ian has to ride a bicycle everywhere he goes. Surely one can believe in man-made climate change and still fly places for genuinely crucial travel. Even most alarmists allow that Al Gore needs to fly around the world in private jets (he’s a VIP) to meet folks in person so he can enlighten the masses. But a basketball game? How easy would that be to give up if one really believed the fate of civilization were at stake?
    Further to my voting analogy, if anthropogenic climate change is a referendum, Ian is voting with his choices.
    Nerf dagger is a good zinger, by the way.

  12. Ian

    Matt, from now on, I’ll be sure to clear all my trips with your Genuinely Crucial Travel Department.
    I can’t BELIEVE I got suckered into this one again.

  13. Matt

    Sure Ben. Ian rails against people who drive SUVs, who don’t recycle or use environmentally friendly light bulbs, yet he routinely indulges in an activity that puts out hundreds of times more carbon and other GHGs. He insists that global warming is threatening the survival of our planet and feigns disbelief that anyone can disagree with the “scientific consensus,” but when asked to make the most modest sacrifice for the sake of civilization – flying around the country to attend college basketball games – he not only refuses, but acts indignant that anyone dare suggest such a thing (“I can’t BELIEVE I got suckered into this one”). His freedom to fly to UNC basketball games must not be infringed! It’s all those little people who are selfishly destroying our planet. Afterall, Ian drives a Prius. He cares!

  14. scruggs

    I agree with Matt, such a self-indulgent trip. If Ian hadn’t bought an NCAA ticket and gone in the game, then they wouldn’t have even played the game (which is fine by me) and saved on all of the lighting usage. And how dare he use flash photography, too, such hypocrisy. I think he’s learned his lesson and next time will just play checkers by candlelight (lit by rubbing two sticks together, of course).
    From what I recall, its not like Ian has the standard commute day in and day out. Doesn’t the brother have some fuel credits stored up?
    I think the lack of energy displayed by our Heels for 2/3 the game offsets his use of energy. Net zero!

  15. grumphreys

    Matt et al… again with the “attack the messenger” tactics. If your point is that everyone could be considered a hypocrite, well, yes, every single one of us is in some way a hypocrite. Amazing deductive work there, Clouseau.
    When you actually disprove the overwhelming scientific evidence behind global warming instead of attacking the messengers, you’ll actually be saying something besides blowing hot air.
    Once again, the aim is systemic change on a large scale – harvesting the sun’s energy in a more efficient way than fossil fuel, which is just stored solar energy anyway.
    I was proud of the way the our Tar Heels fought their way back into the game!

  16. ben

    I happen to really like reading Ian’s blog everyday. It takes heart and courage to open up to such a vast audience. I guess I’m furious with Matt because of my own self interests . . . I don’t want Matt’s busting Ian’s balls to interfere with Ian’s openness.
    How many times are you going to say the same thing Matt!?! We heard you the first time. Busting a guy’s balls in the way that you are is like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s no challenge.
    Unless that’s the type of thing you get off on.

  17. emma

    Everyone should have a passion. One of Ian’s passion is UNC basketball. Matt, one of your passions may be the Federalist Society and you may fly coast to coast for a conference. Just because someone has a different passion does not make one better than the other.
    I have used too much carbon going to DC with the Federalist Society to meet Clarence Thomas and I have used too much carbon flying to Boston just to see a regular season baseball game.
    Don’t give up on your passions, and be thankful that one of Ian’s passions is also conserving energy. And this is one area that I can agree readily with with Ian. I am one conservative who actually believes in actually conserving energy with recycling, the light bulbs, taking my reusable bags to the grocery store and driving a hybrid, among other things.
    If basketball is your religion, there is no better reason to fly to Texas to cheer on your team for a final four basketball game.

  18. Matt

    Emma, I in fact agree with you. I don’t have a problem with Ian or anyone else flying or driving or exercising whatever freedom of travel they desire. I also believe in conservation. Not because man-made global warming is dooming us to cannibalism in 30 years, but because being wasteful makes no economical sense and there actually are real benefits to be had for human health and the environment.
    For the record, I don’t believe any one here is actually as obtuse about my point as they sound. I think it’s an intentional effort, which is understandable since defensiveness is a natural human emotion.
    According to those who believe in anthropogenic global warming, the most environmentally destructive thing a person can do today is air travel. Ian does it frivilously. I mean, a basketball game? C’mon. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. A job, a funeral, a wedding, maybe even a family vacation… you gotta live a little. No one expects people to live in a cave throwing another piece of dung on the fire to keep warm (except those who live in McMansions and drive Hummers, they should be made to do so as salvation for their sins). But if you really believe global warming is a serious problem, would you be so flippant about it? I wouldn’t. If I believed it I wouldn’t be flying around to Federalist Society conferences or Washington Capital games. I’d be content to watch Ovechkin on television.
    All the little things Ian does (perhaps not a little self-righteously) to reduce his carbon output has been negated by that flight so he could watch a college basketball game in person. So what, you might say, at least he did something so his carbon output is less than it would’ve been without any effort at all. Well, sure. But if the survival of our very species is at stake, does it really match the talk? Can he really take it all that seriously if he’s willing to trade in all the good he’s done just to indulge in a basketball game? Will we be any less dead for it if he’s right? I sure hope he doesn’t believe the grave warnings about global warming, because if he does he’s remarkably reckless about it.

  19. Lindsay

    Yeah, I called you a gay basher. Way to take false umbrage, kid. You’ve been in Washington too long, and that response was indeed Clintonian.
    My point, which you choose to ignore, is that your “civil discourse” is a fraud. Deep down, you’re just a bully who is happy to kick people when they’re down.
    I thought Danny Green played a great game. He made me proud.

  20. emma

    Matt – What makes you think you can decide what is important enough for someone to travel to? I would think someone is crazy for flying to see a Nascar event, but they may think I’m crazy for flying to Vegas to play cards.
    Sports can be very important to some people. I married one of those people and have since even become one of those people.

  21. Matt

    That’s exactly my point, Emma. Ian is making these very value judgments about other people’s choices, their freedoms, what they should drive and how they should live their lives because, according to him, the survival of the world is at stake and it’s for the greater good. He has a post somewhere about making SUVs illegal, among other rants. Meanwhile he takes umbrage at anyone pointing out the simple fact that his own choices are far worse and unjustifiable by his own standard. Bottom line: Can he really believe that climate change is as dire a threat as he claims when he can’t be bothered to give up anything important to himself to save the planet (while demanding that of others)?
    Ben’s right, I’m only repeating myself. I find the response in this thread fascinating, though.

  22. alan

    Matt, its a good sign you have won the debate when the best the opposition can come up with to refute your logic is insults and death wishes.

  23. Lindsay

    You assume that I’m trying to disprove Matt’s points by insulting him. I could care less about his global warming position. I think he is a jerk for bludgeoning his way into a conversation about the Heels after a tough loss. So, no, he hasn’t won an argument.
    Again, you have no defense to the charge that your first post was a mean-spirited troll at an inopportune time. Yes, I /know/ I’m being mean-spirited and uncivil. The thesis of my argument is that you’re a jerk who hides behind a very thin veneer of civility. There’s no point in my pretending to be civil or nice about it.

  24. Matt

    What, did somebody die? I thought it was just a game. If dealing with your favorite team losing a basketball game is a moment of real tragedy, you have no perspective. I think Ian does, however. Or at least he used to. You had to know this was coming (I grant that quoting someone’s own words is less civil):
    Ian: “The consortium claims that it’s going to impossible to stop for centuries. We can only hope that sort of language doesn’t inspire a kind of lazy epicurianism whereby we all buy Hummers because we’re fucked anyway. We can do a lot to put a dent in this forecast and give ourselves a fighting chance at getting through this century. It’s a harrowing moment of reckoning, this report. Hopefully, it’ll get the Square Wheelers out of our fucking way for good, so we can stop the debate and actually do something. When any of you read this report, does it make you throw your hands in the air and say “fuck it” or does it inspire any kind of action?” http://www.xtcian.com/arch/002619.php
    It makes me want to jump on an airplane to tell someone, maybe the guy sitting next to me.
    Ian: “[I]t seems pretty clear that we are messing with the future of humanity – and the future is coming way faster than anyone thought. Those of us in our 30s are still young, but we still got three very fun decades in. We had a good run, perhaps, and if you don’t plan on having kids, it’s easy to not give half a shit. But I just went and looked at my sleeping Lucy, and I’m sorry to be a hackneyed cliché hound, but can you imagine dealing with the next 80+ years of global warming? Can you imagine what she might need to deal with? IT’S HARROWING.”
    At least she’ll have your game program from the Heels ‘08 Final Four appearance.
    Ian: “But now I’m asking something of you – all of you, whether you’re my good friends, blog acquaintances, or merely lurkers who visit my humble site. All I request is that you DO ONE THING. … [T]he crisis we’re in is not funny anymore, it’s not cute, it’s not clever. Global warming due to human interference is REAL, it’s HERE, and all of us bear partial responsibility.” http://www.xtcian.com/arch/002475.php
    I vow to recycle my beer cups at all Washington Capital away games.
    Ian: “Climate change transcends politics, and is quite simply a matter of survival. The wave of black water doesn’t give a shit if you’re liberal or conservative, and while you send for whom the bell tolls, your estate is being washed away. For those of us trying to do something about it, why can’t you just say thank you?” http://www.xtcian.com/arch/002495.php
    Oh, I thank you.
    Here’s Ian a few comments above justifying his air travel for a basketball game: “… an airplane that was bound for San Antonio anyway.”
    Here’s Ian two years ago: “‘But lo!’ you cry, ‘the plane is ALREADY GOING to New York!’ True enough, but that’s circular logic. Every person on that hypothetical plane bears the responsibility for its gas usage. They made that choice, not me. If they all decided to not take the plane, then the airline wouldn’t fly it.” http://www.xtcian.com/arch/002432.php
    Which makes this somewhat relevant:
    Ian: “Conservatives fascinate me; when proof of their mistakes are shown, they usually just believe it even harder.” http://www.xtcian.com/arch/002494.php
    I had forgot about this one:
    Ian: “I may disagree with commenter Matt on issues of climate change, and I may find his sources to be biased, agenda-filled and contrary, but at least he comes at it speaking the language of science, and provides links and his own channels of research, and thus I’ve always respected him a lot.” http://www.xtcian.com/arch/002654.php
    What am I going to do with my days off when I’m banned from Xtcian?

  25. jje

    Sigh…Ian, your face in that picture pretty much sums it all up. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so miserable during a game. My husband was able to let go and move on once the game was over, but I’m still brooding over it. I’m trying to figure out whether the loss could possibly be attributed to Roy, bless his heart, wearing the ugliest of his ugly ties again or because I watched with my college roommates in Columbia instead of with Patrick here at home.
    At any rate, awesome season – just a really, really disappointing game. Maybe the silver lining is Tyler will stick around for another year? I wish Q was getting another year.
    I can’t stand Calipari, but I’ll be silently cheering for Memphis to clean Kansas’ clock tonight.

  26. Annie

    I agree wholeheartedly with Lindsay. It was really stunning (yet, somehow, not surprising) to see Matt greedily seize upon this moment to make, again, another one of his same points. Again.
    Is anyone being convinced by Matt’s arguments? Or, do you feel (as I do) that many of his stronger points are overwhelmed and rendered impotent by his mosquito-like persistence and smug, self-congratulatory tone?
    If you really want to be persuasive, Matt, how about trying a new, actually persuasive, rhetorical strategy.

  27. noj

    matt – as you can see, no one really is arguing with you about global warming. everyone is up in arms about the fact that you choose this particular post to make your beef. the response in this thread is not “fascinating”, as far as i’m concerned. it’s totally predictable. the “anti-Matt” contingent isn’t spoiling for a global warming debate, they just feel you’re being a dick for the manner in which you chose to express your opinion. your fossil fuel beef probably could have waited until tomorrow is all…

  28. Matt

    How about explaining what is unpersuasive, Annie? By the way, this is the first time I’ve ever criticized Ian’s travel. Ever. I usually defend him on the basis that GW isn’t man-made and is irrelevant. I certainly underestimated the level of mourning going on around here. It doesn’t seem… natural.

  29. Lindsay

    I may be a Pollyanna to an unreasonable degree about this, jje, but a Final Four (and a championship) this close to 8-20 still makes me very happy. And losing to Kansas is much easier than losing to George Mason. Or even to a Memphis or a ’93 Michigan.
    The worst day in Chapel Hill is still better than the best day in Lawrence, KS.

  30. Annie

    I think I did just explain it, Matt—unless the words “mosquito-like persistence and smug, self-congratulatory tone” have suddenly been drained of meaning.

  31. Lindsay

    Maybe Matt thinks that “mosquito-like persistence and smug, self-congratulatory tone” are compliments? He is a lawyer, after all.

  32. Matt

    That’s dismissive and completely devoid of any substance at all, Annie. That’s obvious to everyone. If the sole objection is to my timing, my apologies. I thought it was just a basketball game. When the Caps get knocked out in a week or two or when the Cubs get mathematically eliminated in August I feel bummed. For about 5 minutes. I surely can’t relate to the allegiance you all feel to the carolina blue.

  33. Annie

    ..But just in case you’re composing a post about how I didn’t *really* explain myself:
    1) The mosquito-like persistence is unpersuasive because of its overall “protesting too much” effect. If you feel confident that you’ve made your point the first time around, to continue to repeat it undermines that appearance of confidence and hence, your point.
    2) The smug, self-congratulatory tone is unpersuasive because it attacks your opponent rather than his or her argument, again calling into question your confidence about the argument standing on its own.
    Therefore the strength of your points are often, indeed almost always, severely undermined by the combination of these rhetorical strategies.

  34. Neva

    Matt one question I have is – are you billing some client for all this time? You obviously need more to do!

  35. jje

    I know, I know, Lindsay. I even said it was an awesome season. I just can’t shake the lingering sting…
    Give me a couple more days to work it out of my system and I’ll be a pollyanna, too, I promise.
    I’m already kinda-sorta looking forward to football season, though with a newborn, I’m sure I’m going to sleep through most of it.

  36. Lindsay

    Dang, Matt. I thought responding to my comments was preventing you from working on a torture memo.
    Apology accepted.

  37. ken

    I think we now know that Matt’s true passion isn’t Federalist Society, it’s checking back here every half hour to make sure he’s sufficiently pissed everyone off with what he thinks is such clever logic. I counted twelve comments so far meaning a full quarter of the comments are from him and now since I’ve brought this up, expect a thirteenth within the hour.
    Say what you want about silly passions–mine’s Cubs baseball (insert lame Cubs joke here)–at least it’s not checking back here every hour on a day off. And for the record, I did once charter a plane for the sole purpose of attending a Cubs game and only six people were aboard, though the plane was a Piper Warrior and the fuel and operating costs were less per person than a Southwest flight would’ve been. So there.

  38. cullen

    Exactly, he’s a lawyer at a computer–strike that, a clearly obsessive lawyer at a computer hanging on every word in this uber-convo b/w us users. No poser here as a Tarheel or environmentalist/conservationist–just in quiet repose and resignation as to the loss, which is SAD…., but then more sorry still for the fact that there’s always gonna be the kind feed (this blog, etal, if you get my drift), and the D_ _ K Weed (aka MATT–notice how I kept it clean for sportsfans)
    Uh, Go Capitals?

  39. scruggs

    I wouldn’t label my particular reaction defensiveness, rather annoyance with the original post.
    Now, not to keep playing things back in my head, but did anyone else thing that if Danny’s 3-pointer (that went 3/4 of the way IN before popping back out through that tight rim) went in, then all would have been right with the world? Ah, missed opportunities but the team displayed great fight, eventually.

  40. Tanya

    I just wish Matt would quit speaking for “everyone.”
    As for the Heels, as the last second ticked off the clock, I initiated a media blackout. It’s quite effective, actually. My husband prefers the opposite therapy of listening and reading every story and article outlining the Heels demise. I like to think I’m nearly over it by now…

  41. Matt

    That’s right Ken. I noted what I believe to be a valid point, one which might cause certain people to reexamine their actions vis-à-vis their stated convictions, and have since endured jejune attacks, death wishes and other non sequiturs while attempting to either clarify my argument, respond directly to questions or otherwise elicit some kind of reasoned response. Despite today’s results, that does happen on this blog from time to time. For a group of people who claim to be open-minded and welcoming of debate or free speech, you seem strangely insecure and far too easily “pissed off.” These are the kind of responses I would expect at the Democratic Underground.

  42. Annie

    I would describe
    “Pardon me while I go idle my car. Maybe if I leave it running until next February I’ll catch up to Ian’s carbon output.”
    “His freedom to fly to UNC basketball games must not be infringed! It’s all those little people who are selfishly destroying our planet. Afterall, Ian drives a Prius. He cares!”
    as jejune attacks.

  43. Annie

    Please don’t pretend that you are merely “trying to elicit a reasoned response” when it is clear to everyone that you are participating with relish in the exchange of aggressively snide remarks here and being provocative with very overtly deliberate intent. Please don’t act surprised when your provocative comments, in fact, end up provoking people.
    “These are the kind of responses I would expect at the Democratic Underground.”
    can only be described as goading remark intending to incite and inflame, and insult the readers of this blog.

  44. kjf

    i know that i will be thinking about matt when the caps get kicked out of the nhl playoffs in round one.
    and to you tarheels – sorry about that game. if tyler comes back you guys will be tough to beat in 2009. so ian i suggest you start your walk to detroit tomorrow!

  45. Father Tim

    Barrister, you know you’ve had the meter running for Exxon Mobil while stirring the pot here. Don’t lie.

  46. Matt

    Spare me, Annie. No one’s saying you have to be humorless. Just try to include an actual argument along with your personal attacks explaining why my point is unpersuasive. Read the very first comment to this blog post again.
    Let me boil it down for you: If a person says carbon emission is the greatest threat facing his daughter’s future and the survival of all humankind (and Ian does), why should anyone believe him if he goes about intentionally emitting MASSIVE quantities of carbon just so he can attend something as trivial as a basketball game?
    An honest person would reflect on his answer and not pretend the question is ridiculous.

  47. Lindsay

    Matt, the whole point here is that no one wants to debate you on this. Annie didn’t address the substantive points of your argument, only the fact that you were just as immature as anyone else while making them.
    However, I will come down from my jejune mountaintop of scorn and insult to engage you in your tawdry little debate with what I hereby dub “The First Law of xtcian”:
    Any argument that assumes that Ian can’t be both factually correct and a fool is wrong.
    (Sorry Ian. I don’t make this stuff up, I just reveal it to the world.)

  48. Annie

    I did include an actual argument. I described exactly how you were, to me, unpersuasive in making your point today (though today was not the first time I have felt unpersuaded). I did not personally attack you, I critiqued your methods. I cited in full specific instances from this very thread where you used snide insults to get your point across. This tactic (in addition to over-repetition) for me dramatically weakened the argument you were struggling to make today (an argument which, as Lindsay pointed out, I did not engage in my response–I was addressing the rhetorical strategies you used to make said argument).
    What exactly am I supposed to spare you? A candid reflection of my views? You have not bothered to spare us that for some time.
    I am funny sometimes. But rarely am I as funny as Ian. Which is one of the primary reasons I read this blog–Ian makes me laugh. A lot. Always. It’s something I value in life. That, plus my almost 20-year friendship with Ian, are the primary reasons I am here. Why are you here? If not to make sport of sniping at the left (or, the left as it is represented by Ian), I really cannot even begin to make an educated guess.

  49. KTS

    “Humorless Fool.” Nice song title! “He got the attention he craved, while digging his own grave. He protested way too much, but it still left him in the dust.”

  50. lindsay

    not entirely unsuprising, on his personal, unpromoted blog. this weakens her point that you’re an ass how, exactly?

  51. cullen

    ‘Sniping’ to and fro is right, Annie. What a great call. That brings back some excellent bygones. If only we could, no let’s, yes, let’s take that not-gullible-no-how Matt on one of N.C.’s famed snipe hunts. “Here snipee, snipee, snipee; just be patient. The snipes are out tonight. The darker it gets, the more they’ll be out.” Anyone else ever been on a real good snipe hunt?
    Matt’s not dumb. Big brother done told him ’bout those coupla times when Ian flat-out refused to recycle, did not use biodegradable soap while warshing in the creek, just plain rurint (ruined) the compost with old scotch, and what all else.
    Atonement bitch. Ian, that’s what it’s all about for the right aisle. We still love you man.

  52. gadfly

    There once was a barrister named Matt
    whose arguments were exceedingly pat
    and as he pecked away
    at snarky comments all day,
    on the backs of our taxpayers he grew fat
    how’s that for jejune?

  53. sara j

    “Because if that’s all you had to fight for, Memphis is going to clean your fucking clock tonight.”
    Hey, there’s a lot of Kansas folks that still love Roy. Yeah, it hurt us when he left, but he’s a classy guy. ….and didn’t he look good with that Jayhawk on his shirt?
    Rock Chalk!

  54. Terri

    I didn’t read each and every post on this thread, but I have to say I was rooting for Kansas. I always want whatever team beats us to go all the way, but the bigger reason to pull for Kansas is that, if we have a sister program, it is Kansas. From Naismith to Allen to Smith to Brown to Williams – the connections are way too numerous. Even Calipari and Self are grandchildren of The Dean, who you all know was rooting for his alma mater in last night’s game. I know this is hard to read, but what connects our programs is way bigger than the whole Roy leaving thing. So I say, If it must be the case that we could not win (or, let’s be honest, even tie the friggin’ game – WTF????), I would rather have Kansas cut down the nets all day, every day! All that being said, Ian, the title of this post should have been, “Look how they massacred my boys!” Where’s that from?


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