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I’m dedicating today’s entry to one of my favorite Spazmoid All-Time Dork-Outs: namely, a lifetime odyssey of stitching pictures together badly. I’ve been working for the ultimate panorama shot since I was ten years old and living in London, scaling St. Paul’s Cathedral and trying to get a snapshot of the entire city at once. If I can find those pictures, I’ll post them, but they were taken with an Instamatic camera with 110 film, so it all looks a little like Niépce’s first photo ever taken.

As the years passed, I figured out how to hold the camera correctly, and then Photoshop created “photomerge”, quite possibly the most magical use of computer processing power since Zaxxon. While I did the massive autumn panorama of the farm by hand, now I’m able to create vistas like this one over the farm a few Decembers ago:


click any of these pictures for bigger versions

It’s not always perfect – last night, during the full moon, I snapped some pictures of our porch from inside our darkened house, and it looks like something from a carnival ride:


Either way, it’s a damn sight better than my panoramas of yore. Below, for your endless amusement and unfathomable boredom, I have an old bulletin board of photos that have yet to be Photoshop Photomerged™. Clockwise from top… the Carrboro farmhouse Annie, Greg and I lived in (1994); my bedroom at the Pink House (1997); my dorm room, 407 Grimes, which I inhabited with Jon and Chip (1987); the Carrboro farmhouse again in winter (1995); the Purple House in winter (1992); and the same spot in Audubon Park in New Orleans with different people from 1987 to 1997.


0 thoughts on “keepin’ perspective

  1. Isis

    You know, I think the photoshopped versions are tres cool, but the old pinned together ones–of which I have quite a lot in my various photo albums—have a very different but very real sort of a appeal. Kind of like the difference between making someone a mix-tape and a CD. The CD sounds better, flows better, is easier to replicated, etc., but the mixtape is a labor of love.

  2. Anne

    Whoa — I love the sunset panorama, Ian. Guess I need to learn Photoshop so I can create a similar shot of our bay some evening. Very, very nice.

  3. Bud

    Excellent pics! I should have accepted your offer to tidy up the panorama on my old blog header (the budster dot com) — but at the time I had a tiny monitor and didn’t see any problem.
    I’m with Isis; there’s something special about the handmade pans….


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