Oh, I had something trenchant to add, but then Tessa sent me a picture. Lucy thought Homer should watch how she takes a bath, so she gave him a spot on our toilet magazine rack, and…


How can something be so sweet and so profane?

And can someone do a CODE WORD like “when was the last time you felt utterly objectified”?

0 thoughts on “d’oh!

  1. Jody

    When I got suckered into auditioning for “Ass Jockey”.
    I thought it was just going to be a read through…

  2. Andrew

    Ian: Your stars have aligned…Obama played a pick-up game with the Heels this week. Check out Tarheelblue and the photo gallery.

  3. cullen

    On sunny afternoons, the kids in my neighborhood (spearheaded by my own two ring-leading nut-jobs) objectify me as a pitching machine/backstop/tackling dummy/big & goofy target.

  4. caveman

    Lyle, I agree with (boobs) everything you are saying (love boobs) and once (boobies) we men get over (naked boobs) the fact that they are just another (fergilicious) part of a woman’s anatomy (bbbrrrrrruuumssskkyy) then we will be able to act like mature adults.

  5. Rebecca

    So Lyle, I had to click on your link to see if you had a photo of the girls on your blog. Alas, no, but I did laugh at the wedding photo! Are you really tall, or are they really short? Also, my husband is a Kellogg alum, class of 97. There was a girl named Lyle in his class, was it you? I only remember her name because I thought it was unusual. Just curious.


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