wilkes is barren


Pennsylvania, you SUCK. You could have ended this thing last night, and instead, you proved yourself to be the goddamn rednecks you swore you weren’t. What tipped the balance for you – the Bin Laden scare ads, the shrill repetition of your bitter gun-clinging, or could you just not pull the lever for the black dude?

At this stage of the game, what could POSSIBLY draw you to Hillary Clinton, with the way she’s behaved?

I know this will get me kicked out of the Obama Love Circle, and it goes against everything his campaign is about, but CAN WE PLEASE PUT OLD PEOPLE AND RACISTS ON AN ICE FLOE AND KICK IT OUT TO SEA? This country isn’t theirs anymore, and they have nothing left to offer except offensive jokes and car farts. It’s time to move the fuck on. A more enlightened future is waiting, and they’re not invited.

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  1. dpdir

    Ok.. I understand your anger and frustration BUT.. I support Hillary and I support Obama. And frankly… I respect her scrappiness.
    I guess this makes me an old person and a racist. I would hate to be sent adrift on an ice float for my believes. Unless there are penguins. If there are penguins then I’m ok with that. And last I checked, everyone is invited to the party in America. ( Although I would say its more like a sad after party where the meat has been picked out of the finger sandwiches and only the stale bread is left)
    And to be honest, she has been very shrewd. She has battle tested Obama and if he wins the nomination, I suspect he will be army ready for the republican attack dogs. Do I respect her tactics ? Not always. But only marginally less then Obama’s. And she has every right to fight for the nomination. Its this thing called democracy and as fractured and full of loopholes as it often seems, its still kinda cool.
    Lets face facts. Americans like lobster , but when push comes to shove they eventually crave a good old burger. I wrote about this on your blog after hearing the two of them speak MONTHS ago; How they each have a clear audience they are speaking to. Obama is smart but he is not shrewd. Is that refreshing? Yes. Does that mean he can win? I’m not so sure. Is that sad? Perhaps. But after what we have been through with Bush , defeat in the fall is NOT an option. I will support Obama if he gets the nod but I will not tell Hillary or any other American to “sit down and shut up” lest I am willing to be silenced at a later date.
    I wish that this country had not been run into the ground over the last eight years. I wish we were respected around the world and that our economy was on a sure footing that offered a fair and equitable living for all. There are actual reasons why people support Hillary and they are not cause they are racists or old or even because they are fooled by silly political ads.
    I certainly understand why someone would be a passionate supporter of Obama. I also see why someone would think that Hillary is the best choice for this moment of time.
    Its democracy at work..with its thong underwear showing over its jeans. Its refreshing that people are engaged and passionate. Lets just hope that we’re are still speaking when the dust settles.

  2. Jody

    Once you begin treating the opposite side of your own party as the enemy I suspect you will find yourself with an incredible amount of rage this political season. I can’t imagine more than usual really, but I’m mentally bracing for you…
    While Republicans had the same problem with McCain, they have very quickly crowded around their candidate. This has sucessfully worked for eight years. Their Independents also get to vote in the Dem primary for Hillary. I can’t guess the extent to which this is happening but it is pretty clever of those knuckle draggers.
    I have always wondered what the result of get-out-the-vote efforts would be. While this has always sounded like the Pillar Of American Existence realized, the past several elections have distinctly pointed toward a more establishment friendly and conservative bent (sorry for the obvious, but I am not an astute political observer). I find this ironic for the Progressives. I suppose you could think that the underrepresented would be Democrats, but that’s probably not true in rural areas.
    I don’t think NC will provide a different result but we will get an unusual sense of participation this year.

  3. DFB's&T's

    Love it. You’re treating fellow Democrats the way you Democrats usually treat us Republicans. If someone does not agree with you, they must be racists and rednecks and you want to get rid of them. It’s Coastopia all over again, but this time it is folks in your own party! This shrill reaction is why so many polls show that significant numbers of Hillary supporters will stay home in November if Obama gets the nomination (and visa versa). McCain’s chances are looking better and better.

  4. Matt

    Just because Ian complained about being called sexist for not supporting Hillary doesn’t mean he can’t call you racist for not supporting Obama. Don’t you understand?

  5. mcnardy

    Don’t take it out on “old people.” Take it up with your fellow over-40s–that’s your cohort, guy.

  6. emma

    This is one of the (many) things that bugs me about Hillary. She is not looking at what is good for her party, but she is looking out only for herself. Everyday that she remains in the campaign is another day that McCain gets without much opposition. That is not the kind of person that I would like to see as President – we need someone who will do what is best for the all, instead what is best for her (or his) political gain.

  7. bridget

    god, i so get the anger. listening to shrillary for a few more weeks sound like a republican gives me acid reflux.

  8. Kelly in NC

    I’m a bleeding heart liberal and I’ve gotta say I agree with Matt on this one. Calling everyone who votes for Hillary instead of Obama a racist is simply unfair.

  9. DFB's&T's

    By extension . . . .
    Hillary won both of the 2 states where Ian lives (NY and CA), but Obama is winning the polls in NC. So, the conclusion must be that CA and NY are largely filled with goddamn rednecks, racists, old people, offensive jokes, and car farts while NC is enlightened and progressive. Go figure.

  10. CM

    Wait a second…if someone doesn’t support Obama, they’re a racist?
    Doesn’t this go against the post of a few days ago?
    Plus, these are Democrats voting, not Republicans, so they’re alread liberal, and they’re able to make up their own minds.
    Why should Pennsylvania suddenly be against democracy, and instead decide to “end this thing?”
    Obama could do the same thing, and I wouldn’t call for him to drop out.
    It’s up to Hillary to drop out if she thinks it’s best, but not up to the people of Pennsylvania. So please don’t call them “rednecks.”
    If Hillary believes she’s the best candidate and wants to spend more of her money proving it, maybe there’s something there.
    And how exactly has Hillary “behaved?” Two people said on this blog a few days ago that after watching the video of her supposedly hedging on whether Obama was a Muslim, the truth is, she was goaded by the anchor.

  11. CM

    By the way, someone up there made a good point. This entry is why Coastopia wouldn’t exist – because without another party to divide us, we would simply divide ourselves.
    Guess we’d need Lower Coastopia and Upper Coastopia, each complaining that the other is closed minded, unrealistic, too conservative, too liberal…it wouldn’t take long.
    Meanwhile, while we’re squabbling, millions would still be without adequate health insurance.

  12. Lindsay

    Here, everyone have a Lindsay Doctrine. And it’ll be OK, Ian. Hill is doing the party a favor by providing a litmus test for the general.
    /Obama/ is flunking it right now by throwing elbows back. He as the ability to correct his course right now, rise above this, and keep moving towards the general. He needs to remember that not only can she not win (which makes it infuriating that she is still in) but he can’t lose. So he needs to start acting like it.
    Odlly, David Brooks is the best Democratic analyst we have right now. Stop reading Rebecca and read the Republicans for awhile.

  13. Lindsay

    In fact, in order to show Barry O’Bama how it’s done, I’m ignoring Matt for a till next week, no matter what.

  14. CH

    To stick up for the old folks, my parent types (who are in their late 60’s and early 70’s) have been registered R’s for as long as I can remember, live in PA and switched parties so they could vote for Obama yesterday. I am proud of them.

  15. kevin from NC

    I am still amazed at how the blue collar voter is cozying up to Clinton. Would that ever happen in a general election?

  16. Matt

    What’s good for her party? Why would Hillary want to give up now? She’s won the super states like CA, NY & TX, and the hugely important swing states of OH, PA & FL (yes, she would’ve carried FL anyway with all those geezers down there). With the exception of IL, she’s won America’s nine largest states and she very well may have more of the popular vote by the time this is over. I can see why Republicans would want her to drop out, but why would Democrats? If Obama gets a drubbing at the polls in November (and he will), who do you think Hillary supporters will blame? Would they be wrong?
    The Obama-can’t-lose-Hillary-can’t-win situation is indeed good for Republicans, according to pundits. She’s McCain’s stalking horse, they say, softening up Obama, exposing his weaknesses, spending Democrat money doing it, and generally getting moderate Democrats used to not voting for Obama, who hasn’t been able to expand his base beyond African-Americans and liberal elites. Best of all, by the time Obama is given the nomination, quite a few Hillary supporters will be sufficiently turned off by Obamaphiles like Ian to see McCain as an acceptable alternative. Many Reagan Democrats already do.

  17. Kate

    I understand your frustration, but if you view every political disappointment as an extreme and deeply personal attack against you, then not only will you hate everyone who doesn’t espouse your viewpoint, you will have a heart attack before the end of the election. Both seem needless (and pointless). Passion for politics is an essential part of a functioning democracy- but those same “concern rays” that don’t direct the basketball towards the hoop while you’re watching the Final Four aren’t going to magically change votes. You vote, you campaign, you educate yourself on the political issues, and that means you’ve done all you can as an active constituent.

  18. Piglet

    The time has come.
    The time is now.
    Hillary Clinton
    Will you please go, now?
    You can go to CA
    You can go to OH
    You can go anywhere
    Just as long as you go.
    You can go in a teacup
    Or a hot cross bun.
    You can walk if you want
    But please don’t run.
    You’ve praised McCain.
    You’ve attacked Obama.
    Now High School called.
    They want back their drama.
    In a blaze of glory
    Or a garbage scow
    Hillary Clinton
    Will you please go, now?

  19. noj

    i think it’s possible that the swaying factor for alot of folks in penn. might have been that they are simply more familiar with clinton than obama. that plus strong union support (esp. teachers, who are batty for hillary).
    or maybe it’s because the whole state of pennsylvania has been replaced by body snatchers…

  20. hilary

    tolerance, ian. let the process play out. we have two great candidates with different styles and talents. both of them can beat mccain.

  21. jif

    i understand your frustration.. but it kinda reminds me of the time you yelled at the rain for ruining your birthday, or the time you threw the remote, just a wee bit reactionary…

  22. Ian

    Fine, I paint with too broad a brush. But the stats dont lie. And if you believe, as I do, that McCain would throttle Hillary in November, this is nothing short of a goddamn emergency.

  23. Bud

    Yeah, I’m with you on that, Ian.
    The problem with Hillary is that the whole country knows her — and a good 40% absolutely despise her. Obama will definitely get more of the independent/undecided vote in the general election.
    This is not my original reason for supporting him, but I do consider it a good/compelling reason.

  24. craighill

    i’m probably going to get a lot of shit for this but it is pretty funny….
    “We in Denmark cannot figure out why you are even bothering to hold an election.
    On one side, you have a bitch who is a lawyer, married to a lawyer, and a lawyer who is married to a bitch who is a lawyer.
    On the other side, you have a true war hero married to a woman with a huge chest who owns a beer distributorship.
    Is there a contest here?”

  25. Lara

    I’m a big Barack fan, so I understand the frustration. I was hoping we would be rid of Hillary after yesterday, but it was not to be.
    But I have to say, after watching this (see link below), I don’t know if I really want to vote for any of them. And speaking of old and/or racist, how is it possible that McCain doesn’t know how to pronounce “Barack?”:

  26. ken

    Dude, chill. You’re like Moises Alou in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. (Look it up). If you just relax and act as if nothing happened, all will be fine but if you throw a tantrum like Moises did when Steve Bartman nabbed that foul ball, you will rile everybody up. And nothing good can come of that.
    The Cubs were five outs away from their first World Series since 1945 and because of a simple blip (Bartman catching that infamous fly ball, who I don’t blame at all) they lost their focus, fell apart and lost to the Marlins, of all teams and failed yet again to make it to the World Series. Come November, the Pennsy primary will hopefully look like a non-event and shortly after his inauguration, Barack Obama will put aside his South Side loyalty and welcome the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs to the White House, where series MVP Ryan Theriot will present the president with an Obama ’08 Cubs jersey. I love happy endings

  27. Caroline

    Am I allowed to be a frequent commentator, like everyone else?
    First, your going to have some sort of thrombosis if you don’t calm down.
    Second, Hillary isn’t so bad. Look at the state of things now. She’s a friggin’ comparitive dreamboat.
    Third, the worst thing any of us Dems can do it freak out on our own party. Democrats aren’t all perfect – we’ve got plenty of losers on our side, too. But we’ve got to just suck it up and be positive if we want to win this fall. The people who *I* think suck the most (just my opinion) are the people who say that if Hillary beats Obama they will abstain or vote for McCain or vice versa. Anyone who thinks like that is retarded and just not thinking. Ian, you are above that so take your venom down a notch.
    Some thoughts that are circling around my head of late…
    Why can’t Howard Dean get it together for his party? Do we need another party leader who people will listen to? This can’t go on till August and I’m not sure it should go on till June 3rd.
    I heard a really interesting thing on NPR this AM about how Dems suck at picking the person who they think can win against a Republican. If that’s true, who IS the better candidate?
    Personally, I like both candidates and am undecided myself. Please don’t attack me for not wanting to marry Barack Obama. I think they each have pros and cons and I am simply undecided. And I’m certainly not old or rednecky, either.
    Oh, and my mom and step-dad, who both just turned 65 this year, DO want to marry Obama. So there.
    That was long. Sorry.

  28. dpdir

    Ian. Not true. Todays Rassmussen polls (and others ) show Mcain leading Obama 47% to 44% and leading Clinton 47% to 44%. So which recent poll suggests this emergency?
    Either candidate will run ahead of Mcain once the dust settles.

  29. jon

    As I’ve said before, I’m on the Obama bandwagon, and still don’t think Hillary stands a chance in the fall. But I’m here to tell you, based on what I saw, Hillary campaigned better in Pennsylvania. Just flat out better. I base this on watching some of her events on CSPAN and some of Obama’s, so it’s hardly conclusive. But from what I saw, her events had impassioned talk about specifics, enthusiasm and raucous crowds, not to mention Bill firing up the true believers into a panty-tossing frenzy. Hell, at the end of her Philadelphia speech Monday night when they played “Gonna Fly Now,” *I* almost cried, it was brilliant for anybody who knows anything about Philadelphia. (Of course as a native son, Rocky always makes me a little weepy). Obama’s events had polite applause and more of the same generic platitudes. And I *like* the guy. Obama *lost* this one, and you can’t be mad at Hillary or her peeps for that. Plus, I heard some random CNN commentator say it best: Nobody, but noboby, is better than the Clintons at figuring out where the middle is in American politics and claiming that ground for their own. That’s what Hillary has done the last few weeks, and that’s why Obama might be in real trouble.

  30. Bud

    jon – I saw it too. The “random commentator” was William Bennett.
    His comment gets to the heart of why I prefer Barack to Hillary: both are politicians — no doubt — but Hillary is much more likely to choose positions based on political expediency (e.g. the Iraq war) as opposed to honest convictions.
    That, to me, is the reason Barack inspires so many people, myself included.
    I agree with you that Hillary has out-campaigned him. Barack needs to “elevate his game” and end this before they hand yet another election to the Republicans.

  31. jennifer

    I used to read this blog daily, but honestly, I cannot tolerate your hatred towards Hillary Clinton. It’s strange because I am usually one to appreciate opinions that differ from mine, and this is your blog so you can write whatever you want, but I am so…offended? by posts like the one today and so turned off by it, that I’m coming here less and less frequently. Feelings of hatred this strong towards a fellow Democrat make me very nervous about our upcoming election. I can’t believe you think not voting for Obama makes someone a racist. Then does not voting for Hillary makes a person a misogynist? I think not! The attitude you expressed today is exactly what (I thought) Obama wanted to change.

  32. Alyson

    This is exactly why I don’t like Obama. I have no patience for someone who is willing to call an entire state of people rednecks and idiots. I am unwilling to elect an ivory tower elitist. You are smart enough to know that money doesn’t buy elitism. Clinton may have more money, but she doesn’t hate Americans. And as a Democrat, a person who has been dissatisfied with the foreign policy and the fleecing of the US in the last eight years, I’d really like to see a real, true patriot elected.

  33. sam

    I’m totally with Ian. This race is exposing many things, including how over matched our media and, sadly, the democratic party is by the dynamics of this race.
    So now Obama is an ivory tower elitist? He was the opposite of that in February and March, when he was winning states like Iowa and Virginia. Billary’s very shrewd – sinfully shrewd, Atwateresque-ly shrewd – campaign has now turned Obama into an ivory tower elitist, which is exactly what the GOP has been able to do to every DEM candidate for a long time. It would have happened to Bill, too, if it weren’t for the 3rd party candidate.
    I thought our media and the Dem party would never let this happen in the primaries but they have and, like Ian said, it’s a fucking emergency.

  34. Matt

    Jon, you like Rocky? Then you might appreciate this (if you haven’t already seen it):
    Barocky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyhIBXNfqMA
    Back to the “can’t pull the lever for the black dude” charge… So whites went for Hillary 60-40 and that’s supposed evidence of racism. Then what to make of the fact that blacks went for Obama 90-10?

  35. Neva

    I get you Ian, but I think you may have overstepped a little with the racist and redneck remark.
    I’m a little disgusted by her tactics and I’m certainly no Hillary fan, but I have heard some pretty good arguments for why people prefer Hillary’s health care plan over Obama’s. I don’t think the small differences in this specific thing would cause me to vote for her because I’m realistic enough to know neither of those plans will ever pass exactly as proposed anyway.. but some people might think so. I’m sure there are other similar examples of Hilary’s appeal that don’t involve racism the elderly. Please try to be as open minded as you’d like others to be.
    Luckily all the racists and rednecks I know wouldn’t dare vote for Hilary if their life depended on it…so we’ll see how it plays out in the South.

  36. Lindsay

    “…but I have heard some pretty good arguments for why people prefer Hillary’s health care plan over Obama’s.”
    I’m with ya there. If Obama’s were a little better, I bet he would have have Edwards’ endorsement by now.

  37. Zel M.

    You’ll have to excuse me while I try not to choke on the delicious irony: anyone in the Keystone State who voted for the “smartest WOMAN in America”, the person who, until January of this year was the presumed Democrat nominee, is now a gun-totin’, knuckle-draggin’ racist? Oh man, I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.
    The Obama cultists must really be sweating about now. Barry outspent the Wicked Witch 3 to 1 in PA and got waxed by 200,000 votes. I love how the media is describing the result as “inconclusive” – they are so in the tank for Obama that if he beat her by 10 percentage points, it would be the knockout blow. But since HRC won, it’s “indecisive”. Rich.
    Face it – he performed poorly in the last debate, and the vacuousness of “change” is just not carrying the same weight it did a few months ago when Obama was the flavor of the month. He has not won a meaningful primary since February, when much was made of his big winning streak. So now where is the talk of his losing streak?
    I can’t help but laugh that the Democratic nomination will ultimately be decided by the superdelegates – all of this is ultimately window dressing because neither will be able to win the nomination outright on votes.
    Isn’t it also ironic that Obama has built his delegate lead in fly-over country? I mean, Clinton has won CA, TX, NY, NJ, MA, OH, PA, FL (tainted, I know) – pretty much every Dem stronghold and/or big vote and battleground state except IL. If this race were done electorally, rather than proportionally, Clinton would be cleaning his clock. Really, who would have thought a Dem candidate could be the party’s nominee without winning outright ANY of those states above?
    And one more thing – how can Dems, with 16+ years of experience with the Clintons, not know who they are and how they work? Obama is a usurper, attempting to steal what is rightfully theirs. Watch for more dirty tricks and backdoor dealing before a brokered convention. Hillary will not go quietly, and she will not concede before the convention – you can take that to the bank.
    And DFB&Ts and Matt and the other Repubs will be laughing all the way to August.

  38. dpdir

    hey Neva… you bring the seals and i’ll meet ya on the ice floe. we can grow old together and keep each other’s necks from getting red ;)

  39. Zel M.

    Just did a little quick math for my own knowledge:
    If we took states electorally rather than proportionally (which is how the actual general election will happen by the way):
    Clinton 240 (267 with FL)
    Obama 203
    Usually, 270 is a win, which Clinton will get when the gun-totin’ rednecks of Indiana give her the win. If you discount FL and MI since their delegates will probably not be seated, then 246 would be the magic number, and HRC already has 240.
    Just a thought…

  40. Jackie

    Well, I’m 51 and I support Hilary Clinton so I guess you better put me on that ice floe. I live in CA, not PA, but I guess I should still go.
    Quite frankly, you’ve just summed up What I find unlikeable in Obama-his smug assurance (and that of his true believers) that they hold the key to all that is right and holy and any of us who doubt are less worthy than they. It’s the same mindset that I see in the Bushites.
    Yes, Hilary Clinton is not Christ incarnate. Yes, she’s a cynical politician. She also has a better healthcare plan and a better economic plan than Obama. I think that her take on how to withdraw from Iraq is better than his.
    I’ve given more money to Hilary Clinton than I ever have to a political candidate. If Obama gets the nomination than I’ll just start giving it to him. Because, no matter how much I dislike the arrogance that both he and his followers exhibit, they are better than McCain.
    By the way, Obama doesn’t have the nomination sewn up. If he had her delegates and she his, you would be urging him to stay in the race. And, it would be his right. Nothing is being lost here. At the end of the day this race will be settled on the economy and on the war and McCain can’t win that fight no matter who the nominee is. But, this kind of crap that you have written marginalizes those of us who in good faith support Clinton. Do you think you won my vote for Obama today on the basis of your entry? Oh, that’s right, you don’t want my vote you want my exile to that ice flow.

  41. Jackie

    And, another thing…
    In all this sense of entitlement (he doesn’t have 2025 electoral votes, he hasn’t won and yet you insist that he be treated as the nominee) where is the explanation for why this man can’t finish? He had three times the amount of money in PA, spent twice as much on media buys and he lost by 10 points. That hardly feels like a winner.

  42. jon

    Well said, Bud. And Lindsay too, up above, the part about Obama needs to not let himself get tripped up by Hillary’s mess – act like a winner, and you will be.
    Oh, and the other major thing to remember about Pennsylvania is that Hillary had Governor Ed Rendell stumping for her *big time.* I haven’t followed his career as governor, but he’s generally regarded as the best mayor Philadelphia ever had, the savior of the city. His strong endorsement counts for *a lot.* And he is hardly a redneck or a racist. Who did Obama have speaking at his Pittsburgh event at the same time Monday night that Bill and Gov. Ed were rockin’ the Hillary house in Philly? Teresa Heinz Kerry, that’s who. See a problem here?

  43. jordi's friend jill

    Ian, as I’ve been campaigning for Obama in one of the crucial suburban counties, I share your frustration. I am incredibly disappointed as well, because the media coverage of the race has been deplorable, and the electorate has been completely unwilling to talk about issues. More than half of the doors that I knocked on, I was turned away without so much as a thought, or completely ignored as I stood on their doorstep and heard dogs being shushed and saw small children being pulled away from open windows in the hopes that I would stupidly believe that people weren’t home and just go away.
    Those are the people that shouldn’t be allowed to vote. And it has nothing to do with age, or cultural upbringing, or even which candidate they ended up supporting. It has to do with a pig-headed unwillingness to take five minutes of their day to learn something new or hear something they might not agree with.
    I have knocked on doors of people with Hillary Clinton signs and received a warm welcome and had interesting conversation. I have also had some of the most inane conversations with Obama supporters who simply won’t vote for Hillary because she didn’t divorce Bill after the Lewinsky scandal. It really honestly does go both ways. Most of the time, however, I was told “I’ve had enough of this shit. Don’t call here again.”
    Jackie, the reason that Obama spent more money than Hillary in PA is that he simply does not have the name recognition that Hillary Clinton does. She’s the freaking former First Lady; everyone already knows her. I heard that comment a lot when I was out knocking on doors as well. “I just don’t know what to expect from him. I know what Hillary’s about.” And let’s not forget that Obama was slated to lose PA by 19 points. He lost by 9.4, which in most elementary school math classes would be rounded down to 9.

  44. Terri

    Ok, so this might be a little too ivory tower elitist for some of us, but why don’t we do this one day next week: when we’re not feeling so frustrated and/or offended as a result of the various circumstances surrounding this historic contest between two imperfect individuals who dare to challenge the idea that the POTUS office is the province of white men only, let’s all articulate why we think our person is the right person for the job, and why. (Feel free to state as a reason why you support your candidate that you are racist and/or misogynistic bigot. I keed, I keed … or DO I? … )


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