3 oz. of liquid


Okay, let’s go ahead and get this out of the way. Any and all comments about the greenhouse gases emitted by my travels will be referred to this entry from now on. Let me say it loud and clear: I USE AIRPLANES FOR TRAVEL. I WILL CONTINUE TO USE AIRPLANES FOR TRAVEL. I TRAVEL PLACES YOU MAY NOT THINK ARE ESSENTIAL. I TRAVEL A LOT, AND NOT ONLY FOR WORK – OCCASIONALLY I WILL TRAVEL TO WATCH A BASKETBALL GAME FEATURING MY BELOVED TAR HEELS.

But I thought you were a rabid environmentalist! Isn’t that a little hypocritical?

I’m sorry, I can’t really hear you when you’re sucking my balls.

*Ahem*. I said… I thought you were a rabid environmentalist! Isn’t that a little hypocritical?

In some ways, yes. I am one of the (roughly) 100-250 people who elected to take a flight to a place where the plane was going anyway. If I had gotten together with the other 100-250 people, and told them all to drive to Italy… well, no, they would have flown the empty plane anyway. But if I started a groundswell of public outcry against air travel and convinced 30% of all Americans not to fly to Europe anymore, they would probably reduce the number of JFK-Rome flights from four to three.

Am I culpable? Yes. I’d argue that my culpability is very, very small, but yes, it exists.

I’m not talking about vacation flights to Europe, I mean flights to a place like San Antonio, just to watch a basketball game.

Ah, but is it just to watch a basketball game? When I went to Texas last weekend, I met up with my buddies Jon Vaden and Chip Chapman – two friends I’ve had for 23 years. We talked for two days about our various life issues, offered support where we could, and even visited the Alamo – along the way, spending money in the local economy:


So where do you draw the line for frivolity?

You could have driven. Didn’t you once say: “Every person on that… plane bears the responsibility for its gas usage. They made that choice, not me.”

Yes, but you’re taking me out of context. I was saying that to commenters who didn’t like the fact that I was driving across the country when there was a plane going there anyway.

Besides – and I’ll come clean here – many of my arguments against flying (and for driving) came from an irrational post-9/11 fear of flying that has since been mostly eradicated by therapy and Celexa. In a way, I was trying convince my wife to let me drive from New York to California twice a year, and thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.

Sounds like rationalizations to me. I mean, what percentage of man-made global warming is caused by airplanes?


Um. How much is caused by driving, shipping and trains?


Er… what about deforestation?

18%. Lighting accounts for about 20%. You see where this is going, don’t you? Let’s put it in simple terms:

A round-trip flight from LAX to San Antonio emits about 275 kg of CO2 per passenger. If you were to swap out ten incandescent bulbs for CFLs in your house, you would stop 385 kg of CO2 in one year. Hell, if you were to insulate your attic with rolls of R-38 from your hardware store, you’d save 1500 kg of carbon dioxide a year.

What are you getting at?

I’m saying “make realistic changes where you can.” If you don’t like buying carbon offsets, that’s fine, but instead of calling environmentalists who fly “hypocrites”, you could make about five changes to your own home that would cancel out every flight they’ll take for the next five years.

Oh no. Is this where you list all of your Great Environmental Achievements?

Yes, because it makes conservatives so furious. To wit: we drive a Prius (roughly 45 mpg), we own no incandescent bulbs, we are a one-car family in Los Angeles with no commute, our farm has a solar array that provides free energy to our house as well as several homes surrounding it, we heat with a wood stove (77% efficiency using a renewable resource), we’ve planted trees on both coasts, use new high-efficiency washers, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators… and we pick airlines with new planes and a solid environmental plan.

Wait – what was that last part?

I make sure to fly new planes that are 44% more efficient than the ones we used in the ’80s (and are still around). And for our roundtrips back to New York, we almost exclusively use Virgin’s brand new planes, which not only have cool games and movies on demand at every seat, but Virgin itself is investing in a superfuel that may change travel as we know it.

Whatever. You’re still flying and still putting gas into the stratosphere.

Whatever. It’s always the climate change deniers who harp on this the most. They use our so-called hypocrisy as justification for doing absolutely nothing. I would make this warning, however: don’t forget what happened to the boy who never went on an airplane, never discovered new places, never visited other countries, never learned another language, never commiserated with old friends, and never ventured far because the world was too scary and complicated…


He became a batshit wingnut reactionary Republican.

You can only do this environmental stuff because there’s money, etc. etc. prissy self-righteous, etc. etc. elitist, latté-drinking liberal fuck, etc. etc-

Wait, wait. I’m sorry. Again, it’s really hard to hear you whilst you suck my balls.

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  1. Matt

    But! Don’t tell me how it’s a matter of life and death when it comes second to basketball. That’s all folks. Fire away.

  2. scruggs

    What’s up with Roy wearing a Jayhawk sticker on national television? I have no problems with him sitting in the Kansas section and pulling for them; that is completely understandable. UNC pays him millions of dollars to be OUR representative. I think wearing a sticker of the team that beat us down 48 hours prior to keep us from the final game is pretty disrespectful. Anyway, not sure why that got me so riled up last night, but I was.

  3. Joanna

    My questions:
    1. What fluorescent bulbs do you recommend? Have you found some that actually provide warm light? I use some, but only in the kitchen and bathroom because the light from the fluorescent bulbs seems so cool and institutional – even on those marketed as “soft.”
    2. Why defend your actions to these people as long as you’re comfortable with yourself?

  4. GFWD

    You mean the guy who is sucking on Ian’s balls or the guy who had nothing to say when presented with facts about Ian putting his conservation efforts where his blog is? You have to be more specific Ben.

  5. wyatt

    ian is an itinerant TSA air marshall; he HAS to fly, to protect us from the evil-doers and killers.
    matt is the billy packer of this blog.
    i thought roy’s jayhawk sticker was classy, and that DES would approve. a gesture towards healing. it worked for me.

  6. jon

    I agree with Wyatt – I thought Roy’s sticker was a completely classy move toward healing the absurd rift between UNC and KU fans. There is absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with Roy loving Kansas with a passion and rooting like hell for them when they are playing Anybody But Carolina. He gave the best years of his life to that place. And Kansas and Carolina have such a great shared history, that I always thought was really cool and unique, at least until this latest dust-up. Scruggs, you wanna be a Uniter or a Divider? Roy voted last night for “Uniter.” I know that’s a pretty uncommon example for our leaders to set, but how refreshing, right?

  7. GFWD

    Respectfully, Wyatt and Jon, that’s hogwash. Roy hanging around–especially after Kansas got their revenge–was like the old high school jock who never leaves town and talks about the “good old days” to anyone who will listen. Kansas didn’t give a flip about Roy Monday night even before the win. Those weren’t his players, his coaches or his legacy. HIS players were back home nursing wounded pride and wondering why they weren’t coached better in their big game. Roy was, at best a malingerer, and a worst a party crasher. The best thing about Kansas winning with Bill Self is that the Roy era is gone. You think they’ll give a flip about old four-final-fours-and-no-victories-Roy anymore in Kansas? Think again. He’ll be a pleasant footnote to Larry Brown and Bill Self. Who doesn’t get over a former “employer” five years later? Gawd Almighty. It might be fine for DES, because he is a–wait for it–Kansas ALUM.
    I’m not alone:

  8. Lindsay

    The Jayhawks I read on phog.net seemed to appreciate the gesture, and, to many of them, it made all the difference in putting aside their differences with Roy.
    I totally agree with Jon about our “sister program” and thought it was an amazing game. I like several non-Tar Heels teams, but when it comes down to it, I only root for KU in a way that feels anything like the way I root for the Heels. I was on my feet for the last two minutes of the game.
    Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk.
    (I bet it’s a pretty good day in Lawrence)
    P.S. Does today’s blog entry mean that the “First Rule of xtcian” is not going to catch on? Oh, well. It came from a place of love.

  9. Matt

    “You mean the guy who is sucking on Ian’s balls or the guy who had nothing to say when presented with facts about Ian putting his conservation efforts where his blog is?”
    I suppose that is not completely without merit. The last part, that is. Aside from Emma and Ian, the most intelligent comment from yesterday was “Muck Fatt” and the rest speaks for itself. While Exxon isn’t on the clock this morning, I’ve been planning to do some pro bono shilling for Halliburton so I suppose I can respond, for anyone who cares.
    Ian argues that his culpability for flying is small. OK, but the same goes for all those Hummer drivers, no? He minimizes his carbon contribution by dividing the emissions among all passengers, but morally speaking he is jointly liable for the total amount.
    Ian doesn’t provide links to support his statistics, and though I don’t question that he arrived at them honestly, they are contradicted by other so-called environmentalists. People who are on his side of the isle and who hate America as much as he does (I’m kidding!). For instance, he states that only 1.7% of man-made global warming (let’s accept the premise for the sake of argument) is caused by air travel. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates more than twice that and expects it to rise to 15% in the next few decades, thanks to frequent flyers like Ian. He also claims that “a round-trip flight from LAX to San Antonio emits about 275 kg of CO2 per passenger.” According to the Terrapass calculator (http://www.terrapass.com/flight/flightcalc.php), it’s more like 1,086 kg, and that assumes only a fraction of responsibility for each passenger. Regardless of what Ian says, if passengers hadn’t put their butts in the seats that flight wouldn’t exist for the simple reason that it wouldn’t make economical sense for the airline. This is basic stuff, folks. And if we want to talk percentages, only a little more than 3% of global warming is even attributed to human sources. The vast majority is due to water vapor and other natural processes.
    The bottom line is that people who are screaming the loudest about doomsday scenarios from carbon-induced global warming whine about the habits of others (what they drive, the kind of light bulbs they use, whether they compost or recycle, everything) and plead with them for the “sake of the children” not to be selfish, yet they twist themselves into a pretzel to either justify or minimize their own behavior and their own choices. Their freedom is important, not the other guy’s. Think of how many ways a person can justify consuming fossil fuels, according to Ian’s standard, so long as they don’t rack up 50,000 miles per year in the sky. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing about Ian’s conservation that makes him any less responsible for global carbon emissions than the warming skeptic SUV driver with a Jesus fish on his bumper. And the latter isn’t insisting the survival of the planet depends on us making sacrifices (except for things we like!) and doing everything we can.
    While we’re on the subject of global warming, which no one doubts is happening, new data shows that for the last ten years the earth has actually been experiencing a cooling trend (http://www.nbcaugusta.com/weather/news/16011587.html). It’s hard to keep up, I know.

  10. tbruns

    Ian, is it possible to send me the plans/company name of the solar array. I have been trying to come up with an affordable and practical solution to going off the grid and the solar would be a giant first step. I know I could research the hell out of it on the web but it would be nice to hear from someone who actually has it and it actually works for them. -Thanks

  11. GFWD

    Bullshit, Matt. my “Nerf dagger” comment was better than Muck Fatt and you admitted so yourself yesterday. Be consistent! Smile.
    Matt, to be fair, from where did you matriculate so we can lob attacks at your team and not you personally.

  12. ben

    I was indifferent about the outcome of the game until it started, then I found myself pulling for Memphis.
    Strangely, I feel worse about the way Memphis choked up than I feel about the way Carolina lost. It’s got to be a horrible feeling to know that you’ve won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP only to have it slip away.

  13. Lindsay

    And thus, the veneer of civility weighs out. Ian, why even engage this cad? His ambush of your blog yesterday was beneath contempt.
    “Aside from Emma and Ian, the most intelligent comment from yesterday was “Muck Fatt” and the rest speaks for itself.”
    Chief among them your series of desperate and mean-spirited attempts to inject global warming into an unrelated conversation. After that, the many objections to your behavior and tone were on point.

  14. Sean

    There are two questions here.
    1) Is Matt a total fucking dick?
    2) Is Matt wrong?
    The answer to the first is clearly yes, and that was Lindsay’s point yesterday. There is always time to talk about this stuff, time to make it personal, and time to prove a point. The one thing that almost everyone on this list has in common is a love of Carolina B-ball, which will *always* be less important than, say, *war*.
    But Matt doesn’t want to convince anyone of anything, he just wants to be right and snotty. He’s a total fucking dick.
    2) He’s also probably right. I know Ian better than any of you, and I also happen to be closer to the fence on man-made Global Warming than he is, despite being a passionate leftist.
    The thing is, Ian maintains three residences, he flies a lot, I’ve known him to drive four hours in one evening back and forth from the farm house to Brooklyn in a gas-guzzling Land Rover so he can play basketball, and he does these things because he has enough disposable income to make it possible.
    I consider his actions beyond reproach because I know why he does these things, he has a deep passion for his friends and family and he brings joy and fun to every party, function or game he attends. He loves his friends more than just about anyone else I know, and his family even more, and he will always go that extra step to make sure that he shows up, and that when he does he’s gonna make things better.
    However, I get teeth-grindingly frustrated when he starts lecturing us on what we should do in order to heal the environment. His Prius notwithstanding, (I own a Prius as well) there’s no reason to drive and fly as much as he does if he honestly believes that our individual actions are bringing about an apocalypse. If one believes that over-consumption is bringing about destruction, and one preaches on that platform, then you should try to be at least a bit above reproach. Ian is a consummate consumer, and as such should be called out for hypocrisy on occasion.
    But right after a Carolina loss? Matt, you’re a goddam dick. This blog goes up every single day, every single day there’s something else there. You aren’t trying to convince anyone, you aren’t even angry. You just wanna be right, and you want to feel superior and smart.
    Say what you will about Ian, he would never have done that to any of us. He could mock dook on this site, but he’d never go to a dook fan’s blog and mock them there. That just makes you a dick.

  15. PrincessJasmine

    go easy on Ian, he is part of the Al Gore School Of Environmentalism
    Park a Prius in your driveway, spend the rest of your time flying around in jets and constantly shuffle around between your numerous residences, and the most important part of the Al Gore School Of Environmentalism – tell others how to live.
    it’s not easy being a limousine liberal
    and to think, Ian could have spent that airfare money and ticket money by giving it to a poor family in NYC, but instead Ian gave it to a big airline corporation and to the NCAA, when the basketball coaches are making millions
    that is how the rich get richer and how more fossil fuels keep getting burned, but Ian has replaced his lightbulbs so it is all okay in his fantasy world

  16. Amy

    It is pointless to try to explain Carlina basketball fever to people who don’t understand. They will NEVER understand. This makes them feel left out, which in turn brings out their inner asshole. Ian can fly to every single Carolina basketball game in the season as far as I’m concerned, and I’d still consider it justified. It’s not “just a basketball game” and it never will be.
    And guess what else? It DOESN’T MATTER what Matt or anybody else thinks about that. And that’s what’s so hard for him to take.

  17. Ian

    Sean, you and I both know I don’t drive a Land Rover anymore, and haven’t for years. And saying we “maintain three residences” is misleading and completely irrelevant to the argument, given that one of those residences actually *creates* energy, and the other one is inhabited by two parents and their baby – just like it would be if we had nothing to do with it.
    As for flying, I guess I’m just going to have to disagree. I simply do not believe I exercise any meaningful amount of control over the airline industry, and choose to behave in other ways that limit our impact. Yes, I like gadgetry, but we also use 95% of it for work.
    Hm. I was writing a travel blog with stories/pics from Europe, but this has all gotten to be a real bore.

  18. Annie

    I think we all have to acknowledge that PrincessJasmine’s insights have brought the conversation up to a whole new level…

  19. LFMD

    Psst. . .. hey, Ian. Here is a gentle reminder that you don’t need to explain yourself to people. We have had this talk before. . . it is your blog and the rest of us are just passing through.
    I would like to see your travel blog.
    My favorite part of today’s entry is
    “When I went to Texas last weekend, I met up with my buddies Jon Vaden and Chip Chapman – two friends I’ve had for 23 years. We talked for two days about our various life issues, offered support where we could”
    You guys are GOOD GUYS. One question: where was Bud?

  20. ben

    Just block Matt and move on. YOUR blog isn’t a democracy. I thought it was therapy.
    There’s no shame in blocking him.

  21. CM

    I think Ian made a point today that pretty much sums up the answer to what Matt wrote yesterday: Even a forward-thinking environmentalist is not going to be perfect in any way, but he’s doing the best he can.
    That doesn’t mean that Matt was wrong in questioning airline use and the consequences. It engendered a decent debate about the effects of various travel, and the ways we can contribute and help the environment, even if it was a weird debate. So?

  22. grumphreys

    Although it is obvious that some folks here enjoy taking potshots at Ian (and he’s willing to give back – “suck my balls!”) ultimately it’s just more “attack the messenger” tripe.
    Al Gore’s SUVs, limousine liberals blah blah blah… it reminds me of racists attacking MLK, saying he had no moral ground because he had affairs or ‘consorted with known communists’.
    To take it to a more ridiculous level, consider that Thomas Jefferson’s prose in the Declaration of Independence be considered invalid b/c he owned slaves.
    The debate should be about ideas, not the entirely human contradictions inevitably found in those that espouse said ideas.

  23. Sean

    Ian, I was pointing out that you did make a four hour trip in a Land Rover for a couple of hours of basketball, and you did this at the same time as you wrote the “DO something for the environment” blog.
    The thing is, I don’t care. I don’t think anything we do is gonna curb the impending environmental disaster without a governments-wide action by countries all over the world. But I do vote with my dollars, so I try not to use my car at all, I turn off every light in my house, I am careful about water, etc.
    You have left yourself open to criticism, and you’ve done that *not* by disregarding the environment, but by urging us to do things that are either beyond most people’s ability to afford (like installing solar panels or buying hybrids) or are severe annoyances on our lives. And when you say it is a moral imperative for us to behave the way you describe, you inevitably beg for comparisons to what you are willing to do.
    But, this dick Matt is just being a dick. If you’re out to eat with a vegetarian and they order fish, you have to be a real fucking child to be like “I hope you enjoy your FISH you hypocrite!” Especially if the meal is meant to be a sort of salve after a horrible experience.
    This is why I don’t post here, and why I don’t talk about politics. I wrote an email once saying that I was sorta thinking about the second amendment, and I got jumped on by all sides. I don’t do it because Matt and his ilk are a bunch of dicks. He may seem like a reasonable person, but the second you back him into a corner, he’s gonna become a dick. Dicks always do.

  24. jon

    Fellas, fellas, let’s follow Roy’s lead and spend more time uniting, less time dividing. Lindsay, I know you’re a relatively humble guy, but I think your brilliant point from yesterday, “Any argument that assumes that Ian can’t be both factually correct and a fool, is wrong,” will gain more traction going forward if we start to refer to it as “The Lindsay Doctrine,” rather than “The first rule of xtcian.” And thanks to Sean, we now have a follow-up companion for it, which I would call “The SeanRants Corollary.” It states that, “Just because Matt is sometimes ‘a total fucking dick,’ it doesn’t mean he’s always wrong.”
    Can we all agree on this? See, doesn’t that feel better?

  25. scruggs

    Hmmm. Now see, if Roy truly should be considered a uniter, he should have worn a UNC shirt along with the sticker…equal advertising space. His gesture worked towards healing the played out rift b/w himself and Kansas fans but also succeeded in offending/dividing half (unscientific poll!) of his UNC fan base, many employees of the athletic department (one of my former places of employment to which I still have ties), and some major boosters. His love and continued support for Kansas is completely understandable. Attending the game and cheering for them, again appropriate and yes, even classy. (He cheered for UNC in the final game after we beat Kansas in ’93) I am not one to normally bash on Roy, and I still dig him, but the sticker was over the top and once again, disrespectful. If Kansas had not been the team to keep us out of the final game, I and most everyone else would have had little to no reaction to it. Does he owe anyone an apology? Only to his players if any feel it is warranted. He doesn’t have to answer to me or the fans. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion about it. So I’ll just agree to disagree.
    Now, let’s move on to Carolina’s baseball team. Here’s hoping for another College World Series!

  26. Matt

    GFWD, I stand corrected. My most recent alma mater plays basketball in Division III and finished the regular season an underwhelming 18-7, so knocking them wouldn’t be much fun for y’all anyway.
    Sean, I didn’t mock Ian about the loss (I picked UNC and wanted them to win). I guess I thought it was just a game, one played two days earlier. That the loss must be treated with the somber reverence of a death in the family is a little bizarre, but now I know. I’m guilty as charged about being petty over everyone’s denial of the obvious, though. When I crash the next Xtcian blog party, you’ll find I’m not such a dick in person.
    Amy, somehow I don’t think my inability to understand this group’s passion (obsession?) for UNC basketball will drive me into a therapist’s couch.
    So in summation, Ian acknowledges some global warming culpability for his air travel habit, but believes it negligible considering he’s been such an environmentally conscious consumer in other ways. Fair enough, a person’s lifestyle choices should not be dictated by the state or anyone else, whether the choice is an Infiniti QX56, frequent flyer membership, low-flow toilets, or an incandescent light bulb. But you’ll excuse me if I yawn the next time Ian assures me the survival of the human race is at stake. If it really were, I don’t believe for a second he would choose basketball trips over his family’s future.

  27. ChrisM

    I remember way back when, when I gave a shit. Now I simultaneously fight global warming and ignore bloviating environmentalist by sucking whippits all day.

  28. Bud

    Hey LFMD —
    “You guys are GOOD GUYS. One question: where was Bud?”
    I was in North Carolina. Actually when we lost to KU, I was southbound on I-81 in Southwest Virginia, listening to the horror story on scratchy AM radio.
    When KU beat Memphis for the title, I was heading back up to NJ, listening to the same scratchy AM radio. In between I was in North Carolina with my mom, a postponed Easter visit.
    I was hoping to catch the championship in Chapel Hill (as in ’93 and ’05) but the best laid plans of mice, y’know?
    And I’m with Jon, Lindsay (et al) on KU. I’ve been to Lawrence. It’s a great town, a great school and a great basketball program, which they love the same way we love ours. (When Roy Williams literally bumped into me in a steakhouse in KC in 93, my Rock Chalk Jayhawk tablemates reacted as if I’d been touched by God, but that’s a whole ‘nother story….).
    If the Tar Heels couldn’t win, I’m glad the Jayhawks could.

  29. Ian

    Joanna – Just make sure the CFL is rated 2700K or lower for the “warm white” look you’re used to in an incandescent. The biggest problem with the CFL industry was not making this clear to all consumers. Here’s a good selection of them, and they turn on instantly (no delay, or “fade in”):
    There are also dimmable CFLs, even the tiny ones with a candelabra base for sconces and chandeliers.
    tbruns, can you email me about solar stuff?

  30. Lindsay

    “The Lindsay Doctrine.”
    This may be the proudest moment of my life. I’ve put years of effort into this, and to have it turn into my own doctrine…. I’m speechless. Thanks, jon!

  31. eric g.

    Thanks, Matt. I’m glad you laughed. I was suffering from insomnia and really looking forward to Ian’s take on the disaster in the Alamodome and after reading that, your comment absolutely infuriated me. But I’d rather make people laugh than hurt them, so I hope everyone understands it was all in good fun.
    As for Roy with the Jayhawks sticker, it bothered me. I know he agonized over his decision to leave (and his decision to stay three years earlier), but dammit, he should’ve gone back to Chapel Hill and watched it on TV. You’re a Tar Heel, now, Roy. Time to act like one, even when times are lean.
    As for Ian’s supposedly consumptive tendencies, he does more to benefit the environment than anyone I’ve ever met, and that’s all I’m ever going to say on that point.
    Just wait ’til next year…

  32. Caroline

    Hey, Ian. I found your blog b/c I was understimulated at work and started Googling – I found all sorts of weird stuff. How I love my Google. Anyway, looks like you are doing well, sorry about the Carolina loss. *I* actually am sorry about it and now I feel all sorry for you about it. I actually have a bunch of comments I want to make on this entry – and all the other comments – but it sort of exhausts me plus I feel like it’s just weird and boring for me to have some diatribe on it all.
    So, instead, I’ll just pose a question that’ll make me look like a duhmass… Is it really better to switch out all your lightbulbs that work perfectly and create all that garbage just to use the envirofabulous ones? Isn’t it better to replace them once they die? I mean, I know they will be garbage some day but it just seems like such a waste, doesn’t it?
    My head hurts from all the comments.

  33. Ian

    Oh my god, Caroline! How awesome!
    I’m going to write you an actual email, but to answer your question in public, apparently it’s better to switch them out right away because the garbage created by old glass and filaments is outweighed by the energy savings of the new light bulb.
    Our entire house in LA used to be lit by about 1055 watts, but in one night, I swapped all of the bulbs out, and now the entire thing is lit by 155 watts. So every night we save 900 watts, which is the equivalent of leaving two hairdryers running (on high heat) all night. Very sexy.

  34. Melissa2

    Hey Ian,
    I hope it is not to late to get some discussion going on this but taking Caroline’s post further about doing the right thing….
    Does anyone have any experience with socially conscience funds? Ian, have you and your wife investigated these and are they worth it from financial return perspective?
    back to lurking.

  35. Melissa2

    Hey Ian, I was referring to investments funds for all that spare cash I have lying around (hee hee). 401k/Roth funds that invest in companies other than Coca Cola and Exxon. Trying to put my retirement dollars into something that backs my beliefs.


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