knowledge is good


This is Sean, Ian’s brother, writing.

This reminds me of the court scene in “Animal House” when Hoover has had it with the screaming idiocy behind him, he turns to the guys and says, “Can someone tell those assholes to shut up?” and Boon jumps up and, full voice, yells “HEY, SHUT UP YOU ASSHOLES…”

Yes, Animal House was required viewing in our home growing up.

Ian asked me to write the blog today because he thought he was liable to say something nasty. Which is kind of hilarious, if you think about it, since he’s managed to piss off a big group of people no matter what he writes. I can’t imagine him turning to me, the most impolitic person he knows, unless he’s just at the end of his rope.

Here’s the thing. Lindsay invokes the “Ian Rule” or whatever, but the fact is, the internet works like this. There’s a snapshot of a moment that gets relayed to someone’s blog, and that blog then gets pored over by hundreds of totally random people who pick over the thing like it’s the goddam Code of Hammurabi. They stumble on an inconsistency, they become sexually aroused and then they type in some horrible comment with their suddenly bespunked hands.

Ian, I’m guessing, has a hard time ignoring you blowhards. It’s easy for me, as soon as you start saying “you democrats” or “you liberals” and then use Ian’s words, (Ian, who is in no way a spokesman for ANYBODY, and this blog, whose words have the equivalent endurance of the hair you leave in your brush) you’re really easy to ignore. Also, it’s easy to ignore you if you’re a dick.

I’m guessing that most of the “code word” entries, and the reason that we never learn anything about his career or personal life, is because the constant screeching gotcha-birds are always hovering, ready to shit into Ian’s mouth the second his smile gets a little too wide. I don’t know, I could be wrong. I barely talk to him, we’re both raising children and writing shows and trying to sneak away from our wives to golf.


A brief thought on the election.

I have a strict constructionalist view of the Constitution, I believe in the living document, and I also have a deep passion for the Declaration of Independence. So, it should be obvious that it would be hard to find a worse President for someone like me than President Bush. I understand that any new President would be better for America.

John McCain spoke out against torture, and he supports a smart immigration plan. I understand that his call for endless war is a real turn off to some of the people I know, but I see it slightly differently. I think he broadcasts strength and old-man crazy, but I don’t believe he would be irresponsible. His sabre-rattling is like Reagan’s. I like the crazy old fart, and I believe that his heart is in the right place. Sure, he hugged President Bush like a child clinging to his father, but, as the Obama decriers can’t seem to figure out, a man can’t be judged by some of his unfortunate friends.

Barack Obama is intelligent, liberal and honest. He has been a supporter of the second amendment, he has been unyielding in his support of a woman’s right to choose, and the level of respect he has for the simple American dream, the patience he has for opposing viewpoints, and the balance between policy nuance and inspired leadership is a paradigmatic shift in the way the political world works.

Hillary makes me so unhappy. She has a wicked handle on a series of facts, but she’s willing to bend interpretations to make anything say what she wants it to. She disregards caucus states, because they don’t represent the “real voters”, she disregards the Obama primary wins because there are either a lot of black voters, or are states that will be won by Republicans anyway… Today she’s claiming to have more votes total, although to get to that math you have to count a state where OBAMA WASN’T ON THE BALLOT… She claims that if Obama loses Indiana, it’s a sure sign that he can’t win the general election because it borders his home state, regardless of the fact that she’s lost two of the states that border hers.

We have had two presidencies filled with a man who ignores facts or comes to a conclusion that makes no sense given the facts. Do I think we’ll have another attack like we did on September 11? I don’t know, I don’t think so. But we will have another Katrina, another economic blowout, another four, five, six… a dozen horrible things we can’t imagine.

I just can’t feel okay voting for someone that doesn’t see information as fact. I don’t want someone using phrases like “bad intelligence” to explain horrible mistakes, and I don’t want someone reading what they want into the facts they are given. If Obama was this far behind, he would have dropped out.

If I can’t vote for Obama, I will vote for McCain. I at least trust that the un-forseen will be dealt with as it is with him as President. I don’t believe that Hillary will respond to what *is*, I believe she will try to tell us why the things that are happening are actually great for her and for us.

And, in case you’re wondering how I write so much content, I just write and don’t edit. And that’s because I have my opinions, they’re well informed and I’m super-smart.